Sunday, April 26, 2009

Decision made for now!!!!

I had been considering going back to work for a few reasons. I hadn't left the house with out my kids in over a month, I had no friends of my own, there were other English speakers at the school, and I didn't have anything going on other than feeding and cleaning after everyone. A lot of those things have changed. Also I have always worked since I was 15 1/2yrs and able to get a work permit. So although I'm enjoying it for the most part this staying home stuff is weird for me. I feel first of all that my daughters deserve for me to stay home if we can keep our heads above water. And we can so I should stay home. Now that Im feeling better and am getting a little more sleep though I needed to get some stuff going for myself. My husband and I made the decision that I shouldn't work just yet for a few reasons. First off he and some of my blog readers helped clear my thoughts which have been a little jumbled with the lack of sleep and adjustments of having 2 kidos and not one. ;) We decided that the class for the instructor cirt was to expensive (13,000p+), that it would cost to much time and money for me to go take it, I really don't want to teach I want to be a nurse, the money out and in ratio didn't help us enough for the sacrifices we would have to make, and again we feel our daughters need me at home for now. I have to agree with American Mommy in Mexico when she mentioned that this is a constantly changing thing through out a families life. And I know I will work again some day, although prob only part time until my kids are at least through or almost through high school (which is a long way off).
Some of my remedies for the jitters is that:
- Im baking bread again for us at home (which saves us some money) and in the next week or so plan to start baking to sell again.
-Printed some pictures to make my scrap book
-I soon want to get some patterns to make my ninas some cloths (which will also save us some money)
-Im spending more time with my Spanish so I can speak better with those that I do know here and hopefully grow some friendships
-The spouse of one of my husbands friends at work has been coming over to spend time with me and letting her daughter play with mine. She is also teaching me to knit. Our conversations are limited for now but hopefully that doesn't last to long.

For now Jitters are calmed, ;)


  1. Hi! Here is a link to Burda style
    they have some free downloadable patterns, also some for sale, mostly adult but some for kids. Also check out the how to section, it also has some great stuff. Check out Craft Stylish, also some great stuff there. and then there is this link
    What might be a real moneysaver for you is some of the restyling stuff. Making really cute dresses out of pillowcases!
    I hope it all works out for you!

  2. Theresa- Thanks so much for these blogs. I spent a whole day looking for free downloadable patterns and everything I found said you had to buy something first. I cant wait to check out these sites. Thanks again.