Thursday, April 30, 2009

My girls

We had the babies 1 mo apt today, she has gained about 3 1/2 lb and 10cm.
Shes doing great

Funny story about the 2yr old.
A little back ground first, we try to read a bible verse with her every morning over breakfast. And a lot of her books that we read her throughout the day and at night are about God.
Yesterday morning we were doing her bible verse and she said it was her turn to read so I handed her the bible.
She opened it and said, " Its 25" (I always tell her the verse Im reading, then she said "God made the world it was good and beautiful, ... and we ate ice cream."

I love my babies. ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

The fair

The fair was at a totally different location and had no animals. Issac called the fair number to find out where it was and when the circus started and if they were having any promotions the day we wanted to go. So the girl goes on to tell him the directions and when the fair is (we found out later the times she gave us was wrong). Then I see Issac make a strange confused face and then snarl. I asked him about it after he was off the phone and he told me she said, "at 730 there would be girls fighting in chocolate." Yes you read it right at the family fair at a time when most kids would be there they are having girls fighting in chocolate. Issac said, "I guess because I'm a guy she felt I would want to know." with a face of being obviously irritated by her telling him about it. lol Again only in Mexico. We went around 6 in order to be able to see the circus then eat dinner then go home. Well the circus was cute, but there was absolutely no food ready in any of the stands till almost 8, so Alana got to ride some rides (they were free with the ticket). This one was also 25p for each adult and 10p for Alana, the circus was free as were the rides. We got out of there spending less than 200p and got to eat dinner there. Which was supper yummy, I ate what they call a Gringa (yes that's slang for white girl, which is why I wanted to try it) lol It was so good, its pork made pastor (Ill explain in a min), cheese, pico digallo, between two thick home made tortillas and guacamole sauce on the side. OMG it was to die for.

So Issac and I have decided in the future when my family is rich and they can come see us they need to come in April during the festivities.

swine flu info, from consular e-mails and CDC site.

Just in case you all wanted to know or might be worried from hearing stuff on the news here is what the CDC has to say. Oh and I always get e-mails from the gov when things are bad so Ill also show you what those had to say. Any U.S. citizens out there that do not get the e-mails from your consular office you should sign up for them, they just let you know what is going on in your area and what you should watch out for. They are non alarming and simply give you the facts. I usually send them to my family also to keep them calm about what is really going on down here because what they hear is usually blown out of proportion.

Ill show you the e-mail first, they sent me another one saying Mexico city schools and public areas are now closed until May 6th. And just so you know Mexico city is 12 hours away from us and they have not detected the flu in my area yet. Although the workers at my husbands work are being cautioned to wear masks because they have so much traffic through there.
Dear Wardens,

Although we have received no reports of flu concerns in our consular district, we are sharing the Mission Mexico warden message with you. Please let us know if you become aware of any illnesses in your area.


Janie Friedlein

ACS Chief

American Citizens Services

U.S. Consulate General Guadalajara

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

United States Consulate General Guadalajara



Warden Message #06 FY2009

April 24, 2009

Flu Outbreak in Mexico

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico advises that as a precaution, Mexican authorities closed all schools in the Federal District and in the State of Mexico on April 24, 2009 as the Mexican Secretariat of Health announced hundreds of cases of flu in the country, some of which may be the H1N1 strain of “swine flu”. Some other public institutions, such as museums and government offices, are also closed. Exact numbers of the people infected with the various strains of flu are unavailable. The U.S. Embassy has no additional information about closures.

The U.S. Embassy reminds U.S. citizens in Mexico that most cases of influenza are not “swine flu”; any specific questions or concerns about flu or other illnesses should be directed to a medical professional. Although the U.S. Embassy cannot give medical advice or provide medical services to the public, a list of hospitals and doctors can be found on our website at the following link: (Spanish) (English)

At this time the Mexican Secretariat of Health urges people to avoid large crowds, shaking hands, kissing people as a greeting, or using the subway. Maintaining a distance of at least six feet from other persons may decrease the risk of exposure. In addition, the following prevention tips are from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website:

1. Avoid close contact.

Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick too.

2. Stay home when you are sick.

If possible, stay home from work, school, and errands when you are sick. You will help prevent others from catching your illness.

3. Cover your mouth and nose.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you from getting sick.

4. Clean your hands.

Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs.

5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.

6. Practice other good health habits.

Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food.

For additional information, please consult the CDC website at, or the website of the World Health Organization at The U.S. Embassy will also post additional information as it becomes available at:

And here is what the CDC says:
Current Situation

Since March 18, 2009, the Government of Mexico has reported an increase in the number of cases of influenza-like-illness. occurring in several areas of Mexico. Please visit the website of the World Health Organization, for further details about these cases.

CDC has confirmed that seven of 14 respiratory specimens from patients sent to the CDC by the Mexican National Influenza Center are positive for swine influenza virus and are similar to the swine influenza viruses recently identified in the US.

CDC and state public and animal health authorities are currently investigating 20 cases of swine flu in humans in California, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, and New York City. Some of the US cases have been linked to travel to Mexico. At this time only two of the 20 cases in the US have been hospitalized and all have recovered.

This investigation is still in the early stages. Further updates to this investigation and any related travel recommendations will be posted on when available.
CDC Recommendations

CDC has NOT recommended that people avoid travel to Mexico at this time. If you are planning travel to Mexico, follow these recommendations to reduce your risk of infection and help you stay healthy.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Night out with Hubby finally

Finally the last time my husbands mom was here to stay the night he asked her if we could head out for a few hours while she was here with the girls. There is a new bowling ally here we wanted to check out. Its actually very modern compared to most places in town. I had pumped and had some bottles prepared so I could have a beer with my hubby. I'm not a get drunk drinker anymore but I like to have a couple while out. We got there and realized they had pool also and chose to play pool instead. We had a lot of fun and both said it reminded us of when we were dating. When I was living in the States and visiting him we only went out one time because he wanted to spend as much time as possible with out daughter during our visits which was understandable. And since we've been here Iv been pregnant so we did go out a few times but it was more for going out to eat. We had a blast and it was good for us to get some time together to just be alone and yet out at the same time.
So here is the funny part and something that blew me away. We didn't know the place was closing at 11pm and had just ordered our second beer (yes we are slow drinkers lol). they put them in to go cups for us. Can you imagine, I kept saying are you sure they are gonna let us leave with this. Issac just kept laughing and saying yes. So off we went on our way home with my husband sipping on the last of my second beer and his. Seriously only in Mexico.

Decision made for now!!!!

I had been considering going back to work for a few reasons. I hadn't left the house with out my kids in over a month, I had no friends of my own, there were other English speakers at the school, and I didn't have anything going on other than feeding and cleaning after everyone. A lot of those things have changed. Also I have always worked since I was 15 1/2yrs and able to get a work permit. So although I'm enjoying it for the most part this staying home stuff is weird for me. I feel first of all that my daughters deserve for me to stay home if we can keep our heads above water. And we can so I should stay home. Now that Im feeling better and am getting a little more sleep though I needed to get some stuff going for myself. My husband and I made the decision that I shouldn't work just yet for a few reasons. First off he and some of my blog readers helped clear my thoughts which have been a little jumbled with the lack of sleep and adjustments of having 2 kidos and not one. ;) We decided that the class for the instructor cirt was to expensive (13,000p+), that it would cost to much time and money for me to go take it, I really don't want to teach I want to be a nurse, the money out and in ratio didn't help us enough for the sacrifices we would have to make, and again we feel our daughters need me at home for now. I have to agree with American Mommy in Mexico when she mentioned that this is a constantly changing thing through out a families life. And I know I will work again some day, although prob only part time until my kids are at least through or almost through high school (which is a long way off).
Some of my remedies for the jitters is that:
- Im baking bread again for us at home (which saves us some money) and in the next week or so plan to start baking to sell again.
-Printed some pictures to make my scrap book
-I soon want to get some patterns to make my ninas some cloths (which will also save us some money)
-Im spending more time with my Spanish so I can speak better with those that I do know here and hopefully grow some friendships
-The spouse of one of my husbands friends at work has been coming over to spend time with me and letting her daughter play with mine. She is also teaching me to knit. Our conversations are limited for now but hopefully that doesn't last to long.

For now Jitters are calmed, ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Childrens Mexican Birth cirtificates

Im pretty sure I already wrote about getting the 2 year olds birth certificate in another post. But just in case I'm gonna sum it up really fast before going into the new born's. For hers we just had to turn in her U.S. birth certificate with apostille and translation, and in 2 weeks we had her Mexico birth certificate. Also I dont remember how much it was but I do remember it was cheep, and we also got an official copy made that we picked up the next day which was also cheep. (meaning like 50p or so)
For the newborn we needed more paperwork!!!!! We had to have the official paper from the hospita, a marriage license, 2 witnesses and copies of theirs and our ID's. Most of this wasnt to big a deal except the Marriage lic. The lady at the office suggested that before we did the birth cert we should get our Mexican marriage lic and a copy because what ever we gave them they would have to keep the original of. So we brought in our appostiled and translated marriage lic.
After 2 hours of everyone in the office checking out our marriage lic papers and telling us a couple times it wasn't the right papers and us being stern about the fact it was they finally took it. Basically most situations that are even close to ours here the people are from Cali and the papers look a little different there. The lawyer who did our translation warned us about this. Finally one of the employees pulled out other marriage lic and appostilles and noted that although they look different (they are on diff paper and in different fount) that they said the same thing as ours. They apologized a lot (prob because Im not good at hiding my feelings and at that moment IM sure my face was saying I was getting ready to hurt someone). But I chalked it up to the fact that our situation was a strange one even for the big city of Guad when I was getting my FM3 under familiar support.
The lady told us to come back in a week and our Mexican marriage lic would be ready. We waited a week and a half, and went back with all the requirements for the babies birth cert. (including 2 friends to be our witnesses). When the lady saw us she said she was getting ready to finish our marriage lic and then she would do the birth cirt. ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG she hadnt even done the marriage lic yet. "OK breath Amanda you should have expected this." We are doing this on my husbands one hour lunch stretched to 2 hour, because his boss is nice. It takes an hour to just get her to finish the marriage lic and my husbands and the pastors name is spelled wrong. So theres another 30 min. Oh and one of my witnesses had a 2 year old also so her and my daughter are causing havoc in the office. Ok finally after 1 and 1/2 hours the marriage lic is done. The lady tells us to go eat something and she will get all the birth cirt stuff done and when we get back in about 45 min or so she would have it ready for us. Why did we believe her you might ask. Well we didn't have much a choice so we went across the street to eat and feed our friends who were wasting many hours of their day for us. When we got back an hour later she hadnt even started on it and had two people in line before us. What the crap. By the time she got to us and typed everything up my hubbies 2 hour extended lunch had turned into 4 hours. But hey we walked out of their with the birth cirt and a marriage lic that we can use for any other legal matters here.
Finlay thats done now to start gathering papers for the babies U.S. citizen paperwork which is a lot more stuff. But we are determined to do everything needed for both counties and our kids will have a choice of where to live unlike us. Also when we go to get the babies papers I have to renew mine and my 2 year olds passports. That will be a fun trip Im sure.
Yahooooo gotta love legal crap and paper work.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I hit 20

No not my age I hit that awhile back. I have 20 readers, I know its cheesy but that's exciting. :) The best thing is that most of you are not just readers but I chat back and forth with you and are becoming friends. This blog was one of the best things Iv done for myself since moving to Mexico. Thanks all for reading and keeping this American company while living in Mexico.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


When we were out getting my pictures printed we stopped into a school for English because we heard they were hiring. Due to my recent crazy wanting to do something outburst my hubby suggested we stop in to see what we would have to do to get me started. They gave us a number for a school in Guad that I would have to attend to get a teachers cirt. They practically begged me to call and go to the classes and come see them as soon as possible. The problem is that the classes are 4 days a week for 2 months and Guad is 2 hours from here. I have a not quiet one month old and am determined to nurse her until shes 9months. (sigh, triple sigh) We plan to call today and see if there are any compressed classes. They have a new class staring in the end of May so Im thinking the next one would be July and maybe Id be more ready for it by then. They way they were acting I think there would still be plenty of openings in 4 or 5 mo when Id be ready to go get the cirt and start actual work. I asked her how much Spanish was necessary and she said the less the better. Well there you go thats my kinda place. ;)I feel so torn, Im so ready to work again and honestly we could use the extra income but I also want to stay home with my girls. Im sure IM not the only mommy who feels this way so if there's any advise out there from other moms please leave it. We have enough savings for me to stay home another 6 mo or so but should we really use it up on regular living what if something big happens and we need it later. ARRRRGGGG. Ok now Im thinking about it to much I need to just wait until we call and get all the details. The good thing is that I know I dont have to wait until Im speaking fluent Spanish to work. I just have to find a way over the classes in Guad hurdle.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Animal Expo for April festivities in Tepa

They have an Animal expo going on right now for the April festivities. It was a lot like the fairs in my home town (where I grew up). I really felt at home there with all the cows, and other farm animals being shown off and fair foods being sold right next to them. ;) The only thing that was really different was the food. Ahhh the food in Mexico, I love it. We ate fresh pineapple ice cream that was made out of the fruit from the pineapple then he put the ice cream back in the shell and froze it all. Supper yummy. Then we had Churros Relleno (may have butchered the spelling) filled with caramel. My daughter had a blast with checking out all the farm animals and they had a free bouncer that she was on forever with some other little girls. It cost us 25p each adult to get in, 20p for the ice cream, and 25 for a pony ride. So bairly over 100p and we had a blast. This was the first time since I had the baby that we stayed out for more than a couple hours, because I wasn't comfortable nursing in public quiet yet. I am proud to say I did quiet well with it. This time around is so much easier, I was so nervous about it with my first but all is going smother with this one. So Yeah for getting out and about this helped my antzyness a bit. We decided we need to go again this week before its gone and go hungry this time. They had some yummy looking stuff that I haven't tried yet and other things I have that I know I want. My husband said he doesn't want to eat all day before going so he can eat everything. lol Sadly I don't think hes joking. They had rides to but we didnt make it that far. I'm a little leary about fair rides even in the States so I wasnt upset we missed this part. Oh and they had a rodeo ring set up, I would so love to go see that. You cant take the country out of the girl no matter what they try to tell you. :)


For weeks I have been wishing for more than 2 hour sleep intervals. I have finally gotten it, we are up to 3 1/2 hours at a time at night now. But now I'm getting closer to my normal energy level which I haven't been at since I was 3months prego. I have been asking to get some pictures printed so I can do a scrap book because I could feel this coming on and we just haven't gotten to go do it. I explained to Issac today that I need a project like today or I'm gonna lose it. He said "Don't you still have that blog thing going." Well sure I do but geeesss you can only check this like once a day, and if I blog more than I do now I'm afraid it will get quiet boring and be about my moods and feelings. :)lol But seriously I don't think I have more than what I already write about to write about, if you know what I mean. I belted out all my baby sewing projects before the baby and I want to make cloths for my 2 year old but have to go get patterns and fabric first. Ahhhhhhhh I just want to go get and do these things by myself but Im still not sure about taking both girls out without my hubby yet. I know Ill get there but not yet. So Im feeling a little nutz at the house today. I reorganized our closet if that tells you anything. So lets hope for my blogs readers sake and for my sanity that I soon get a project to work on that will inspire me to write interesting things. Actually we did go to an expo or fair the other day and I will blog on that a little but it will be kinda short.

Monday, April 20, 2009


The study I have been doing (or trying to do on the mornings I can without one child or the other fussing at me) is on the book Hosea. The interesting thing and the reason I'm actually blogging on it is because after each chapter there are questions and a lot of times they ask you to compare your current society to Isreal in Hoseas day. I cant help but compare both the society in the States and in Mexico because I still feel so close to the one in the states and hear about it a lot from friends and family. But after being in Mexico almost a year I really feel that to say "my society" it would be Mexico.
The first question I came across like this was: Do you feel encouraged or discouraged about your society?
When it comes to the states I know everyone is all freaked out about the economy and the war and the change in government. But even with all this I see the U.S. as a strong country that will pull through. And that Americans as a whole will hopefully learn to appreciate what they have through this. I already know a lot of people who appreciate their jobs a lot more than they did less than a year ago. And Ill be the first to admit that I didn't appreciate my job like I should have when I was there. As far as how I feel about Mexico, things are not as bad as people may think. Like in the states if you really want a job you can find one, and you can cut back to live with in your means. Since my husband has been here (for 3 years now) he has lived in 2 states and 3 towns and has been able to find a job the whole time. We are living on one income right now and sure sometimes we don't get to buy all the crap we want but we have yet to go hungry. I will have to admit that we do dip into savings at times to indulge in things like extra junk food or pictures for me to make a scrap book. And we can only hope that when the savings are out I will be able to work to replace the amount we are using out of it. But even if I cant we know that we can survive on what my husband is making. So I have to say although things are rough in both societies I am encouraged that things can and will get better for both. I see changes here everyday that seem to be moving in the right direction. And although things in the States seem to be going south I know the American people can withstand it and that the country will pull through.
The other comparison question was how I would compare my society to the society in Israel in the time of Hosea. I think here in Mexico and in the States things could deff be described similar to Isreal in Chapter 4. Although the type of sexual sins have changed and although there may still be prostitution I feel things have shifted slightly. But as far as the idolatry I know that both places have a lot of that. In the states the idolatry is centered around money, and things. Here in Mexico the Catholic faith idolizes the saints and Mother Mary. I'm sure Noncatholic Christians at times still idolize things, I know I still have this as an issue to continue working on.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in Mexico

Well I was so surprised last month when I saw no Easter treats, baskets, bunnies, or anything related was in the stores. Here Easter is just a catholic holiday. Yes the Christians who are not Catholic are reminded and thankful for the resurrection of Christ but they don't do eggs, baskets ext. And really anything else but to go to church as usual. Also for like the last month or so there has been no meat for sale on Fridays. Anywhere that normally sells or makes food with meat literally closes down or they only cook fish. Everything here except the supper markets where closed from Friday to Sunday, including the bars, and regular stores this weekend. I am determined for my children to be raised with not only the holidays my husband was raised with but also the ones I was raised with. We bought a summer beach basket for Alana and filled it with treats. We celebrated Easter on a wed because my husband was off work that day. The night before we died eggs. We only had red food coloring and the store we went tried to get other colors at didn't have any. So all our eggs where red but our 2 year old still had a blast with them. We used her crayons and made them all different looking and after putting the die on them she put stickers on them. I told her that the Easter bunny only hides pretty eggs so she put a lot of work into them. The next morning we hid the eggs around the house and she had so much fun looking for them. While she ate eggs, mostly candy and played with her treats we read the verses out of Mathew that described the resurrection of Christ, and thanked Him for his love. Although no one else in town seemed to care much about Easter we had a great time in our little apartment with our family. Then on Sunday because my husband was working, I was able to catch my best friend from childhood online and we chatted all Sunday morning on the web cam. My daughter sang for her and we had a great time. She is in Canada going to school and was also alone for the Holiday. Everyone here seems more preoccupied with the April celebrations of the town. I will soon be writing about that.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more details about having a baby in Mexico

The last blog was more just an announcement about our new baby girl. Before I moved here and even more so after I got pregnant I got extremely curious as to what it would be like to have a baby here. First I asked some of my husbands family but they didn't have a lot of input for me, they had all been through the public health system to have their babies and saw noting wrong with laboring in a room with 5 other women and no support person at your side. I knew that the private sector would be different but I wasn't sure how different from Mexicos public, or from the states. Iv written before about my doctor appointments but let me just say again we ended up with a great Doctor and I have no way of recommending how to find one. We drove around town looking for an office that looked decent and had good parking, seriously that's what we did. We made our first appointment and had decided if we didn't like him we would keep looking. He ended up impressing us so we stuck with him. In our town there is no phone book or list of doctors at the hospitals. The drive around method is used for everything, or you can ask but his family just kept telling us to go to the public facility and we didn't know anyone else at the time.
A few things are different even if using the private system, and I need to say this is in the area of Mexico I live in I cant speak for anywhere else. I think I mentioned this before but I'm so amazed by it Ill mention it again. Our doctor and/or a nurse was by my side the enitre time until after I was back in my room after the baby was born. Im sure this has to do with the fact that I didn't have a million monitors on me that would have alarmed for the staff to know if something was wrong. But it was nice and I felt well taken care of. Now for months before the baby I kept asking my doctor if I would receive pain meds after the baby. With my first they gave me percocet and I still remember how much the cramps hurt when I first nursed her and how bad the stitches felt. He kept reassuring me yes he would give me pain meds. He wrote for me to have what they call Tylex. Its Tylenol 750mg. Yikes that's not pain meds, but I bit the bullet and took it, I actually think this has a lot to do with how quickly I healed. My hospital room had an extra bed in it for Issac to sleep in which ended up being more comfy than my hospital bed. :) The hospital beds where the old electric brown ones that first came out after the crank beds. I almost bet they were donated from a hospital in the states when they up graded. Again Ill say there where no IV pumps so the nurses kept having to calculate the drip rate of my IV. Oh I got fancy slippers that Im still wearing around the house not those crapy socks the hospitals give out in the states. I think I mentioned before but Im not sure that my 1 week appointment with my OB was free. This is also amazing to me. A big difference was the 1 week appointment I don't remember seeing my OB that soon after the baby but I do remember going to the pediatrician like every week for a bit. Here they don't want to see the baby until 1months. I do think that now for regular doctor visits we are going to seek the public health system, as long as there are no hospitalizations involved. Being a nurse I feel I can disregard or listen to what I know is best from an office visit and I dont plan to go to the doctor for a common infection because you can get just about any medication over the counter hear. Oh something else I found out lately is that the shot records for children are pretty similar except for a few months, and the only big difference is that they all get their tetanus shot at 2yrs old. I think this is because they are expected to start Kindergarden at 3yrs. This is another reason we need to get the girls into the public health system.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

In and Out

Joslin Ray Hernandez-Seyer was born Sunday March 29th at 330am. Things couldn’t have gone smother. I started feeling the contractions at 1130, I woke up Issac and we called the doctor who wanted to check me in his office first. By the time we got Alana up and over to our friends’ house my contractions were closer than 5min apart and the doctor agreed to just meet us at the hospital. The nurse in me insists that I give specifics on the differences between the experience in the States and Mexico. We got to the hospital which looked closed and the door was locked. Issac got out of the truck and shook the doors and someone came out of nowhere and unlocked them and told him to bring me in and go park the truck. Its a small hospital so the parking lot is right there by the door. Issac quickly explained to the front desk girl that I didnt speak Spanish. Honestly my Spanish is doing great and I can do very well but the pain and excitement and emotions were messing with my memory and there’s no way I could have tried at that point. She My doctor came through the door next and lead me into an exam room explaining they would tell Issac where I was. My doctor checked me out and said I was deff. in labor and that I would be admitted, it was now 130am. Then a very nice and professional male nurse helped me into my gown and to my room while Issac checked me in. They brought me into a room and the nurses started my IV. Ok here is a difference, no IV pump, he calculated the drop rate and counted it next to his watch. Wow I haven't ever had to actually do that except on tests. I was happy to see he signed dated and put the needle gauge on my IV dressing. Then I got moved onto a stretcher and brought into the birthing room. My doctor was never farther than a few steps from our room the entire time if not right in the room with us. This is another major difference. At this point Issac was left in the other room and I kept asking why and first the nurse told me he was changing. The delivery room was sterile and they all changed into clean scrubs. Ok I was fine with that. But then he was still not there and when my doctor came in he said he wanted to wait until the "procedure" was done. He meant the epidural, but the anesthesiologist wasn't even in the hospital yet. Finally I got the epidural and the anesthesiologist did a great job considering I was having strong contractions and was hard for me to hold still, again no pumps used for the medication. Let me just say there were no machines at all. I mentioned this to the nurse and he seemed to not know what I meant. But for the fetal heart rate my doctor would just use a hand held doppler between contractions. So finally in walks my proud handsome husband. About 30 min later Joslin was alive and in the world. My doctor told Issac to come see her be born and he did and is so glad for it. So all in all I was in labor for 4 hours, and not one machine around to help out the wonderful staff except a hand held doppler. I was so proud of Issac then the doctor showed him the placenta and he got dizzy and had to go lay down. :) I was allowed to hold and give her kisses after they cleaned her. Then they brought me to my room and the doctor told me I needed to rest. I slept till abut 6am, begged for food until 8am then got a shower with help from Issac, got Joslin back with us around 1030am and was discharged home by 12noon. Yes that’s less than 12 hours of a hospital stay. But we were so ready to get home to Alana and just be comfortable.
Also we just had my one week check up with the OB and get this it was free. Can you imagine that. And then the dentist who's office is across the hall checked my teeth for free. Only in Mexico. :)