Thursday, February 3, 2011

Childhood Immunizations Mexico

Here we go for round two of Mexican Immunization. Let me tell you I'm learning so much right now from the nurses in my class so I will filly you in also. First off ALL BABIES no matter what income get free immunizations. Thank God for this one because we dont have seguro this time around and also dont have the money for the full price ones through the private doctor. I also found out that ANY pregnant women has the right to receive free health care with he seguro.
Speaking of which, as a side note, we are relying on the nurses check ups along with her immunizations now because the private pediatrician was just to expensive. His appointments were 500p a piece which isn't bad in American standards but were not rollen in the money. I'm pretty sure he thought we were though because he at one point prescribed us a cream that was 500p for our babies face. I started putting regular baby lotion on it and that cleared up the problem.
Ok back to Immunizations. Because it is a new place and all my husband brought Lily in for her shots. I was very proud of him for doing it because he really cant handle seeing the girls get stuck. Anyway he went in at 7am and he said everyone was very helpful. The did initially tell him that they dont start immunizations till 830 and that there was no separate place for him to be if he didn't have seguro insurance. All he needed was the babies birth certificate which he had. He saw that there was already someone else there waiting and thought it best to just wait. Its a good thing he did also because by 8am when they actually did start taking people there where at least five people behind him in line. Issac said the nurses were very nice and willing to answer any questions he had. They were either out of the Immunization cards or they just assumed Issac forgot his. He didn't think anything of them putting the information on a piece of paper so he didn't ask. We are to bring her back in on the 17th for another one so we will get the card then. I'm not sure what that one is for because he didn't ask (that's a man for you, lol). Normally here in Mexico at the time of birth they give the tuberculin vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine. But in the private hospitals they give you the choice, because if your baby gets these vaccines there they will be very pricey. We turned them down in the hospital so at her 2month shots she got the tuberculosis vaccine in her arm, the pentavalent which is a 5 antigen combo putting together our DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and pertussis) with Hib (which causes meningitis and pneumonia) and Hep B in her left leg, and the neumococica (prevent pneumonia), and her Hepatitis B in her right leg. The still get the last two vaccines mentioned with the pentavalent due to the different trains for those infections. I found a cool abstract here in case you want to read more about the pentavalent being given in Mexico.
So now I have the big nasty pussing wound to look forward to on her arm in a couple weeks. Yuck I hate the TB vaccine so much. I suppose that's all the info I have on this subject for now more to come after the 17th. Maybe Ill go this time so I can have a more detailed description. Actually he did a great job and did come home and give me as much info as he could knowing I wanted to post it all. ;)


  1. Just want to dont have to give any vax's if you live in do have the option of opting out!
    Personal preference....i will never inject anything that was made or processed in Mexico into my child.
    But that is only personal....others chose differently and that is their personal choice.

  2. Hi! I found your blog today when I was googling TB vaccines, newsborns and Mexico. I'm an American living in Mexico (the Baja Peninsula) and just had my second daughter here. I didn't get the TB vaccine for my first daughter, now it's required at the civil registro for my second. I'm just not comfortable giving it to my newborn yet! (She's 3 weeks old.)

    I'd love to chat more about the TB vaccine... feel free to email me at

    Take care.

  3. Sunshine- Thanks girl but Im a nurse and I know the risks and importance of the immunizations. But again thanks for the advise. :)

    Ky- glad you found the blog, holy cow I just checked out your profile and you have like 6 blogs, which do you suggest for me after reading some of mine? I will send you an e-mail today about the TB vaccine. Welcome;)

  4. Ky I sent you a really long e-mail about the shot but it didnt go through for somereason. Ill try again but maybe you typed your e-mail wrong.