Wednesday, April 22, 2009


When we were out getting my pictures printed we stopped into a school for English because we heard they were hiring. Due to my recent crazy wanting to do something outburst my hubby suggested we stop in to see what we would have to do to get me started. They gave us a number for a school in Guad that I would have to attend to get a teachers cirt. They practically begged me to call and go to the classes and come see them as soon as possible. The problem is that the classes are 4 days a week for 2 months and Guad is 2 hours from here. I have a not quiet one month old and am determined to nurse her until shes 9months. (sigh, triple sigh) We plan to call today and see if there are any compressed classes. They have a new class staring in the end of May so Im thinking the next one would be July and maybe Id be more ready for it by then. They way they were acting I think there would still be plenty of openings in 4 or 5 mo when Id be ready to go get the cirt and start actual work. I asked her how much Spanish was necessary and she said the less the better. Well there you go thats my kinda place. ;)I feel so torn, Im so ready to work again and honestly we could use the extra income but I also want to stay home with my girls. Im sure IM not the only mommy who feels this way so if there's any advise out there from other moms please leave it. We have enough savings for me to stay home another 6 mo or so but should we really use it up on regular living what if something big happens and we need it later. ARRRRGGGG. Ok now Im thinking about it to much I need to just wait until we call and get all the details. The good thing is that I know I dont have to wait until Im speaking fluent Spanish to work. I just have to find a way over the classes in Guad hurdle.


  1. I'd look at how much they would pay you first... because from what i hear... it might not even be worth it. A client of my hubby (mind you, she was working illegally. eek)was teaching english and only got paid about 25 pesos an hour. it kinda sucked.

    Do they pay for the school at least? what's the cost of it?

    OOOHHH!!! i think there is an online class. lemme see it i can find it for you. I remember seeing it before i came down here!!!

  2. That is great news, having a job will help you assimilate more into the culture, and make your "own" friends. I do however understant you wanting to stay home with the kids, I feel the same way, especially because your baby is so small. I say do what your heart tells you, and if you decide to wait, there will always be other opportunities.

  3. There is no one answer to this question. It truely varies based on a zillion factors.

    Our family has done almost every possible scenario: both working, Husband working & me home, Husband working and me part-time working, Husband not working and me working full-time, ...

    Conclusion. What is best will vary by person, by family and by year.

    The kids need different things at different ages.

    My Personal Best Choice is to work part-time - about 15-20 hours per week. Someday I hope to get back there ...

  4. You should check Cancun Cannuck's blog about teaching English. She has posted a lot of information about it.
    My take on working is that you should figure out how much it costs you to work (clothes, food out, transportation and childcare) and then see how much you end up with, it may cost you more money than you earn. Sometimes if you want to stay home, you can figure out ways to save money and break even on the working vs not working. Also you will need to have a working FM3 or FM2 rather than a non-lucrativa one like I assume you have now. Some places will pay for it some won't.
    I think nursing your baby for 9 months is one of the best things you can do.

  5. Refried Dreamer- Geesse you were right I looked into the price for the class and its outrageous even for U.S. prices I think, its over 13,000p. Yikes. My hubby thinks that if I dont take the class through them they may not accept my cirt but were not sure. Also I realized they want you to have a Bach degree and I have an Associate. So much for that.
    There is also the work permit thing that Theresa mentioned, and Mom in Mexico is right about the income verse out thing. When we added everything up it is better for me to stay home. Also I felt horrible about having to work with my first one and I don't know why I want to make myself feel that way again.
    Well I do know why, I hadn't left the house with out my kids in over a month, I have no friends of my own, and there were other English speakers there, and I didn't have anything going on other than feeding and cleaning after everyone. A lot of those things have changed and Ill explain in another blog.