Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Animal Expo for April festivities in Tepa

They have an Animal expo going on right now for the April festivities. It was a lot like the fairs in my home town (where I grew up). I really felt at home there with all the cows, and other farm animals being shown off and fair foods being sold right next to them. ;) The only thing that was really different was the food. Ahhh the food in Mexico, I love it. We ate fresh pineapple ice cream that was made out of the fruit from the pineapple then he put the ice cream back in the shell and froze it all. Supper yummy. Then we had Churros Relleno (may have butchered the spelling) filled with caramel. My daughter had a blast with checking out all the farm animals and they had a free bouncer that she was on forever with some other little girls. It cost us 25p each adult to get in, 20p for the ice cream, and 25 for a pony ride. So bairly over 100p and we had a blast. This was the first time since I had the baby that we stayed out for more than a couple hours, because I wasn't comfortable nursing in public quiet yet. I am proud to say I did quiet well with it. This time around is so much easier, I was so nervous about it with my first but all is going smother with this one. So Yeah for getting out and about this helped my antzyness a bit. We decided we need to go again this week before its gone and go hungry this time. They had some yummy looking stuff that I haven't tried yet and other things I have that I know I want. My husband said he doesn't want to eat all day before going so he can eat everything. lol Sadly I don't think hes joking. They had rides to but we didnt make it that far. I'm a little leary about fair rides even in the States so I wasnt upset we missed this part. Oh and they had a rodeo ring set up, I would so love to go see that. You cant take the country out of the girl no matter what they try to tell you. :)

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