Monday, April 27, 2009

The fair

The fair was at a totally different location and had no animals. Issac called the fair number to find out where it was and when the circus started and if they were having any promotions the day we wanted to go. So the girl goes on to tell him the directions and when the fair is (we found out later the times she gave us was wrong). Then I see Issac make a strange confused face and then snarl. I asked him about it after he was off the phone and he told me she said, "at 730 there would be girls fighting in chocolate." Yes you read it right at the family fair at a time when most kids would be there they are having girls fighting in chocolate. Issac said, "I guess because I'm a guy she felt I would want to know." with a face of being obviously irritated by her telling him about it. lol Again only in Mexico. We went around 6 in order to be able to see the circus then eat dinner then go home. Well the circus was cute, but there was absolutely no food ready in any of the stands till almost 8, so Alana got to ride some rides (they were free with the ticket). This one was also 25p for each adult and 10p for Alana, the circus was free as were the rides. We got out of there spending less than 200p and got to eat dinner there. Which was supper yummy, I ate what they call a Gringa (yes that's slang for white girl, which is why I wanted to try it) lol It was so good, its pork made pastor (Ill explain in a min), cheese, pico digallo, between two thick home made tortillas and guacamole sauce on the side. OMG it was to die for.

So Issac and I have decided in the future when my family is rich and they can come see us they need to come in April during the festivities.

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