Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adapting, accepting, but not completely giving up

So after looking for a different job I find that I'm doing as well as I prob can do at the moment. Also, during my time of looking, my work changed my job description into something I like a lot more. I will now be a co-supervisor and will be working on the floor a lot more. If you remember from my last post one of my complaints was that I hadn't even seen a patient or used a stethoscope in many weeks.  I have only done the new work two day but they were the best two days I have had since Iv been their. So I am trying to adapt to the frustrations I feel about my job and the system at the hospital. Some of the changes I wanted to make and that I suggested are now being implemented. They are ideas I had that people argued tooth and nail against about a month ago. Now someone else has suggested the exact thing (a doctor) and it is going through.  I am going to just have to humble myself and accept that when I give ideas for change that I will most likely never get credit for them. With that in mind I do plan to still offer advise on changes that should be made and keep a low profile. I hope to prove to them with this new job profile that I am a good nurse and someone that they can accept ideas from.

I realize in the last post that I didn't mention much about the level of skill in the hospital and just grumped about the system for change. I want to be clear that the education level for nurses and doctors is excellent here. The are well informed and are good at their jobs.

There are a few things about the lax system that are helpful even. I was sick last week and one of the doctors noticed. He brought me to his office and gave me antibiotics for free. We often get free stuff like pads of paper, pens, even medication from drug reps that come through the hospital.

I am recieveing full benefits so that is also a plus. Any job I found that would pay me more for teaching wouldn't give me benefits. I really do want to adapt to life here. I know that we don't have any time limit for living here and that its for life. So I'm doing my best to accept things and at the same time keep my morals and beliefs. We shall see how that goes. Some days its so easy to live here I wonder why I'm such a grump about it. But other days it is truly a challenge and one I'm not sure I'm up to. Im pretty sure that no matter where I was to raise my family life would show up with its struggles. What I have to remember on a daily basis is that I'm blessed with three beautiful healthy daughters and a husband who helps me 100%. There really isn't much more you can ask for in life. God is good and always will be no matter how much of a grump I decide to be. But I'm sure I will hear from him more clearly once I accept my situation for what it is.

Well my girls just woke up so I need to go take them to the park. Have a great week everyone.