Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mexican Citizenship

Ok here is the list that I have for me. Mind you I think there is different list for almost every one. To get this list he had to know the following:
What type of FM2 Im on (mine is familial)And how long Iv had it (I just am now finishing my second renewal)
If My husband was Mexican (he is)
If I had Mexican children (I do)
And what Country I'm originally from. (USA)

1)you must be of age and civil rights

2)your oiginal document and two copies of the solicitudDNN-3, which can be downloaded from the website of the Foreign Relations Secrataria that can be filled by machine or by hand with black ink and print legibly.

3)The original and three copies of all pages of your FM2 and you have been here for two full years after your first applications.

4)A citified, apostilled, and translated copy of your birth certificate and three photocopies of it.

5)The original and three photocopies of my passport

6)My husbands proof of citizenship: His birth certificate and two photocopies of it.

7)A certified copy and three photocopies of your marriage lic. from the regitro civil mexicano. And the date of marriage has to be two years before you apply.

8)A statement of truth for what you are applying for.

9)Original and three photocopies of the ID of my spouse.

10)Proof from the office of safety that I have no federal or local offenses. ( I think one of these has to come from Mexico city)

11)A statement of truth from my husband about what we are applying for

12)Prove that you can speak spanish through a person interview.(they told me to talk to Mexicans to practice) and take a history test which has a study guide.

13)4 recent pictures in color, 4.5 by 3.4cms with white background, full face, without glasses, head uncovered.

14)payment of 1,250pesos

For an appointment write to

FM2 renewal what I needed

Here is the list for the original renewal:
1) The form from with signature (on the left side click solicitudes de Tramites, under estancia click vivo en mexico y quiero, the first line is extender la estancia, and the secound would be refrendo de inmigrante, Then your info)

2)A full copy of and the origianl of your FM2

3)Proof of pay

4)A written statement of truth for what you are applying for.

5)5 photos 2.5 x 3cm, 3 in front 2 of side (most places close to the office know exactly what to give you if you just tell them what its for)

Always make tow copies of everything, and if your FM2 is familial or under someone else get a couple copies of their ID

I also always have an extra full copy of my passport in case its needed.

Address change list.
This time around all we needed was the new lease and an electric or water bill to prove we lived there.

Please note: Always go into your office and ask for what you need. I hear some offices may differ.

FM2 renewal 2011, vist 3-5

My previous post was about how I found out what I needed to do to fix the mistake I made by putting my country as Estonia. Trip number three went something like this. I had been told all I needed was a copy of all the papers I had from the first time and to redo the application. No problem one lesson I have learned is to make a full extra copy of everything I turn in for my records. So I went online and redid the application and checked it three times to make sure it was right. I then made two more copies off all the other stuff I had from the first time I applied. When I got to the desk she realized I had put an extra 5 on one of my ID numbers. OH my gosh am I an idiot... well no not really I have an astigmatism and haven't had my eyes checked in over a year. She had to show me each number one by one before I could see the mistake. After going across the hall and fixing this I turned it all into her and got my next print out with my information that I could check online. This all in all took over 3 hours.
Next after checking online and the status saying that I needed to go in and check on it we made the plans. I went in with my print off and got a number. This time I waited for almost 3 hours before being called again. They informed me that now I needed to pay for the address change. Thankfully the whole time I was waiting I was talking myself into the idea that I wouldn't actually be picking up my FM2 card that day. All that was needed she said was for me to go pay the fee (using the form they give you at immigration) and to bring them back one copy of my print out and two copies of the receipt. It was already 1230 and since they close at one I decided to do it all the next morning. Last Friday I made my fifth trip to immigration in a month and turned in my payment. She printed me off a sheet but it didn't have the info to check it online. She told me to use my old info and wrote down a new clave for me. I have tried this online multiple times this week and it is not working. For now the plan is for me to go check into it tomorrow morning.
I have been slacking on actually putting a list up so Im going to do that now on another post.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Undo me

This is the title to an old song by Jennifer Knapp that Iv always loved and that always seems to be on hand when I need it. I recently went through a process that was both scary and frustrating. But you know what during it all I just knew that God would pull us through. I held on to the truth of his word and remembered all the times he has provided for my family at just the right time. And guess what guys he did. We were provided for and not only that but also given a certainty that this type of things shouldn't happen again any time soon. This faith that I had is something that God has been working on in my heart for years. I cant explain to you how thankful I was to him for the peace I felt the whole time. But guess what I will forever be a work in progress, as we all are. God will continue to put me through his fire to purify me, because I'm to chalked full of self, and the world to be purified completely while I still breath the air of this world God made. So now he is working on me with dealing with anger and tranquility. The song I spoke of above is about God undoing us and changing us into a person more like Jesus. And in this case it has reminded me that I am not innocent of hurting others and sometimes even those who I actually care about. Sometimes even I do stupid things that may hurt someone so who am I to judge and be angry and another person for the same. I look at my situation and realize that Christ would forgive, and turn his cheek. He would do this even though he knew he would probably have to do it again soon. Moving on and letting go of the anger I feel is not going to be easy but I know that's what I need to do. I'm thankful for a conversation with a good friend last night who reminded me that sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and push through the moment. The funny thing is all of this and other things she said to me is the kind of stuff I tell people all the time. But dang it when your the one in the situation its hard to remember you own good advise. Its so nice to have friends again who I can call when I'm frustrated and need to vent. So after a lot of prayer, venting, and chatting with friends and my husband I know I can come out on the other side undone. Meaning I'm letting God rebuild me. Here are the lyrics to that song.

Undo Me by Jennifer Knapp
Papa, I think I messed up again
Was it something I did?
Was it something I said?
I don't mean to do you wrong
It's just the way of human nature!

Sister, I know I let you down
I can tell by the fact
You never come around
You don't have to say a thing
I can tell by your eyes
Exactly what you mean

That it's time
To get down on my knees and pray
"Lord, undo me!"
Put away my flesh and bone
'Til You own this spirit through me Lord,
Undo me.

Mama, I know I made you cry
But I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to lie
While the world shook its head in shame
I let you take the blame

Brother, I know you labored
So hard to please
But I cut you down
And I left you on your knees
Well I know it must be

Time to get down on my knees and pray
"Lord, undo me!"
Put away my flesh and bone
'Til You own this spirit through me Lord

I am wanting, needing, guilty and greedy
Unrighteous, unholy; undo me. Undo me!

Abba Father You must wonder why
More times than Peter I have denied.
Three nails and a cross to prove
I owe my life eternally to you!

And it's time
To get down on my knees and pray
"Lord, undo me!"
Put away my flesh and bone
'Til You own this spirit through me Lord,
Undo me

Friday, February 4, 2011

FM2 renewal, address change, citizenship

Ok guys my spell check is acting all crazy so good luck reading this one. lol
I was suppose to go check into my FM2 renewal on Monday but I forgot to bring my papers to work with me. So today was the big day. I let my student go a little early and I headed out of the school around 1130. I only took one wrong street and was quickly able to right my path. (this is a major acomplishment here by the way) When I pulled up to my normal parking garage it was full. I actually didnt panic but did call the hubby to ask if he knew of another one close by. The only one he could think of we usually dont use because its so busy that cars are always backed up the street trying oto get into it. Well today I was one of the cars that was backed up the street. I was parked and inside the immigration office by 1230 (I made excellent time concidering the traffic here that time of day). I immidiatly asked a gaurd if I needed to get a number (fecha) or if I just needed to go through the information line. He gave me a number and pointed to the side of the room I would be waiting. I noticed that they were on number 33 and I was holding number 76 in my hand. I hadnt had the time to pump (milk for Lily) before leaving the school so I figured I had plenty of time to do that now. I went down to the public restroom and took care of buisness. On my way back up I noticed the area that I needed to go to ask about citizenship and realized it was only 1 o'clock. I was pretty sure my number wouldnt get called for at leaset another 30min or so, so I stopped in. After asking a couple people I was sent to a room that had three desks in it. There were people already at two of those desks being helped and the other worker was on the phone. Once he got off I explained to him in my best Spanish what I needed and after only a short time I left with a list of things I would need. It seems that there are different lists for almost everyone. He needed to know what type of FM2 I was on (mine is familiar) if it was my husband who was supporting me, where we got married, and if I had Mexican children. After typing all this info into his computer is when he pulled up the list and had it printed off in the other room. I will put the list on a different post because I want hubby to translate it first so I dont get anything wrong.
Then I headed up to the immigration stuffy room. They had by now closed the door and stoped giving out numbers but the gaurd recognized me and let me in. It was now 115 and they were only on number 49. So I texted back and forth with the hubby and played suduko (I actually dont like the game because I cant beat it but I keep playing it because I cant beat it). When I finally got to the desk the guy that was helping me was so nice. (they usually are but I was a little nervous since I was alone) As a reminder and also a correction of what I thought previously, I put that I was from Estonia on my renewal (before I thought it was on the address change). The form was on a touch screan computer and apparently my fingers are to fat to pick the right country. He told me that I basically have to resubmit all my paperwork and that I dont have to pay again but just show them a copy of my pay reciept. This was a huge relieve. He also gave me a document that had a list of all that I needed to bring in and a sworn statement kind of thing saying I knew that I had screwed it up. This list I will also type up later after I can get conformation from the hubby that Im understanding it all correctly. The good thing is that he said that once I turn in the papers that I will get my FM2 very quickly because its just a little change and they were expecting it anyway. So I have a feeling it may already be there they just cant give it to me until I refile all the proper papers. Because he was being so nice I went ahead and asked him about our birth cirtificate ordeal with Lily. I asked him if it really would never be a problem for her or for me. He said now and that I could always prove that I was legal and that my papers were just in process. But that it really should never even come up. I even asked if it would be a problem with her US stuff and he said no as long as I wait till I get my FM2 back to file here. Which I was planning on doing anyway.
I then of course headedout to my truck but needed to stop at the ATM before hand. As I was walking down this busy city streat feeling as comfortable as if I were in St. Louis I had one of those wow my life is so odd moments. Not sure if any of you have them but I know I do. Its like I normally just go about my day and dont even think aobut it but sometimes its like something slaps me in the face and makes me look around. And then I think wow, I never would have known Id bee here even 5yrs ago. Its not a bad feeling or anything, just a wierd one.
Any way my next post will be chalked full of real information and not just the story line. :)

Inrolling in government school in Mexico

Ok guys Im taking the lazy way out on this one. A good friend who has been here much longer than I wrote a wonderful and informative post on getting your child inrolled in school here. So instead of rewriting something that has been so well stated here is a link to her blog.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Childhood Immunizations Mexico

Here we go for round two of Mexican Immunization. Let me tell you I'm learning so much right now from the nurses in my class so I will filly you in also. First off ALL BABIES no matter what income get free immunizations. Thank God for this one because we dont have seguro this time around and also dont have the money for the full price ones through the private doctor. I also found out that ANY pregnant women has the right to receive free health care with he seguro.
Speaking of which, as a side note, we are relying on the nurses check ups along with her immunizations now because the private pediatrician was just to expensive. His appointments were 500p a piece which isn't bad in American standards but were not rollen in the money. I'm pretty sure he thought we were though because he at one point prescribed us a cream that was 500p for our babies face. I started putting regular baby lotion on it and that cleared up the problem.
Ok back to Immunizations. Because it is a new place and all my husband brought Lily in for her shots. I was very proud of him for doing it because he really cant handle seeing the girls get stuck. Anyway he went in at 7am and he said everyone was very helpful. The did initially tell him that they dont start immunizations till 830 and that there was no separate place for him to be if he didn't have seguro insurance. All he needed was the babies birth certificate which he had. He saw that there was already someone else there waiting and thought it best to just wait. Its a good thing he did also because by 8am when they actually did start taking people there where at least five people behind him in line. Issac said the nurses were very nice and willing to answer any questions he had. They were either out of the Immunization cards or they just assumed Issac forgot his. He didn't think anything of them putting the information on a piece of paper so he didn't ask. We are to bring her back in on the 17th for another one so we will get the card then. I'm not sure what that one is for because he didn't ask (that's a man for you, lol). Normally here in Mexico at the time of birth they give the tuberculin vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine. But in the private hospitals they give you the choice, because if your baby gets these vaccines there they will be very pricey. We turned them down in the hospital so at her 2month shots she got the tuberculosis vaccine in her arm, the pentavalent which is a 5 antigen combo putting together our DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and pertussis) with Hib (which causes meningitis and pneumonia) and Hep B in her left leg, and the neumococica (prevent pneumonia), and her Hepatitis B in her right leg. The still get the last two vaccines mentioned with the pentavalent due to the different trains for those infections. I found a cool abstract here in case you want to read more about the pentavalent being given in Mexico.
So now I have the big nasty pussing wound to look forward to on her arm in a couple weeks. Yuck I hate the TB vaccine so much. I suppose that's all the info I have on this subject for now more to come after the 17th. Maybe Ill go this time so I can have a more detailed description. Actually he did a great job and did come home and give me as much info as he could knowing I wanted to post it all. ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Perfect Evening

Yesterday was such a great day I decided to post about it. We actually have these evenings a lot but I just haven't had the time for random postings. On Monday I finished my Medical English curriculum editing and all. Of course it still needs to be edited by someone other than myself but my part of it is done. Needless to say I headed out of work in a great mood. We also had a new nurse who wants our program come in which was great news. On my way out the door I called home to let them know I was on my way. Alana was excited I was coming home and told me she had made something for me. She is seriously the most thoughtful kid ever. She is constantly drawing things for people and I have to put them away with their names on it until I see them again. I had also just pumped so I wasn't driving like a mad lady trying to get home to feed the baby. I drove home with a smile on my face ignoring all the traffic. Not having a radio in the truck kinda sucks but I really try to use this time to talk to the Lord so I also got a little time in with Him on the way home yesterday. When I got home Papi was at the table with the girls doing a craft and he told me he would do the dishes soon. Ahhh no dishes to do. The house was fairly clean and all I had to do was make dinner. While I made dinner with "help" from Joslin my one year old, Papi made flower tortillas with "help" from Alana, and Lily sat in her bouncy seat in the middle of the kitchen watching us all with interest until she fell asleep. Dinner was delish and my husbands tortillas rock. Middinner we ran out to buy some sweet bread from the pan panadero car. We actually saved this for breakfast because for desert we ate the fresh warm flour tortillas with cajeta. After dinner Papi played on his guitar while the girls actually played with out fighting to much and Lily sat watching Issac play. Soon it was eight o´clock and time to put the girls to bed. We did our nightly routine with out to much fussing and Issac and I even had time to watch a movie after the baby fell asleep. Don´t get me wrong we also have the nights where everyone is running around yelling at each other and 8 o´clock never seems to come fast enough. But really nights like last night are more common and this is the blessing God has given me for obeying and moving to a land far from and different than my first home. I have to say first home because I do so feel at home here now. I no longer talk about when I visit "home", its when I visit the states. I cant imagine being away from here for more than a couple weeks, and to be honest we are not planning on me going back for at least a few years. With the baby and the fact that Issac can travel with me to help me there is no way I would go now. And really Lily needs to be at least three or four before I think it would be a good idea. For now we are hoping to save enough to help my younger sister get her whole family down here. So there you have it folks, being content really does become reality and I'm so glad that after almost three years I can write this post.

Government school in Mexico

For Kinder we have opted to have the girls go to the government schools. With Alana she already knows everything in English that they will be teaching her in Spanish. Actually she already knows most of it in Spanish also. So we decided it would be silly to pay a ton of money for her to go play with friends every day. Its a good thing we decided that to because we dont quite yet have the income we were expecting. Here in Mexico they have three years of Kinder. The first year at the age of three is optional and is a lot like preschool in the states. We opted out of that year and started her at the beginning of this school year. If you remember we were living in a smaller town when we started her and she loved it. I was having a hard time with her teacher there but was glad for her to be in school. When we moved to the city we found a couple government schools and were actually allowed to pick the one we wanted. Its totally secure and I LOVE her teacher. She is about my age and seems like someone I would hang out with if given the chance. She works so good with Alana and seems to like the challenge of it. When I asked her how Alana was doing with her Spanish she said she speaks great and only some times has trouble understanding words. When she does have trouble the teacher says she gives her multiple different words or ideas or uses her hands to help her figure it out. She also said she rarely has to explain a word more than once. How great that the teacher takes this extra time with her and that she took the time to explain this to me. If you remember from a previous post when I asked her old teacher she bluntly told me that Alana spoke better than me and then turned back to her task at hand.

Christmas break started the week of the 17thish. I put the ish for a good reason, just read about her Christmas party and you will understand. She was suppose to go back to school on the 10th of January. This seemed like a long break and she was so ready the morning of the 10th. I´m pretty sure I mentioned in the Christmas party post also that when we arrived on the 10th the place was torn apart for remodeling. Well its three weeks later and this morning is her first day back. I have this sinking feeling were gonna walk all the way there and they wont have it for some reason or another. Issac had to use the truck this morning to bring the baby in for her immunizations (which will be another post) so we are on foot. Which is fine actually its a nice walk and with just the older two its good exercise and its not to cold for them.

So all in all the government school for Kinder can be a pain and let them miss three weeks of school but like I said its Kinder and mainly a play date every day. This teacher does actually send home homework and encourage the parents to do things with the kids outside of school and class work. Alana and I love to do activities and she has about three or four learning websites so we have that covered and I hope I can always manage to do this type of thing with her. Any of you that have kids here in Mexico and want those websites let me know. Her favorite one, I found out while I was in Dallas, is used by the schools there to give kids homework. This made me feel really good about the sites I found and choose for her to do.

We are so excited about her first day back. I'm also hoping this routine will help with the nightly bed wetting we still have. We are also trying to remember to wake her up and bring her to the bathroom before we go to bed. This usually helps but not always. Any suggestions on that issue are welcome although I'm afraid we have tried everything.