Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Perfect Evening

Yesterday was such a great day I decided to post about it. We actually have these evenings a lot but I just haven't had the time for random postings. On Monday I finished my Medical English curriculum editing and all. Of course it still needs to be edited by someone other than myself but my part of it is done. Needless to say I headed out of work in a great mood. We also had a new nurse who wants our program come in which was great news. On my way out the door I called home to let them know I was on my way. Alana was excited I was coming home and told me she had made something for me. She is seriously the most thoughtful kid ever. She is constantly drawing things for people and I have to put them away with their names on it until I see them again. I had also just pumped so I wasn't driving like a mad lady trying to get home to feed the baby. I drove home with a smile on my face ignoring all the traffic. Not having a radio in the truck kinda sucks but I really try to use this time to talk to the Lord so I also got a little time in with Him on the way home yesterday. When I got home Papi was at the table with the girls doing a craft and he told me he would do the dishes soon. Ahhh no dishes to do. The house was fairly clean and all I had to do was make dinner. While I made dinner with "help" from Joslin my one year old, Papi made flower tortillas with "help" from Alana, and Lily sat in her bouncy seat in the middle of the kitchen watching us all with interest until she fell asleep. Dinner was delish and my husbands tortillas rock. Middinner we ran out to buy some sweet bread from the pan panadero car. We actually saved this for breakfast because for desert we ate the fresh warm flour tortillas with cajeta. After dinner Papi played on his guitar while the girls actually played with out fighting to much and Lily sat watching Issac play. Soon it was eight o´clock and time to put the girls to bed. We did our nightly routine with out to much fussing and Issac and I even had time to watch a movie after the baby fell asleep. Don´t get me wrong we also have the nights where everyone is running around yelling at each other and 8 o´clock never seems to come fast enough. But really nights like last night are more common and this is the blessing God has given me for obeying and moving to a land far from and different than my first home. I have to say first home because I do so feel at home here now. I no longer talk about when I visit "home", its when I visit the states. I cant imagine being away from here for more than a couple weeks, and to be honest we are not planning on me going back for at least a few years. With the baby and the fact that Issac can travel with me to help me there is no way I would go now. And really Lily needs to be at least three or four before I think it would be a good idea. For now we are hoping to save enough to help my younger sister get her whole family down here. So there you have it folks, being content really does become reality and I'm so glad that after almost three years I can write this post.


  1. I agree. Issac's tortillas are awesome!

  2. Sounds so awesome. Those kinds of ordinary days provide the best, most peaceful moments. You are such an encouragement to someone like me, who has mexico in their future. thanks for taking the time to share it.

  3. Rebecca Ill let him know you said so. ;)
    Margherita- Its no problem, I know that I wish I had known to read blogs before I moved. I think I would have been better prepared for what was to come. But I do know once I was here and started blogging my best therapy was Leslie's blog shes been here like 8 years longer than me and she helped me so much. So I'm glad to give back assistance.