Sunday, April 5, 2009

In and Out

Joslin Ray Hernandez-Seyer was born Sunday March 29th at 330am. Things couldn’t have gone smother. I started feeling the contractions at 1130, I woke up Issac and we called the doctor who wanted to check me in his office first. By the time we got Alana up and over to our friends’ house my contractions were closer than 5min apart and the doctor agreed to just meet us at the hospital. The nurse in me insists that I give specifics on the differences between the experience in the States and Mexico. We got to the hospital which looked closed and the door was locked. Issac got out of the truck and shook the doors and someone came out of nowhere and unlocked them and told him to bring me in and go park the truck. Its a small hospital so the parking lot is right there by the door. Issac quickly explained to the front desk girl that I didnt speak Spanish. Honestly my Spanish is doing great and I can do very well but the pain and excitement and emotions were messing with my memory and there’s no way I could have tried at that point. She My doctor came through the door next and lead me into an exam room explaining they would tell Issac where I was. My doctor checked me out and said I was deff. in labor and that I would be admitted, it was now 130am. Then a very nice and professional male nurse helped me into my gown and to my room while Issac checked me in. They brought me into a room and the nurses started my IV. Ok here is a difference, no IV pump, he calculated the drop rate and counted it next to his watch. Wow I haven't ever had to actually do that except on tests. I was happy to see he signed dated and put the needle gauge on my IV dressing. Then I got moved onto a stretcher and brought into the birthing room. My doctor was never farther than a few steps from our room the entire time if not right in the room with us. This is another major difference. At this point Issac was left in the other room and I kept asking why and first the nurse told me he was changing. The delivery room was sterile and they all changed into clean scrubs. Ok I was fine with that. But then he was still not there and when my doctor came in he said he wanted to wait until the "procedure" was done. He meant the epidural, but the anesthesiologist wasn't even in the hospital yet. Finally I got the epidural and the anesthesiologist did a great job considering I was having strong contractions and was hard for me to hold still, again no pumps used for the medication. Let me just say there were no machines at all. I mentioned this to the nurse and he seemed to not know what I meant. But for the fetal heart rate my doctor would just use a hand held doppler between contractions. So finally in walks my proud handsome husband. About 30 min later Joslin was alive and in the world. My doctor told Issac to come see her be born and he did and is so glad for it. So all in all I was in labor for 4 hours, and not one machine around to help out the wonderful staff except a hand held doppler. I was so proud of Issac then the doctor showed him the placenta and he got dizzy and had to go lay down. :) I was allowed to hold and give her kisses after they cleaned her. Then they brought me to my room and the doctor told me I needed to rest. I slept till abut 6am, begged for food until 8am then got a shower with help from Issac, got Joslin back with us around 1030am and was discharged home by 12noon. Yes that’s less than 12 hours of a hospital stay. But we were so ready to get home to Alana and just be comfortable.
Also we just had my one week check up with the OB and get this it was free. Can you imagine that. And then the dentist who's office is across the hall checked my teeth for free. Only in Mexico. :)


  1. wow, what a feat! so great to hear she came out healthy despite all the concerns of having babies in Mexico--looks like they deliver them with great care here.