Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taking it a few steps at a time

So one thing I have learned living in Mexico is that it is always better to take things a few steps at a time instead of trying to look at the whole picture. This minimizes freaking out. lol So here are the next few steps we have in front of us. After these steps are completed I will be told by the nursing collage (board) weather I can work as a graduate nurse of if I need to take more classes which I will be required to take in Canada. Considering each of these outcomes have different steps we will wait till we get that decision to make any more of our own.

The Processes and Estimated Costs.

1)      The first step was to send my application to the Collage and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta. The application was 13 pages long and in included all my prior nursing registrations and jobs. This application cost me 525usd. My sister is currently loaning us the money to send off this application.
2)      When they receive my application they will notice that I have an Associate degree and therefore will want me to do a SEC Assessment which involves me going to Canada for what looks like a couple days. I’m a little nervous about how all this is going to fall into play at work and of course with paying for it. I’m remaining in the arms of God and trusting that if he wants me to go for this assessment that all will be taken care of including the days off that I need from work. It looks a little brutal but I’m actually looking forward to the challenge of it. I love nursing and always loved school, clinicals and applying the skills I have learned over the years. I already went to their practice websites and did pretty well. I am in the meantime looking up other case studies just to practice. If anyone has websites or helpful hints on how I can prepare please comment. As far as prices go I’m assuming at least 800usd for the round trip ticket, a place to stay (any Canadians out there willing to lend me a room? Im not sure yet which one I will be going to, they have a site in Calgary and Edmonton.), and food. I have no idea how much it is to eat there but I’m sure it’s more than the 10usd I can eat on daily here. Let’s say 20usd a day. So, I think I’m looking at 840-900usd. If anyone has a better estimate of this I would appreciate it also.
Here is the description I found of the SEC Assessment.
SEC Assessment
CARNA may determine that you need to complete a Substantially Equivalent Competence (SEC) assessment. The SEC assessment involves paper and pencil examinations and clinical lab and case management situations designed to allow you to demonstrate your ability to meet the competencies expected of Registered Nurses in Alberta. It will also identify competency gaps and if there is a need for additional preparation before becoming eligible for registration, and, if so, what competency requirements need to be addressed. All assessments are arranged through Mount Royal College in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.
General SEC Assessment
The general SEC assessment involves a two day assessment. During these two days you will write multiple choice and short answer examinations that assess generalist professional nursing knowledge and practice. You will also perform clinical lab demonstrations as well as one-on-one activities that assess your critical thinking, nursing knowledge, skills and competencies as you work through case studies or patient care situations. The SEC assessment assesses the following areas of nursing knowledge and skills:
  • general and specialty nursing knowledge
  • pharmacology and medication administration
  • pathophysiology
  • knowledge of the Canadian health-care system and current
    nursing practices
  • basic and advanced clinical skills as well as use of current
    technology in nursing practice
  • health history and health assessment knowledge and skills
  • clinical judgement and critical thinking skills with evidence based practice
  • therapeutic communication practices
  • cultural competencies
  • CARNA Nursing Practice Standards

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The cold hard truth and a dream

There are a lot of "cold hard truths" in life.  We learn these things at a young age and learn to accept that life isn't always fair. But there are also dreams and "desires of the heart" that are given to each person. Each are unique and special. Each has breath and life and come to being through the creator. As always I know not all my readers have the same beliefs as me but for me and my dreams they are from my Father and Friend.

One cold hard truth we have come to realize is no matter how hard we work we will never be able to have enough money to visit my family in the states or provide a future which includes collage for our kids. I haven't seen my family in Missouri in almost three years and we do not see any sign of us ever being able to go back to visit. As far as daily life in Mexico, although insanely frustrating at times, it is livable. I have a decent job and we are raising our children the way we see fit. The main thing we are thankful for is that we are all healthy and together. But the fact that I will never be able to pay off my school debts in the states (which may hinder my daughters collage future) nor see my family is weighing heavily on me.

Many times in my life God has helped me to know my next step through odd encounters or what many would call coincidences.  During  an otherwise uneventful two week span I had three people ask me why I hadn't looked into working in Canada. One of which was so persistent he gave me his number in case I needed help getting in contact with doctors there. With that Issac and I began talking with each other and with God about this idea. We have made the decision to pursue living in Canada.

So this now goes into the dream. Many times the "cold hard truths" of life leads us to better opportunities. Maybe this is one of them. Our one focused prayer in all of this is that we can make the transition without being separated. The two years Issac and I were in different countries were the worst years of both of our lives. Even the frustrations of moving to Mexico, learning Spanish, and working in a stifling environment doesn't compare. So far the only problem we see with the Immigration process is paying for it. I easily qualify as a skilled worker and am beginning my process of applying to the nursing board in Alberta.

From what I understand here is the process: I apply to the board and they review my transcripts (fee)- they make a decision on if I'm eligible to take an assessment which includes me being in Canada for a little more than a week (money).  Then if I pass their assessment I do my Skilled worker application (big fee) and hopefully can manage a job offer before moving so the paperwork will go faster. With that qualification I could get hired on as a nurse assistant or student nurse in Canada (moving expenses)  and have one year to take the exam (fee).

We are still unsure as to how we will get enough to pay all the application fees and to actually move. At this point I'm just trusting that God will help us to get the money. Humility and asking for help are things that have always been a bit hard for me and I feel that this is exactly what I'm going to have to do. So now I am going to do just that.

My next post will be a clear break down of all the fees and charges that we will be expected to pay. If I have any readers who would be willing to help us out at all we appreciate it.Also we ask that all of you who can please join us in prayer. I truly believe in the power of prayer and I ask for those of you who can please pray for us in this process, and above all that we are able to stay together as a family.

What Gods will is for our life is what we want, We are going to put forth the actions we know we can and lean on faith that if this is what God has for us that he will open doors opportunities for us.