Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mexican Citizenship

Ok here is the list that I have for me. Mind you I think there is different list for almost every one. To get this list he had to know the following:
What type of FM2 Im on (mine is familial)And how long Iv had it (I just am now finishing my second renewal)
If My husband was Mexican (he is)
If I had Mexican children (I do)
And what Country I'm originally from. (USA)

1)you must be of age and civil rights

2)your oiginal document and two copies of the solicitudDNN-3, which can be downloaded from the website of the Foreign Relations Secrataria that can be filled by machine or by hand with black ink and print legibly.

3)The original and three copies of all pages of your FM2 and you have been here for two full years after your first applications.

4)A citified, apostilled, and translated copy of your birth certificate and three photocopies of it.

5)The original and three photocopies of my passport

6)My husbands proof of citizenship: His birth certificate and two photocopies of it.

7)A certified copy and three photocopies of your marriage lic. from the regitro civil mexicano. And the date of marriage has to be two years before you apply.

8)A statement of truth for what you are applying for.

9)Original and three photocopies of the ID of my spouse.

10)Proof from the office of safety that I have no federal or local offenses. ( I think one of these has to come from Mexico city)

11)A statement of truth from my husband about what we are applying for

12)Prove that you can speak spanish through a person interview.(they told me to talk to Mexicans to practice) and take a history test which has a study guide.

13)4 recent pictures in color, 4.5 by 3.4cms with white background, full face, without glasses, head uncovered.

14)payment of 1,250pesos

For an appointment write to


  1. Hi Amanda, thanks for putting up these lists, you are great! And yeah, you are right, it is important to check with your own local Oficina de Migracion because the requirements do seem to vary all over Mexico. About the birth certificate, I have a question---does it have to be apostiled in the state where you were born? Like, do I have to go back to Louisiana to get my birth certificate apostiled there? Thanks for any information you might have.

  2. You are applying to be a permanent mexican citizen?

  3. Gail-From what I understand of the apostille it can be done anywhere, but Im not certain about that I would have to do some research. What I do know is that you have to make sure the birth cirt is certified before you send it off. You have to be clear that you want one that is certified when you get it.
    Anon-Yes I am applying for permanent Mexican citizenship as soon as I can get all that information together. Im only 30 and will be here for the next half of my life. I cant stand the thought of having to redo the FM2 every year. Also If I want to work while here I might as well be getting the benifits of citizenship here. Im not getting any of the benifits from the states.

  4. Oh also with my girls being duel I also wanted to be. :)

  5. Hi Amanda, thanks for your help. I too will be applying for citizenship as soon as I've completed all the requisitos. Like you, I can't bear the thought of having to go through the FM renewal process every 12 months for the rest of my life. I'd rather have surgery.

    Being a citizen will make living here so much easier. There are many benefits, and not just the fact that we won't have to stand in extra lines at the airport to get our visas stamped when we exit the country. To be able to achieve citizenship in such a short period of time, and the fact that Mexico opens its arms to us and makes it a relatively easy process, even though I've been "undocumented" here at some time or another...well, it's in stark contrast to the immigration policy on the other side of the border, right?

  6. Hey Amanda. I'm planning on getting my citizenship done this year too, but I have been dragging my feet about it. I was in the states in Dec. and got my birth certificate apostille and that's about it...I haven't even gotten it translated yet. And recently I have begun to ask myself if I really want to do it. The major benefit is obviously saving time and money from redoing the fm2...but after having it for five years I think you can be considered immigrated or something and don't have to go to immigration unless you change marital status or move, etc.
    I don't know, now I'm kinda on the fence. I have been here ten years married and had the wrong visa for 6 or 7 years, I was just uninformed and had the fm3 instead.
    Anyway, thank you for the information and if I take the plunge I promise to blog about it. Like you said, Amanda, I should've been helping you out with info but my blog is just a baby still :) I'll try to be more helpful in the future.

  7. That is so good to know thanks so much! And wow only 100.00 that is nothing compared to the 10,000DLS it costs in the US! WOW! I thought that it would be a lot more. So then you are done forever no other fees? WOW congrats girl! So happy for you guys!

  8. Just as an FYI, you won't find the information at your local migracion office. You need to go to the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores.

    I had my birth certificate aposiled when I was married and it needed to come from the secretary of state from the place my bc was issued. But my mom did it for me and sent it. And make sure that your BC has the raised seal too. I dont want to say I'm 100% sure it has to be your state, that was what I was told and didn't want to chance it. Plus how would another state be able to verify your live birth in that state?

  9. Karen Good luck and I look forward to reading about it. ;)
    Abby, yes although it feels like a pain it is nothing compered to the US system.
    Sarah, Thanks for adding the info!!!

  10. thanks for posting the link for the exam. the link should be gob instead of gov but I found it anyway.

    I have been working on fixing my status and have a couple of suggestions for anyone who will have to do immigration "stuff" here. You need birth certificates, marriage certificates, any other "certificates" apostiled by the state that issued them. It is also not a bad idea to get the Mexican consulate to translate them and stamp their seal on them. We had a hard time finding someone close that could do it and make all the different people happy. One said they wanted it notarized, another wanted a Perito's seal, another said we had to register it with the Registro Civil. Most of the peritos wanted more than $100us to translate a simple marriage cert. and apostile.

    What my experience taught me is that even though DF has the home office it was still a pain because every single person we talked to had their own list of what we had to have. And plan on copies of everything and if you have things with other peoples signatures such as letters about jobs, etc. they will want copies of their credential de elector, both sides, too.

  11. Karen Thanks so much for adding more information. Those are all very good points and Im glad you put them on here.

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  13. I am interested in info regarding blood right "jus sagruinis" Mexican citizenship. My boyfriend is US born his mother was born in Mexico. Both have US Citizenship. Not sure if his mother retained Mexican Citizenship. From what I've read so far he is eligible. When he goes to Mexico & stays w his Aunt will he be able to apply immediatly & how long does it take?

  14. Anon- The key for your boyfriend will be if his mother retained her citizenship. If so it will be really easy and not done through immigration. He will just need to go to the "Registro" office with a copy of his birth cirt (with apostille and translation, better if you get this before he goes)and a copy of his moms birth cirt, and I think her CURP number, and most likely a copy of ID from both people. It shouldnt take more than a couple days. BUt I must tell you that you never really know so this is my idea.