Sunday, December 28, 2008

My first Mexican Christmas

Even more significant than this year being my first Christmas in Mexico it was Alanas first Christmas with Issac. Issac and I shared one Christmas as a dating couple and one after we were married before he was deported. So this was also our first Christmas together as parents (or Santa). Issac works at a store so his hours were nutzzo. He was doing shifts like 7am-11pm then home until 5 or 6 and back to work until 130am. Or if he didnt have to open he would go in from 11-6pm then back in from 9pm to 130am. December was rough for us because of that. This is his first week back to a normal schedule and we are so happy. Well he also worked everyday the week of Christmas (his day off was the 26th.
So our Christmas celebrating began on the 23rd, this was our Christmas Eve.The Advent Calender had us baking cookies that day so thats what we did while Papi was at work That after noon when Issac came home from his first shift of the day we let Alana open her present from her Abuela Tina. She had sent her a teddy bear and cooking set. Which was awesome because Alana has been loving helping me cook. Shes so into everything. I also cooked ham, sweet potatoes, and corn bread for dinner and we had Issacs friend Diago over and our friends from the states online with us for dinner. That was nice. Then we let Alana decorate some cookies for Santa, I know she has no idea but we got cute pictures. I made home made icing and she kept eating it strait up instead of putting it on her cookies. We then got to open our Christmas PJ's. Issac and I were so excited about hers, She loves lazy town so we got her slippers and an outfit. She was totally not excited and wouldn't even put the slippers on. She didnt even what the PJ's on because she knew that meant she would be going to bed soon. I got comfy flannel PJ's and Issac got a nice pair of running pants. Issac did his normal bedtime routine with Alana (he puts her to bed when hes home, hey I did it alone of 2 years, I also dont change diapers when hes home). We were both so excited about playing Santa and filling the stockings. He put her to bed at usual time 9pm. We then got all the presents down and under the tree then put all the candy and stocking stuffers in the stocking. He had to be at work at 10 and we were finishing up just in time. He headed off to work about 10 till and I was put together a breakfast casserole for the next day. At this point I realize its like 1020 and Alana is still talking to her baby. She does sing herself to sleep a lot but never that late. How wierd I thought does she understand what tomorrow is and cant sleep? I go to turn down the lights in the house and realize that there is light coming from her room. Gaaassspp. Her light is still on. I go in and she looks so sleeping and is trying to put her face in her pillow. lol Issac was so excited about playing Santa his first time he forgot to turn her light off. He felt so bad after I told him.
So Issac got home around 2am and I was having trouble sleeping all night due to being pregnant, need I say more.
I was out of bed around 6 putting the casserole in the oven and about 730 Issac crawls out. Alana is usually up and calling for me around 7 or 730. By 8 Issac and I are getting restless and decide to open her door so she will get up. She was awake and just laying there with her baby. We went and sang a few songs with her and told her it was time to get up. She looked at me and said, "Presents." Oh she remembered. She actually wanted her normal yogart and cereal instead of my casserole, whatever more for me. :) But hey she ate breakfast knowing presents were waiting for her.
We opened stockings first, and because of all the candy she wanted nothing to do with the presents. She said "Its like Robbie Rotten." Hes the bad guy on Lazy Town who eats nothing but junk food. :)
After a lot of coercion and us opening the boring presents like cloths we got through all the toys. Her favorites where the princess jukebox with microphone so she could sing her songs, her computer, and the playdough. We played with her new toys until Papi went to work at 1pm.
On Christmas day Issac had to work from 9-6 so I got to get online and watch my nieces and nephew open all their presents at my sisters house. That was so great to be a part of that. Also my mom showed up there later in the day and Alana got to show off her new toys from Christmas. After Issac got off work we went out to his Abuelas house and hung out with family. It was nice and we got some yummmy food. His aunts know how to cook. We brought them the cookies we had made and they liked them.

Well thats it for us. Look forward to hearing of others Christmas not just those in Mexico.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent calander

Im just supper excited about this calender that I made so Im gonna put a post up about it and a picture. For each day the box contains a candy, and a card. The card has a bible verse about the Jesus and a couple Christmas type activities. For example reading a Christmas story, watching a Christmas movie, making a Christmas craft, or making a Christmas recipe. I went all the way through December to the new year. And the cards after Christmas are verses about renewal of the spirit and being thankful, and the activities are geared towards starting a new year. Like writing down something you have had trouble giving up like a grievance with someone and burning the paper. And I found some new year crafts to. The picture doesn't have the candy in it yet but I did end up putting it in there. After you empty the box of the day your on you flip it up and at the end of each week is a bible verse to tell the nativity story and a cute picture related to that verse. I did those verses in Spanish. The last picture is one of the crafts we did as one of the activities. Alana loved helping with them. They are Christmas poppers we filled cut pieces of wrapping paper roll (you could use TP rolls) with home made confetti (ripped up paper, that was fun) and some candy. You pull at both ends until the paper rips and out poors the stuff.
I totally love being able to stay at home and think of cool stuff to do with Alana. And Im a crafter so I love having time for my crafts during her nap. Well and I do crafts with her but the intense stuff I have to do with her not around or I end up snapping. :)




Getting Labs done

So being the health care person I am I find that having a baby here is completely fascinating. So at our 4 month visit the Dr. told us he wanted to check some blood work. I immediately think hes talking about the test for downs and I tell him I don't want that or the amniocentesis. We would keep the baby no matter what. He looks at me kinda strange and explains he just wants to check my sugar and iron levels. Then out of curiosity he asks if they make you do that test in the States. I say they cant make you but they all seem to push it pretty hard. Oh well not here. Mexico is all about necessity, and I for one think that's great. Seriously the only labs you need done are your iron, sugar and a urine test to check for infection. And that's what he wrote on the script. So like in the states where some doctors have you go to an out based lab that's what you do here. Believe it or not doctors don't have nurses in their offices. I know its nuts but the doctor actually takes your vitals and weighs you. OMG you mean its not bellow them. Sorry Im getting on a nursing kick. So he gives us a script and again suggests the Lab/clinic up the street from his office. This is the same one we went to the night my gallbladder went haywire.
This is a 24hour Lab/Clinic but prices go up after regular business hours. When I say up its still not a lot compared to the States. All together we spent about the equivalent of $30usd. So the morning of our 12noon appointment we go into the clinic which is actually really nice inside, I should take a picture sometime because I have a feeling your picturing something that its not. And we get called back into a room, where I think the equivalent of a Resident physician takes my blood, and sends me to the bathroom with a paper cup. Yes I mean a Dixie cup. I find this unsanitary at first but then I think you know why does it have to be a pre-wraped cup if they don't get a sterile specimen anyway. This makes me curious to what they use when the cath someone and do need a sterile speci. But the blood drawing procedure was exactly like the states same needle products and blood vials. After peeing in the Dixie cup I come out to them mixing something tea colored in a clear plastic cup. Its a simple cup of water in the cheapest plastic cup you can get and they have put 5 packets of pure cane sugar in it. Yes this is my glucose tolerance test. Let me tell you this was a lot easier to drink than that nasty cola or orange drink that you pay out the wazoo for in the States. No wonder its so cheep they are actually practical about this kind of stuff. So I down it and they tell us to come back in an hour. You know the drill we go back in an hour (which was around 9am) and they draw blood again. But there was no wait it was wonderful. We told them or appointment with the dr. was at noon and they said they would have the results at the front window ready for us. We went back 10min before noon and there was our results we paid and were on our way to our dr. appointment.
So what do you think of that.

Friday, December 19, 2008

cookie exchange party

Well actually it was a Entercambio por la Galletas. I have joined in on a cookie exchange in my church for the last three Christmas years. I love it because I like to bake and I love cookies. Hey who doesn't? Also you get cute little boxes or tins and lots of cookies you can give out as gifts. No I don't keep and eat them all as tempting as it is. Anyway this year I thought well crap might as well through our own party. I made up inventations in spanish (which Issac had to correct a lot on). And have translated all of me and Issacs reciepes (again with lots of corrections from Issac, so I can make a cookie recipe book for those who participated.
There were tons of ideas online for the party and I had some fun with it. Now mind you I am in Mexico so of course everyone showed up late and out of the 5 people other than Issac and I only one actually brought home made cookies. This was a whole new idea for them. No one had heard of this sort of thing. How strange to me. One person didn't bring any and the other brought store bought. But whatever we had fun that's what matters.
So at the beginning of the party we had pizza because everyone who was invited were friends from Issacs work and all had just gotten off. Alana had been sick for a few days throwing up and with diarrhea. But that day she had been keeping everything down so we decided to keep the party on track. Alana joined in on the pizza and seemed to be doing ok with it. Right as I was about to announce that we should start the taste testing Alana threw up all over my left side then turned her head and covered my right side. And yes I was sitting in the kitchen where the cookies where. So Issac cleaned the floor while I cleaned me and Alana and got changed. Issac is so funny hes such a mess when stuff like this happens. Im curious to see how much hes gonna fall apart when Im in labor. lol. Seriously he was of no use I had to tell him every little thing to do and he looked like a deer in headlights. Man good thing Im a nurse and use to blood and guts or Im not sure what would happen when our kids get older and start falling of bikes and stuff.
Anyway sorry I got off track. So we did eventually do the taste testing and we voted for best looking and tasting. Issac got best tasting for his ginger almond cookies and our friend Cintia got best looking. The winners got home made Christmas decorations. Yeah Im cheep but whatever at least they got something. Issac and I had made two different types. His are the plate with the biscotti and almond cookies, mine are the pepermint snow balls and chocolate cookies. Ill put some pics on here. And I was gonna try to show off my invitaion it was cute, but I cant figure out how to attach it. The back had a recipie card for the guests to put their recipies on so I can complie them for the book. Oh also I made my own boxes for our cookies. Man Im loving this stay at home mom stuff.
Hope you all have fun this Christmas and remember that Christ loves you. Im thankful for you all.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Children/Immigration/Abogadas (lawyers)

I just wanted to put a blog up to clarify some things that had been told wrongly to us. Issac and I had found a lawyer when we first got here. First off this guy was horrible. Issac called to check into what we should do and they told him he needed to come into the office. When he went into the office the receptionist said he had to make an appointment. Then we made an appointment and the jerk went to dinner 10min before our appointment and didn't give a time that he would come back. What an ass. Sorry I don't cuss much but seriously. I being the American that I am start pitching a fit to Issac in his reception area. Little did I know the receptionist could understand English. Oupps so she knows how I feel. But I said at one point, "We will just have to find someone else." And she responds, "There is no one else." Here Im more shocked that someone other than my husband just spoke to me in English and then I quickly realize she understood everything I just said. This actually made me happy. And I said, "Well we will have to find someone." and I start to walk out the door. Then I suppose to try to regain some ground shes the one who told Issac and I we needed to get apostilles for our wedding cirt and Alanas birth cirt and mine as well. And that Alana and I would both need to get FM2s. What ever Im thinking I don't trust you one bit.
This was when we decided to just go to the Immigration office to ask for help on what we needed. This is what I suggest for anyone who is looking to Immigrate to Mexico. (Not the states please find a lawyer and one who cares about you not your money.) When we went there we asked them how to get an FM2 for me and Alana. We didn't think to ask if that was for sure what we needed for Alana. They are very nice and helpful but you have to be sure and ask all the right questions also.
We found we needed Apostilles for our marriage lic and Alanas birth cirt. (not my birth cirt). Once we got these in the mail we went the next day to a lawyer who Issac had heard of that did translation work and immigration stuff. See I knew their was someone else.
This lady was so nice and litteraly 1/2 the price as the jerk I previously spoke of. She was finishing our documents when we showed up to get them. She carried some conversation with us in regards to what our plans were. When we mentioned getting OUR FM2s she said, (in English, oh yes shes American)"Oh no Alana doesn't need on." I cocked my head, "What?"
"No Alana has legal rights to duel citizenship, all you have to do is bring in this Apostille with the translation IM doing along with Issacs proof of being a Mexican citizen and they will give her her citizenship. She will also at that time get a CORP number(which is like our SS number) and get a passport. It should only cost about $500peso."
"But the other lawyer and the immigration office said..." I said confused.
"Oh of course they will say that," she interrupts, "They both wanted your money."
She then asks our plans for the baby that Im obviously caring in the womb. And we tell her we are to have it here and that I have heard that I just go to the US Embassy to get its US citizenship. She goes on to tell us that this is true and that she had both of her children here and that she had no problems. I just needed to prove that I lived their for more than 7years so a high school diploma will do. And she said that you don't have to do it right away as long as its done before they are 18 or before you want to travel to the US. She suggests that we wait until the baby is old enough to sit up for the passport picture.
At this point Im still ecstatic about the fact that Alana doesn't need an FM2 that is going to save us about $200usd.

So in case this was confusing. Because Issac is Mexican all we have to do is prove that he is Alanas dad and that he is of course Mexican, and pay a small fee. She will then have duel citizenship

As for a baby born here in Mexico, I just have to prove to the US Embassy with my high school diploma and my passport that I am American and bring them the babies Mexican birth certificate and it will have duel citizenship.

How nice for them (the kids) don't you think. They will have the freedom between Mexico and the States that so many dream of.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

FM2 vs FM3 our trip to turn in our application

Once again we wanted to get out of our house before 7am in order to beat the crowd at the immigration office in Guadalajara. But we didn't actually get on the road out of town until almost 8 so we got there around 10am. Which is an hour earlier than last time and it was a little less packed.
First off when we found our little parking garage that we are now familiar with as soon as I got out of the truck I realized that when switched purses that morning I didn't move my original passport from one purse to the next. Im thinking, "Oh my gosh what kind of idiot am I." A million thoughts rush through me; can we go get it (no to far), will they just take the copy, Damn I wish Issac would have helped me prepare a little so my pregnant unfocused mind didn't have to remember all this very important stuff. As Im berating myself I think of how to tell Issac who is still in the bathroom at in the parking lot. Im almost in tears and when he comes out I tell him. Ever so calm Issac says, "Well lets just go see if they will be ok with just the copy, this is as much my fault as yours because I wasn't much help getting ready." Then Im ok. Wow didn't expect that answer, not that Issacs not great but a lot of times he just thinks things happen and doesn't realize I could use some help. This is something he is getting so much better at. Anyway sorry that had nothing to do with immigration. :)
So we have everything they have put on the list, which asks mostly for originals.
We get in the information line because no one will give you any idea of what to do except the person behind that desk. We were pretty sure we needed to get a number and wait for desk number 2 but we wanted to be sure. This line wasn't as long as last time so it wasn't to bad. We at this time are deciding when to mention the passport failure of mine (that's what Im calling it), and the name issue that I have talked of in previous posts. Long story short my legal name is Hernandez-Franco which is Issacs last name the lady at the office made me take his whole name. But here in Mexico a wife doesn't take her husbands names at all and keep their mother and fathers name. Also I wasn't sure what to sign because my passport was issued under Seyer my maiden name but I signed it after I got married and signed it Hernandez. This has proven to be a problem her at some of the banks and stuff.
Soon it is our turn and the dude behind the counter who is very nice asked us to show him our filled out application then instructs us to get a number and wait for desk 2 or 3. So we do that and Issac asked nothing about our questions. This is what we had decided. We wouldn't ask if they didn't.
I seemed it was taking forever. When your waiting this is a pain but when your the one at the desk your thankful for their one on one devoted attention. At this point Alanas sick of being their and throwing her 2yr old fit. Its great everyone is looking at us like do something and Im just letting her sit on the floor and cry it out. When she was ready she stopped and got up and sat on my lap and played and sang songs with us. Our wait wasn't as long as it seemed and when we got to the counter we were greeted by a smile.
Yes you read it right the government worker was smiling at me. Then Im telling myself your in Mexico honey not the U.S. these people don't hate you and their job apparently. So Issac gives her the application and tells her we are there to file for an FM3. She says the application we have is for an FM2 and asks my intentions. When we tell her Im looking towards perm res she says we have the correct thing and if we would have had the FM3 it wouldn't have kept track of my time like the FM2. Sigh and Whohhhh.. Then comes the question, "Original passport please." I cringe and I swear at that moment Alana is fussing for me to pick her up so I do. Issac starts to explain that I switched purses and that its at home. She asks where home is and we say 2 hours. I prob looked like I was gonna cry and the lady gave me a sympathetic look and said, (in Spanish of course)"Its ok as long as its here in Mexico, you have a copy with you, and you bring the original when you come to see if we have your answer." AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and double SIGH. Then she started the official stamping of the copy to make it legal. Wow she even said it with a smile and didn't look at me mean for being so stupid. Then she started asking us for documents one by one, all of which were on the list that we had so we were good to go. The only change was that the list asked for all originals and when she saw that she sent me out to make copies so we could keep our originals. They have a copier right outside the room and its $1peso a copy. So not to bad. When shes done with this she puts it all together and types a few things in the computer. Out prints a form and she shows it to Issac and I. It says that we are to come back on the 19th to find out if they have an answer yet. This is also the last day they are open for the holidays and will not open again until the Jan 7th.
At that time if they do have our answer and it is a yes they will give us a list of things we need for my ID. Which should include pictures and fees. So even if they have the answer on the 19th we leave without my ID and go back for that on the 7th.
The 19th is this Friday already so we look forward to finding out if they will give us an answer and what it will be. I can imagine that they would say no unless its on the basis of Issacs income being to low. That would really suck but we have to not thing that way at this time.
After all we've been through we have found that speculation doesn't help but just causes worry. One of my favorite verses is in Mathew and talks of not worrying. I say favorite only because God has so often had to remind me of it, not because it give me warm fuzzy feelings. But really it is so true. There is no reason to worry for tomorrow for tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

children in Mexico

So I realize that I haven't said to much about what its like to raise Alana here. Sure I haven't been here long but I see the differences already. First off I want to go back to when we visited when she was a baby. I know Iv mentioned this partly in other blogs but I wanted it to have a Title that someone could find if they were looking into having to bring their children here.
I wasn't to nervous about things like formula with our first couple visits because I nursed Alana then. But I was also pumping so Issac could feed her. So this brings into mind needing to boil the bottles. And although some here may tell you differently if they don't drink the water I don't use it even if I am to boil it first. So know that you may have to spend some extra bucks on bottle water if you will need to boil bottles and pumps. As far as formula when I was feeding Alana formula I use to bring our formula in the suit case. I have since found that this was a useless. They have many of the same types of formula here and even if not the same Brand name they will have one with the same properties. Once Alana was eating baby food I was making it on our own. As much for the price difference as for the health benefits. Jared baby food has a lot of dye and salt. And I'm sure other things I don't want to know about. But if you do choose that rout, which in a bind we did sometimes, The baby food here is the same as in the States. Funny because before I came once I looked online for something like the blog I'm writing. On Yahoo answers I think it was someone said not to trust the jarred baby food here. Everything that is boxed, canned, packaged ext. is the same here as there. Granted some of the stores leave it out past the expiration date, so you need to be sure and check that before buying. And as usual never buy anything that is dented or cracked.
If you want to make your own its so easy just take what ever type of fruit you want to make, wash it well in drinking water, peal, and puree. To make extra put in ice trays and freeze. To give the baby some protein when they are ready for it instead of mashed up meat in a jar (YUCK) you can put some tofu in the fruit mix. Now Tofu isn't something Iv found here yet but I'm thinking they may have it due to the amount of soy items I find.
Car seats and seat belts are rare in Mexico. When I have seen babies in car seats they are just sat in the car seat and not buckled in. With this in mind know that if you are to take a cab you need to ask if they have seat belts available. They may look at you strange and have to pull the seat up to get to them but most have one hidden. Other than that I have found all the other baby necessities here.
One thing is if you will have the money to buy them. A plastic high chair that you may buy in the States for $40usd in the states runs about $500+peso here. Most of them come close to the equivalent of $60. I have found that this goes for most baby furniture here.
The one thing you will miss here is all the wonderful safety items. I think the states comes up with new things every year to keep our babies and tiddler safe. Safety is the first step towards protecting your child. You will have to be creative here in Mexico. So far I did find in one of the towns Iv been to the outlet covers, but not here in Tepa. Forget about finding cabinet door locks, handles for room doors, ext. But as far as that goes a little creativity and a closer eye can go a long way.

Alana is now 2 so we are not worried about such things for a bit until the next baby is a bit bigger.
She was sick recently with the stomach flu. A few things were a bit harder her than when I have dealt with this in the States. For example the wonderful BRAT diet. Sure bananas, rice and toast no big deal. But I have never actually found jarred Apple sauce. No big deal right just puree some apples and add sugar. First off that's not that easy when your child wants nothing but to sit on your lap. Also for some reason seeing me make it made her not want it. She kept looking at it like gross mom what did you do to my apples. She wouldn't even taste it when in the States she would eat a whole jar if I let her. Also the whole thing of not being able to just water out of the Tap. The worst thing in this situation is for the child to get dehydrated right. Well we ran out of water one day and Issac was already at work and not to be home that eve. Usually no prob I would just walk up the street and get a couple 2L from the store. But not with a child that's pooing out of her diaper and puking every time she takes a bite of anything. Luckily we had a little pedialite (not really that brand but same thing) left.

So that's all for now.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boy or Girl

We went to our OB today, the appointment went well, I and the baby are healthy. And so far I have only gained what I should be weight wise. My labs did show that Im slightly anemic but I am that way all the time it has nothing to do with being pregnant. And considering I can only eat read meat once a week its gonna be low. So during the ultrasound the baby was sure to show off its pretty face but not the other end. Baby Hernandez is a modest one apparently and kept its legs lightly together and wouldn't flip to show us the rump. The Dr. did a good job trying though.So we still don't know what we are having elephant or lion, I mean boy or girl. :) But we do have many speculations. You think you get it a lot in the states try having a watermelon stomach in Mexico. You cant go into a store without some stranger trying to guess what your having and talking to you about your hips. Its cool though Im an open person so talk all you want about my birthing hips I know that's what they were made for. lol. Well that same night two of Issacs aunts and his grandma stopped by. Im so excited because the one aunt use to stay in Monclova (Which is a long way from here) but now will be rotating months with Issac mom to stay around here to open a store. Her name is Tia Irma, she is so kind and open and a lot like Issacs mom, so we get a long great. Anyway the other aunt wanted to speculate what the baby would be and shes a little more rash and not open to how often I misunderstand. So she says something to me in Spanish and I look to Issac to translate. And Issac is looking at me dumbly, as his aunt starts to pull a piece of my hair out. For those of you who know me, my hair is thick so it took a couple tries. As Im rubbing my head and still looking to Issac for translation she begins to take off my wedding rings. (Issac still has not intervened and later said it didn't quiet go this way.) Ok now I understand what shes doing, we had a pharmacist who would do this at my old Job in St. Louis. Just would have been nice to know what she was up to before she pulled out my hair.
So she hangs the ring over my belly and calls out "Nina." Thats girl. This is what the stranger at the store also predicted but because of the fact that my hips were as wide as my belly. :) Then later as we are all talking at the table. I say talking lightly because its more like me trying to keep track of the conversation and an occasional comment towards me in which I do my best to mumble out some incoherency that Issac quickly tires to fix. The same aunt asks for a needle and thread. Again I have no idea this has to do with me I think she must have a hole in her shirt or something so I ask her what color thread she wants. With a look of annoyance she says it doesn't matter. Anyway she takes the needle hanging on a piece of thread (which was red by the way) and has me lay my hand on the table with my palm up and she says for me to be still. After resting the point of the needle on the center of my palm she slowly raises the needle. Behind her both her girls are calling out nina or nino. She finely says nina, and looks satisfied as if this confirmed her first prediction. She then tells me to continue to stay still and she does it again. And says nina. Im thinking ok lady we know you said that already. She must have read my expression because she looks at me and says "trec ninas", then begins again. Oh I get it now shes trying to tell us what all our children will be. This time she calls out "quatro es nino." And goes to start again. I think at this point Alana figured out what was going on because she ran over to shove the pin from my hand. I told his Aunt this must mean Alana doesn't want more than 2 sisters and one brother.
They then went on to tell me how they did this for Issacs Aunt who has 6 kids and got them all right.
Interesting as it is seems, its odd to me that they would believe it so surely. I don't even completely believe and ultrasound until I change the diaper myself the first time. Well that's it for that.
For now the baby is strong and healthy and enjoys kicking the crap out of me. :) Have a lovely day.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Home made Christmas decorations

Im just gonna put the pics up if you have questions on any of them just ask.

This next one I want to explain. I started a tradition when Issac and I got married that we would get a special ornament to represent our year. Although I dont have the last couple years ones here (they are stored at my sisters) Iknow we will have them at sometime. So this one I made you can see that the one strand says papi. The other three are me and Alanas name and some hearts for the new baby thats on the way.

I also have to comment on this next one. I have to say these are my least fav but are a good idea The wholes let the light from the candle come out and it looks nice at night.

This next one is of the prizes Im giving away at our cookie exchange party. I hope they like homemade decorations.

This next one is one of my fav. Its so we can hear Santa when he comes in.

These are the three garlands on my tree. Ribon, popcorn, and peppermint garland.

I think the rest of these needed to be rotated sorry Im getting lazy just turn you head. Actually my hubby and daughter are hungry so I gotta hurry now.

These last two are also some of my fav.


So yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving. One of my favorite traditions is to decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving. And of course there is always the food. The best thing about Thanksgiving is family. That is what I missed out on this year. Issac was great and tried to make it a normal Thanksgiving for me. Although it couldn't be to normal when no one here has any idea why I want to cook a big feast and invite family over. Lots of people here have already put up lights and trees and stuff so the decorations were not out of place at least. We did cook starting the night before I broke up the bread for the stuffing and left it out to get stale, we also made a new recipe from a friend of the families called penutbutter crunch cake. OMG that cake made my night. So waking up on Wed I was thinking "this is my Thanksgiving here we go." Then I rolled over and saw Issac looking at me. "Ok Im not sad anymore." Gosh how great to wake up to him. "Happy Thanksgiving honey." He said with a smile. "Happy Thanksgiving." Iv waited 2 years for that conversation. He said Im so glad we get to celebrate Thanksgiving today and we both thanked God for giving us to each other.
Ok mushy crap is over you can keep reading and not throw up. :) So we waited until Alana got up to get out of bed and we made our coffee. We had to clean up a bit that morning but only after breakfast of cake. Yummmy. Alana loved that, you should have seen her go. Then we started to get out the decorations. Im a faster cleaner than Issac so he was still doing the dishes as I spread the blanket on the Table and started to look at our inventory of decorations. I made almost everything we were to decorate with and I was afraid it just wouldn't be enough to bring the spirit of Christmas around. I love Christmas decorations and part of only having a couple months to plan a move out of the country is leaving behind things like decorations. I did recieve in the mail from Shawndra our stockings and my favorite blanket that has the true meaning of the candy cane on it.
All I needed was to hear Alana exclaim, "Wow, Balla." (Not sure I spelt Balla correct but its said like baya. Its Spanish for wow or cool.) Her excitement over the decorations got me even more in the spirit and we put on the Christmas tracts I had up loaded a week before. She was having so much fun moving the decorations from room to room and just looking at them.
Im gonna put some pics on here of them because I made them so I thought Id share.
So we started cooking around 12 and didn't finish until around 5. Issac helped fully and he loved it. He likes to help in the kitchen and is a good cook. We made green been casserole, candied sweet potatoes, dressing, and Turkey ham. And for desert we made a dump cake and Apple krugle aside from the other cake that by the end of the day was almost gone. We invited his family to come over at 6 and in true Mexican style half showed up at 7 and the others around 730. We sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner at 8. In broken Spanish I enjoyed our conversation. This part of his family is extremely gentle with me about my Spanish and corrects me when I need it. They are so great about it all and we end up laughing at each other a lot because they will try to speak in English because they know it will make me laugh. It was great though. We also got to see our good friends Samantha and Brian online for a bit but due to the distraction of his family that conversation was cut way to short. Then we got on the web cam with some of his family from Mexico city who are very much like the ones who were over to visit. We played a game of rummy cube and aside from trying to explain why we celebrate Thanksgiving and how we do it felt like Thanks giving.
Today I woke up a little home sick but am feeling better now. Ill put the pics of my decorations on a different post.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Joy of Worship

I hadnt yet made a blog about finding a church here in Mexico. It wasnt easy I can tell you that. My husband and I were both raised baptist and were going to a nondenominational slightly charismatic church when we met. We decided when were still dating that both of us agreed on how to raise our kids. We wanted them to grow up in a church that had plenty of opportunities for them to be involved but not to force them into them. With this in mind one of our first tasks when I got to Mexico was to check out some churches. He had been going to one with his aunt that he liked a lot for him but he hadn't checked out the kids stuff yet. So we tried this church first. We got there a little early to find out if they would have someone for the kids that eve. Yes they assured us there would be a kids leader. So we went in to join in on the worship. I loved it right away. I could tell the spirit was there, people were all praising in their own ways, some dancing and yelling and some sitting with bowed heads. Although I couldn't join in to much due to no knowing the language of the songs and the distraction of Alana I could tell I liked their view of worship. But when I went to the bathroom it was dark and seemed dirty, no soap or towels to wash with. (Ok remember IM a nurse this is difficult for me.) So then after worship I figured it was time for the kids to go up. Issac and I brought Alana up to the nursery and we were told someone would be up shortly. Ok here where I freaked. The nursery had aunts all over, dirt on all the toys, dirty diapers on the changing tables, and the only couch in there looked like it had been run over with a dirty truck. Issac said this might be the best we can find so I said ok and waited. Soon the pastors youngest who is Alanas age came up with his older brother who is only about 8 or 9. No one else showed up. We waited about 45 min and when I couldn't stand it anymore we left. I was heart broken and bound to find a different church.
I went online and searched until I found an in home church that was just getting started. We tried it the next week. There were only about 8 people there but there where other kids Alanas age. Worship was with no music and when Issac later offered to bring his guitar and play they told us they didn't believe in instruments for worship. Ok we thought we can maybe deal with that. We don't agree but from experience we know as long as the church preaches Christ and doesn't stray from the gospel sometimes its ok not to agree with all the doctoral stuff. They had a nice lady who took all the kids to another room to do a lesson during the service and after only a few Sundays Alana was content to go with them. We liked what the pastor had to say and he seemed to stick to the Bible and what it says. This church only meet every other week though because the pastor also preached in a city about 2 hours from here. So on the odd Sundays we were checking out other churches. We went to a "Pentecostal" church one Sunday night. I have that in quotes because any Pentecostal I know from the states would pass out if they went in there. Seriously it was the driest worship service Iv ever been to (and I was raised baptist)!!! First off the pastor said "Ok now lets sing the normal." (so they sing the same thing every Sunday) And the poor young boy (looked about 12) who was playing the guitar looked absolutely mortified to be there. Also at this time I'm about 2mo preg and there is an extremely stinky lady sitting next to us. Sorry to add that in but I couldn't stay there. Oh and the church was only one room and there were no other kids. Everyone other than us and the sad boy in front were at least over 50.
In the mean time we had visited his Aunts house. This is the aunt I love to go see she lives here in the same town. Anyway she tells us we should give it another try and that they are doing more with the kids. That she is even taking over a class. Well I'm stubborn and didn't want to but we prayed about it and we decided to go.

This time we went to an am service. I swear to you that the devil had clouded my eyes the first time we went. The bathroom was clean and had soap and a towel (cloth but that's cool)!!!!!!!!!!!! Again I enjoyed the worship service and this time we waited around to see when the kids where to go. Oh they don't go yet. First the pastor takes any written prayer requests and prays publicly over them. Oh I like this a lot and I like the idea that the kids are kept in to see it. Then we did offering and another song. Ok now they are telling the kids they can go. I personally want to take Alana to be sure that there is going to be an adult in the room. I had already guarded myself again what the room would look like when we got there. But wait I round the corner and the carpet is vacuumed, only a few random ants, the couch looks like it has been vacuumed, The toys don't have dirt on them they all look like they were just disinfected and no dirty diapers laying around. Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok Satan back off because God has shown us our new home. The lady who was to care for the toddlers did take a bit to get to the room but when she did she was warm and nice. We loved the sermon and as God does it hit home right to what we were needing to hear. We have been regulars every since. Only on one other occasion in and eve service have they not had a person for the toddlers and Alana was the only one there that night anyway. So she hung with us and no one seemed to care when she laughed out loud or said something louder than she should.

Ok after that forever long story here is the real reason for this post. Last night for the first time I was able to translate (for the most part with out Issacs help) the worship songs. Once I translate them I try to sing a long. (My tong is always so tired after church) Last night I was able to truly worship God and not in my native tong. I sang two different songs with not only the understanding of the meaning but the swelling in my heart to know that I meant every word I sang. I cant in a blog or really in anyway of words describe the feeling of worshiping our maker. But recently I have only been able to do it alone and at home with Issac playing or a CD. It is so much better when you are surrounded by other Christians who are praising God and showing him how much they care and love him. My heart is swelling even now as I write this just to know the peace and surrender I felt during those songs. After I just thanked God for showing himself to me and to Issac and for bringing us to this church.
This also means that my Spanish is improving more than what I thought it was. See I study and study but with out real world practice I don't know that Im progressing. So that is that God has given me his Amazing Grace and allowed me to worship him through song with fellow Christians. Just wanted to share my joy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A video about what some have to live through

I was sent this the other day from a friend who is in a simalr situation as me. I wanted to post it. There is no reason why these kids should have to live this way.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shipping items to Mexico

What a freaking pain. Even after giving away more than half my household items and selling a lot more I still had a few shelves full of stuff at Shawndras house. Mostly sentimental items I just cant part with. We planned on using the money from what we sold to ship it here and my church in St. Louis said they would pay the rest. Well obviously we cant ship it all because alot of whats there is picture albums but some of the other stuff and special christmas decorations Shawndra boxed up to send. She went from DHL to UPS because we found that they would be "easier" to use. Or so we thought. When she brought the box to them the first time they told her they needed a list of every item in the box. This was my fault I knew this and forgot about it. When she brought it back list and all they asked her the dollar amount value for the contents. Well she said everything is used and at least a year or two old it's all just sentimental. They said ok took her money (over $300) and told her they would deliver it to my door step. I get a call on Wed from UPS in Guadalajara telling me they have my package but cannot send it to me because of a few of the items that are in it. Aparently the Christmas dishes that were in the box have lead paint on them. Ok seriously I could almost promise you the rusted metal play equipment that Alana plays on in the parks here are painted with lead based paint. Sience when does Mexico care about that kind of stuff. So I decided to look it up. Not sure you care but here are two sites I found and none of them say anything about lead based paint. (, Issacs convinced someone in the UPS office liked the dish set and found a reason for us to be forced to abandon them. OH there was also a small bottle of liquid that came with the VHS cleaning kit that we forgot about. I don't care about that. So our choice is to abandon the items and receive the rest of the package or pay a fee to have the whole box shipped back to Shawndra. Ok, we abandon them, you can have my freaking dishes dang it. So she sends us a form to fill out and fax back, we fill it out and fax it the next day for about $15pesos. Oh then she informs Issac that they need to know the approximate value so they can charge us a 60% importation fee. What the crap Im paying an importation fee on stuff that's old. Ok so we say the box isn't worth more than $25US. "NO" she says. We have to price each item of clothing at no less than $3US. And they are estimating the box at $50. "Ok Fine $50 it is just send us the box." Then on Friday evening around 6pm the lady calls back and says she is sending us a list of items in the box so we can price each item. Why you may be thinking, well we agree. Apparently if the list from the states isn't priced individually on a box that is worth more than $50 then you have to price it all so their is a "receipt." So she sends it. I almost want to attach it to show you how crappy it looked. The top of the paper was a computer print out of some screen showing geographical data on Shawndra and us. Then under that they hand wrote extremely sloppy (Issac could hardly even understand it) the list of items. And they were very non descriptive. It would say things like 1 towel. Is it a hand towel, is it pretty, does it have holes. Who knows. So I price everything at $1US or 50cents and the clothing at $3US each. The total is $68US. We faxed it back to them today and tried to call to see if they got it. Well no one answered guess they close early on Sat. We will check back first thing Monday.
So on top of the over $300 we spent on getting it shipped we get to spend prob another $40 on importation taxes. We are wondering if sentiment is worth all this.
Now to end saying long story short, here is the lessons learned. If you send anything to Mexico be sure you write a price down that's less than $50. And there is no good way to ship anything to Mexico considering the Mexican postal service sucks.

support group

Ok so here it is check it out. I actually haven't done anything on it yet.

support group

Ok so here it is check it out. I actually haven't done anything on it yet except give a couple of topic ideas.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Comming soon (hopefully)

I originally started this blog to see how much interest I could get for an online support group. I have gotten more people to tell me they would be interested than I thought I would. Most of them have only contacted me via-email but are asking for the site. I think I am up to the task and Issac has agreed that it would be worth the money. I'm thinking once I get it going it will pretty much run its self. (we shall see.) So I'm seeking opinions and ideas about the website and how to get it going. I have a sister that will be helping me a lot but I also would like others ideas. So please comment away.I know I do want it to be interactive and allow people to express their feelings openly, although I will also moderate it because we all know their are those idiots who will take any chance to tear someone down and that is not at all what we are looking for. But for the most part I hope to be able to leave opinions open.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not getting remarried in Mexico

In one of my previous blogs I talked about how we were thinking that getting remarried here may help us to skip dealing with the U.S. system and the long way of getting our appostille for our Marriage lic. Also we thought it would help with all the name confusion. Well this proved to be a bad idea. We went to ask what we have to do to get married. In Jalisco (the state we live in)if you are to marry a NonMexican Citizen you have to get permission from the secretary of state. That's not what they call it but I think its an equivalent. This person is in Guadalajara and who knows what we would have to say to them to get approval. Also you have to have a birth certificate with an appostille. Well I have my birth cirt here in Mexico and it was not one of the documents we sent to my sister in the States. So we are back to trying to get our Authenticated marriage lic and then the appostille. My sister had already mailed off the request for my daughters birth cirt so now that will happen in two different times. We are just praying that all this takes place before I have to book a last min flight to the states so I dont extend my 180 days. Time is ticking away. Also we are waiting on his uncle to send Issac our bank statements from our account in Mexico City. We havent moved it to here yet because we want my name on the new account and cant do that without our FM3. We need the bank statements for the FM3 application. His uncle works a lot and well hes Mexican and although most days I love the culture sometimes its to lax for me. One min Im ok with all this and I remember who is really in control of my life (God). And the next moment Im in agony dreading the idea of leaving Issac even for a couple weeks right before Christmas, and being 6months preg. Also the idea of spending the money on a last min plan ticket. If we could wait for our visit to the states we could get cheaper tickets. But again (breath Amanda) God is in control and he knows where that money should go and if you need to make a visit in December. So for now my documents are all over the place and we are waiting on all of it. Im trying to be patient. Its funny because after all we have been through and all the waiting from the last 4 years you would think I had gained the patience of Job but no. Im still very much Amanda and wish this was done yesterday.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

what others did after Issac visa was denied

After hearing the final verdict our lawyer Katie wrote a letter and sent an e-mail to the Chief of Immigrant Visas in Ciudad Juarez. In this letter she explained that a legal error had been committed with our case. That the officer said that Issac claimed to be a U.S citizen and that there was no proof of this. She explained and showed the documents showing that the Immigration office in St. Louis had previously droped this charge from Issacs case due to their being no evidence and because Issac stated that he did not make this claim.
She received a letter back telling her how a congressional office could contact them and that if she wanted to speak to them she would have to use the Call Center. Well there's a dead end. I have had a few people try and no one has been able to get through on the call center line and it also costs a lot of money. So you get to pay to be on hold for a long time to not get through to anyone.
Katie also sent a letter explaining all of the above to Legal net to request for Advisory Opinion regarding our case. Legal net is an email channel limited to immigration attorneys to inquire about the status of visa applications or request an advisory opinion on the denial of a visa.
Katie also sent a letter to the U.S. Department of state alerting them to our issue.
From all of this inquiry Katie received a letter stating that Issac admitted to the consular officer under oath that he stated orally to an immigration officer at the POE that he was a returning U.S. citizen, and that their was no legal error made.
When we asked Issac about this he said the officer was cruel and asking many repetitive questions and in different ways. Issac is unsure of how the officer came to this conclusion but is certain it was during the confusing part of the interview. So long story short in the end an officer was allowed to treat my husband like a criminal and use cruelty and frustration to confuse him during the interview. To understand this better you should read Issacs story of how the interview went.

My mom also sent a letter, along with pictures to the Consulate, any talk show she could find, many Senators and anyone she thought may listen. For the ones who actually did look into the case they received a letter exactly like Katie's. So without explanation all these people assume that what the consulate says is factual and strait forward. Little do they know of how my husband was treated and talked to on that day.

I wrote a nice letter explaining the hardships and misunderstandings of our case to the Chief of Immigrant Visas in Ciudad Juarez. I explained the ill treatment Issac received and asked why these immigrants are not allowed legal representation inside the consulate. Also I wanted to know why the interviews were not recorded. There is no proof of what this officer says. We all know someone with a badge is not always legit. Anyway he didn't respond so I sent another letter that was a little more harsh and told him what I really thought. And I then received a letter identical to the others that were received.

My sister sent a letter every week for a month or so and then pretty often after that to the consular office. They finally wrote her back sometime in late may 08 or early June 08 with the same response as the other but with one difference. On the letter to Shawndra they said, "but this case is under investigation." I nor Katie had been informed of any investigation. They said in this letter that they would get back to my sister as to what they found. Shawndra has heard nothing since and has written to ask about this "investigation".

Legalities about the Visa apointment

The other two posts on the visa appointment are from Issacs and my point of view as far as how we felt and what we went through. In this post I wanted to put in some of the legalities related to the Visa appointment.
On September 18th, 2006 our lawyer received a letter stating that the National Visa Center had received our case. On this letter it expressed what our next steps would be. I will list them here.
We were to pay the Affidavit of Support fee bill and the Immigrant Visa fee bills in advance of receiving the Instructions Packet and Affidavit of Support form. This must be in cashiers check or money order, the Affidavit of Support Fee Bill was $70, and the Immigrant Visa Fee Bill was $380. I got these cashiers checks to Katie and she mailed them along with and Immigrant Visa Fee Bill bearing the case number.

On October 23 2006 our lawyer Katie received a letter from the National Visa Center stating they had received our fees, along with 6 pages of what we needed to do next. Thank God we had Katie. We actually already had everything ready because she knew what they would be asking for. I will do my best here to explain what all they wanted us to return to them before they would schedule his appointment. I am getting a lot of this wording from the actual letters in case you are wondering where the weird language is from.
1)A complete Affidavit of Support(I-864)form (this form is 8 pages long and contained all information on me possible from the last 3 years)
2)Application for Immigrant Visa (DS-230 Part I) (this was 4 pages long and was some logistical information about Issac for the last 5 years)
3)The sheet that the office had sent bearing the case number and barcode information
4)copies of my pay checks for 2 months, my tax statements for that year, and my W2's for that year.
This information was sent October 30th, 2006 via certified mail for $35.

By November 17th we had heard nothing so I contacted Senator Kit Bonds office to see if they could inquire on our case and ask for them to expedite his appointment date. Katie sent all necessary documents to the Senators office.
December 12, 2006 Katie received a letter from the National Visa Center stating that we had not given them all the necessary documents. Attached was a note that read:
Important Notice: The U.S. Department of State has recently changed the processing of petitions of the U.S. Embassy of Consulate assigned to process your immigrant visa application. The National Visa Center will provide additional assistance to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate by collecting civil documents requested within this checklist letter. NVC will also schedule the immigrant visa interview appointment once your case is qualified, a visa number is available and the U.S. embassy or Consulate has notifies NVC to set an appointment.
More or less this should help to make things go fast for those in the future but has set yet another delay for us.
We were not to send in: A copy of Issacs Mexican Passport, an official copy of our Marriage certificate, A copy of Issacs birth certificate, and a completed copy of the form DS-230 Part II unsigned (it was to be signed at the visa office)(it was a 4 page form with pretty much the same info as on the other form.)
This packet was sent certified Mail on Feb 16th 2007 for only a couple dollars.

On May 3, 2007 our lawyer sent an e-mail asking about Issac visa appointment. She explained that our I-130 was approved by CIS on June 7, 2006, and that on October 30th 2006 we submitted the DS-230 PartI and the I 864. Then when were notified of the change in process we submitted everything else Feb. 16, 2007. She was asking if we kept our place in line after the change in process or if we got put back to the end until the last bit of information was received.

May 4th, 2007 Katie received the reply that we then received multiple times after this when we tried to ask about our visa date. The letter read:
All documentation necessary to complete the National Visa Center's processing has been received. As soon as an interview date has been scheduled, the designated representative of this case (applicant, petitioner, or attorney) will be notified. The US Consulate of General may require additional documentation at the time of the interview.

June 26th, 2007 Katie wrote to Sheila Mileszko (Immigration Liaison)(this was to the U.S. state department) explaining our situation and asking them to enquirer about our appointment. Along with this we attached a Privacy Authorization Form so they knew I was ok with them looking into our case. This was the first of many. We received a letter back from her office directing us to the letter they received from the Visa center. It was quote for quote the same as the letter above.
My mom, my sister, and I all requested for the State offices to look into our case and all three times we received the same exact letter in return.
During this time I moved into a new house and we were sure to alert the office of the address change.
I want to note that at this time Issac had been in Mexico and I in the states for almost a year and a half.
Finally September 28th, 2007 we received the letter giving us the date. An immigrant visa interview was scheduled for Issac at the U.S Embassy/Consulate in Ciudad Juarez on November 1, 2007 at 0730am.
Issacs visa was denied under section 212 (a)(6)(C)(ii). This section states that if you claim to be a U.S. citizen you must be denied a visa without waiver.
For full details of how his actual appointment went read the other posts titled visa appointment.


So far I have posted blogs about us and our story. More about how this situation has affected us personally, mental, spiritually etc. But I also want this blog site to be helpful for those looking for concrete information on the immigration system. So here, I am going to put a list of what all we put together for our I-130. Basically an I-130 is what the U.S. grants to you saying that you and your spouse are legitimately married.
I, Amanda was the u.S. Citgizen Petitioner for Issac my Spouse Beneficiary.
List of Additional Documents in Support of I-130 Petition. This list is in addition to the two four page applications.
1) Copy of Biographical page of U.S. Passport for Petitioner (me)
2) Copy of front and back of Marriage License
3) Copy of letter from Petitioner's (my) gynecologist confirming her pregnancy, dated December 28, 2005
4) Copy of bank account statement, in joint names of Petitioner and Beneficiary, dated March 15, 2005 through April 14, 2005.
5) Copy of Transfer to Tenant Rights, transferring tenancy into joint names of Petitioner (me) and Beneficiary (Issac); with copy of original lease.
6) Copy of bridal registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. (this was to show how "normal" our wedding was)
7) Copy of engagement notice in newspaper (also to prove we were "normal" and excited to share our news with the world)
8) Copy of wedding program (again proving we did the whole shebang)
9)Copies of photographs of Petitioner and Beneficiary together. (This was because I wanted them to see first hand how happy we were together)
10) Documents showing we made a purchase together as a couple on a credit.
Oh and dont forget the check for the fee of $185. Along with a mug shot (passport style) of both of us.

On June 8, 2005 our lawyer turned in this packet along with a letter explaining that Issac was in removal proceedings and we needed a rush on the application. At this time his next hearing for removal proceedings was Ocotober 4, 2005.

On February 15, 2006 our lawyer wrote to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to inquire as to the status of our I-130 because we had heard nothing at this point. She expressed to them that our case had been pending for over 8 months and that we still had not been scheduled for our interview. Our previous hearing in October was delayed to March 7th and our lawyer expressed this also in this letter asking again that we get our interview before this date.

Our Interview was finally scheduled on May 30, 2006 I give specifics of this in another blog. Long story short the lady was very busy and wasn't ashamed to show us we were not her only "thing" to do that day. Some of the things she asked me was when Issac entered, how many children he had (none), where we were married, and if Issacs parents came to the wedding and where and when I met them or his family, also about Issacs work history. They asked Issac our wedding date, my work history, where and when he met my family, when and how he was arrested by INS. They also asked me if I was aware of Issacs status when we married. She wasn't exactly nice and gave us no impression one way or the other what her decision was. She did tell Katie our lawyer that they would try to get our answer to us before Issac had to leave for Mexico.

On June 27, 2006 we received a Notice of Approval of Relative Immigrant visa Petition.
Date petition filed 06-10-2005 date of approval of petition 06-07-2006. This took an entire year.
The letter states;
The visa petition you filed has been approved. The beneficiary for whom you filled has been given the appropriate classification. Note the approval gives no assurance that the beneficiary will automatically be found eligible for visa issuance, admission to the U.S. or adjustment to lawful permanent resident status. Whether the beneficiary gets a visa is decided only when and application is made to a consular office; whether the beneficiary is admitted or adjusts status in the U.S. is decided only when and application is made to an immigration officer.
And the box that was checked was number 8) stating;
The approved I-130 has been sent to the National Visa Center, located at 32 Rochester Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801-2909

And so we had proved to the U.S. government that we got married because we loved each other and not because of legal status.

Issacs voluntary departure date was July 3, 2006 and he was in Mexico.

On September 5,2006 our lawyer Katie began corresponding via e-mail with the National Visa Center to be sure our approval arrived. On September 18, 2006 she received and e-mail stating: The National Visa Center has received your inquiry regarding Issac Hernandez. After searching our records, no information was found regarding this case. Please contact U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to verify the status of this petition.
On September 27th Katie received the letter stating that the National Visa Center had received our immigrant visa case. And so started our journey toward a Visa appointment for the U.S. I will title that post legalities of the Visa appointment.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Whats in a name

When Issac and I went to get our Marriage lic in the states we encountered a nice lady behind the counter who had a gold heart on her front tooth. Gotta love St. Louis. She seemed to enjoy her job anyway. She was helping us fill out the form when she asked what last name I was to take. I said Hernandez. She said no you either take the whole last name on his ID, keep yours or hyphenate his whole last name with your last name. Well I was excited to take my fiances last name so I said ok Ill be Hernandez-Franco. So I got my name changed on everything like most newlyweds do. I did keep my old passport because that's just to much of a pain to change. When I had Alana I gave her what was now mine and Issac's legal last name. 
Now back in Mexico when we were in the doctors office for our OB visit the doctor crossed his brow and said, "Where are your parents from Amanda." I crossed my brow and said, "Missouri" I was thinking what the heck is my OB asking that for. The light then when on. AHHHH hes looking at my last name. In case you don't know in Mexico people keep their fathers last name and mothers last name. This does not change when they get married. So here this doctor is looking a very white American with that last name. I quickly nudge Issac and say,"Explain my last name." Issac then realizes the confusion and quickly explains to the doctor.
The other day we were filling out our application for Alana and I to get our FM3. They ask your father and mothers names, and then put a line for other names. And after reading some other blogs about the FM3 process I realize they will most likely make my ID under the name Seyer-Wicker.  So Issac and I decided we would call the immigration office to decide what to put on these lines and what is the best option from here.
At this point we have decided to get remarried here as to acquire a legal marriage lic in Spanish from Mexico and not have to go through as much U.S. bureaucracy to get ours from there. When we go I will produce my passport and birth cirt which has me as Amanda Seyer. And when we register Alana we will show the same items.

Therefor in the U.S. our legal names will be Hernandez-Franco, and in Mexico my legal name will be Seyer-Wicker and Alana will be -Seyer, along with our other kids.

Marriage Lic Apostille/Just get married

As I said in "A notary is a notary" My sister sent off for our Authenticated Marriage Lic.(we now know this is what its called). She mailed it off with our request, and a check for $10. She received a letter in the mail on Sat saying that her request was not granted due to there being no fee with the request. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Seriously this is ridiculous. Needless to say my sister is not a happy camper, nor I. She sent an e-mail (a sweet one Im sure) regarding this issue. Because of the time delay this will now cause, Issac and I have decided to get remarried here in Mexico and forget the Apostille for the lic in the states. Sure why not right maybe it can be romantic. We have actually found that this may help with our name issue anyway. (I will put this in a diff blog called whats in a name). So now Shawndra is going to send a new request to the Secretary of state to get the Apostille for Alanas birth cirt. and hopefully we will have those documents in our hands in a couple weeks. Aside from that now Issac and I just have to get married again and he needs to write his letters. So Im getting remarried in the next coming weeks. :) Pray for now cold feet. lol.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm not afraid

Here are the lyrics from a song that gave me strength when I was preparing for my move to Mexico. Her name is Stephanie Smith. Name of the song is I'm not afraid.

I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
I'm not afraid
Sorry it's over
I think it's the best thing for now
I'm taking the mem'rys
I don't want to leave them all behind
Some were good, some were bad,
Some were in between
But I gotta do whats right for me and
I'm not afraid
To walk away, let me go for the last time
Finally got it strait for the first time
I'm not afraid cuz I know he's there to meet me
So I'll be gone, I'll be gone but not alone
I hate how it happened
But it just wasn't supposed to be
Lets not talk about it
Cause always looking back won't change a thing
Leave the good, leave the bad and the in between
I'm gonna do what's right for me and
I'm not afraid
To walk away let me go for the last time
Finally got it strait for the first time
I'm not afaid cause I know he's there to meet me
So I'll be gone,
I'll be gone but not alone
It may not be easy
Cause at it's best life is still hard
But He is with me
And I am not alone
Not afraid gotta go for the last time
I got it strait for the first time
I'll be gone but not alone
Not afraid to walk away
Let me go for the last time
Finally got it strait for the first time
Not afraid cause I know he's there to meet me
So I'll be gone, I'll be gone
But I'm not afraid
To walk away let me go for the last time
Finally got it strait for the first time,
Not afaid cause I know he's there to meet me
So I'll be gone,
I'll be gone but not alone
I'll be gone but not alone
Whoa oh a oh oh
I'll be gone but not alone
I'll be gone
Be gone, be gone

Preparing for the Move May 08

The house has been on the market for about 4 months doesn't look like like it will be sold before I go. I plan to call the bank for the house and car the weekend before I leave and let them know I am relinquishing them and where they can get the car. We understand this is a bad move for our credit. But I have been advised by a lawyer and a credit adviser that this is my only option and that the credit history will not follow me to Mexico nor Canada. I don't have a lot of big stuff to sale anyway. I am giving away all of my furniture to people who need it. All my furniture came to me with out me paying for it and when I needed it. I'm hoping to do the same for others. And all my kitchen stuff that I'm not going to keep I plan to give to an organization that helps battered women with children who are trying to get started on their own. So the only stuff I'm putting in the sale are blankets, some cloths, stuffed animals, nick naks and a few books. (I have a lot of that sort of junk) I have a paper on my fridge that has names on it with the furniture my friends have claimed.
My cats went to their new home tonight. It is a neighbor of my babysitte. He has a little boy. The little boy was soooooooooooo excited to get them. Which helped me a little. I already miss Zebbie. I always promised he I would take her wherever I went. But I think she will do well. Her new owner is a nice man who will love them and the little boy (Chase) is so happy. Teal just called me to let me know that Zebbie is hiding and they are letting her and Boots is checking the place out and playing with Chase.
Im getting really excited about moving.
We will have absolutely no money to spend on anything here in the States once we get to MX. If I keep the house and car and wait for them to sell then I would have to make payments on the loans and insurance. We will barely be making it as it is down there. Issac will do a great job of providing for us but it will be pretty tight. We have talked to a bankruptcy lawyer, and a credit specialist councilor and they both said our credit score will not follow us to Mexico or Canada. Also the credit counselor said that if it did happen that we could come back we could call her co. and they would help us figure something out given the situation. As an FYI the car is a Nissan Altima 2006 and I still owe 15,000. Iv only been paying on it less than a year. So the chance of selling it is slim.

Before the Move

So only 6 weeks left and Issac and I decided that Mexico City is not the place we want to call home. He has decided on a town called Tepatitlan de Morelos. Look it up some time its pretty cool. Its a city with a population about 2/3 of St. Louis but on a lot larger of an area. So basically people are not living on top of each other.


Geeessssssss. Im so excited. Kinda feels like I have a lot to do but really I don't. So much has to wait until the last min. I cant wait for us to all be together. Issac is so good with Alana. And we are so ready for our next one. We have been discussing names and he has checked into some OB's down there. Due to living in a smaller town none of them will be English speaking. So Issac will be going to every appointment with me. How exciting Im so ready to do that all again. And to see Alana with a sibling. She is a handful right now. I cant wait to have daddy around. Although I don't think he will be much help on the discipline part. Hes a push over all you gotta do is pout. Opps he will be reading this. lol. I'm just so happy and I'm trying to figure out how to tell you all that and its just not working. Well when I get there Ill send pictures and you'll see it all over my face. I'm at peace with him. Anyway I'm obviously a little nervous. Iv always been pretty flexible and able to adjust to situations but wow a whole culture and language. This will be so cool and yet freaky at the same time. Shawndra gave me this awesome book to read about Mexico and its history. It s really a captivating country. Ok I'm gonna stop now. Sorry for blabbing I'm just getting relay excited

Communication across a border Feb 08

Issac took a full time job at the hotel in Mx city. When they hired him they told him the shifts would rotate every 2 weeks. The only time this sucks is when he does eve. Alana and I were so bored tonight without papi. One of the employees told Issac they only switch once a month and if that's true I told him he would have to quite. I cant go a month without him and I know Alana cant and that he would die with out seeing her.

More from my mom

This is to show what all she did to try and help us before we made our final decision to move to Mexico.

Hay I need another address for now I am sending out the Hernandez Story to any one I can. I got 8 white envelopes from the post office, they are going t the white huse, Ellen, Oprah, 2 to Todd Akins and 2 to JoAnn Emerson. I will send these out to any one you can help me come up with at any time you can come up with a name. Please put it on here for me.... I want people to know that our country does not always stand for freedom as it states that it does. we talk and have wars to free people, I can't imagine not being able to go any where I want. please if you think of someone I can send a copy of let me know. I have lots of copies. I love you all. Mom

Then here is a response from my sister.

Not sure if this would help but you could try El Paso, Texas Mayor John Cook and Juarez Mayor Hector Murguia Lardizabal.

Here's some exceprts from an article I found:
El Paso Mayor John Cook and Juarez Mayor Hector Murguia Lardizabal embraced at the top of the bridge.

"Today is a historic day in the expression of friendship between two mayors, two cities and two countries. It is necessary for Washington and Mexico City to understand that our border doesn't separate us, it joins us," Cook said.

"Mexico is the most important country to the United States. They're not going anywhere ... if we build a wall it will set back relations with Mexico 100 years, and you can't blame them, they know what a wall means," said Neck, who described himself as a fifth-generation Texan.

Here's the whole article:

A message from my mom in Jan 2008

This was a message my mom sent out. I put it on here because it shows how our struggle affected those who love us. She doesnt always get the story right but her heart is in the right place. :) I love you mom.

I know a lot of you know my daughter Amanda, She meet Issac while living in St Louis. She went there for more Schooling in the nursing field, I'm very proud of her getting her degree. She is a very hard worker and a fine Christian girl, God shared her with me, I am proud.... She meet a wonderful young man at her church in St Louis, they married , and they later had Alana. They may have lived happily ever after right there in the big city of St Louis, but , and there's always a but, right, well, Issac is from Mexico and they decided they wanted to make it right, so Issac turned himself in in prayer and hope to be able to become a US citizen, that's the way you should do it... He came here by crossing the boarder in Brownsville, he put a back pack on his back at 19 years old and walked across with collage students..... He later meet Amanda. Now all this young couple wanted was to do it all right. as Christians they were deeply in love and know they should marry, the wedding was Blessed by God, I know, I was there, of course, but I felt the power of God's presence there along with all there Church family and friends, it was beautiful. While waiting on all the paper work to be done, the church paid and become responsible for Issac and all seemed to be going well. Amanda became pregnant with Alana. They were in hopes that Issac would be there for the birth and not deported, but they picked him up on July 3, and he went willingly. Alana was born on the July 15Th, now I share this with you and others for prayer.. prayer is what God wants us to do, "talk to him" I know I do that, but not enough, I feel lead to ask others to pray. Truly pray. My daughter Amanda and her husband Issac have been apart now for 1 year 6 months. They paid an attorney, they have went through all the paper work. Because of the problems America is bringing up now days about illegal citizens, has cause them to not let Issac come here...the US has had this problem for a long time, it is just that now people are yelling about sharing our Country with others. People are people I understand that. My son in law Misses his wife and baby, Amanda and Issac have been able to get enough money for Alana and Amanda to go to Mexico several times, it is very expensive. Alana sees her daddy on the Internet most of the time, she Kisses and feeds her daddy now on a TV screen, I don't tell you this to feel sorry for her, I tell you this to explain that this is really happening, they live it, each and everyday... I'm asking for prayer, asking for you to share this with others for prayer. I have wrote our President, Joanne Emerson and even the Oprah show, only because It hurts to see such a fine young Christian family trying so hard to do all they can to be together. When you love someone and you can't be with them, we all have been separated from someone at some time, you actually can feel sick, very sick.... well this young family has decided that maybe if Issac can go to Canada, then Amanda and Alana can come there. Issac wants a better life and he desperately wants one for my daughter and grand daughter, so they will do this, go to Canada... I hurt to think my children have to go and live somewhere else, but I want what they want and that is to be together...... please pray with me about this, I am still trying to get to Joanne Emerson or someone who can keep my children, Issac, Amanda and Alana home in the USA.... they belong here now, Issac like many of us only wanted a better life for himself, young and desperate he made a decision to cross over, scared, you bet he was, we all our when we finally step out, and life has now happened, now he is trying to make it work. Please pray for this young man to be able to get a job in Canada and be able to reunite his family, he is trying so hard. My prayer here is not that you come up to me or write me and say your sorry my request if that you pray, that when you see me, say nothing, but think of this young family and say a pray each and every time you see me or any thing that will make you think of this Real Life Story, of this Real Life Family, and pray for them, they are not alone in having problems in this world, we all have problems, we all have lost in many ways, and we endure, but they are asking for prayer. Prayer in asking God "What now Lord", pray for strength and understanding in all this for them, they love the Lord Our God and want to be where He wants them, maybe there wave to ride for a while is in Canada, I don't know, but as I have said before God made the waves and we do have to step out and get on and ride them while here on earth, till the wave flattens. Amanda, Issac and Alana are in a crossroad right now, I know we will all pray for them, Thank you Church family and family for hearing me out, I love you all, but I know that God loves us MORE.... God Bless this sweet family and all the young family's that are trying to raise their baby's in the best way they know how. Kay

Specifics about paperwork needed for FM3

So they day went well all together in Guadalajara. We got the information we needed and it doesn't seem as scary now. We do have a lot of paperwork to get together. I have to get what they call an Apostile for my Marriage license and for Alanas birth cirt. They only cost $10 each so that's not bad. But we have to ship the originals to the MO Sec of State and then they have to ship it all back. We pay for shipping both ways unless we want them to use reg mail. Which you all prob know by now is not a good idea. So total this will prob cost us about $80. Not to bad. The big thing is time. We have until around Nov 20th to get this so hopefully it doesn't sit on a desk in the states very long. I plan to stress in my letter how important the timing is. We then have to get those Apostles and documents translated into Spanish this may be about another $40 We also have to get a copy of our apt lease and get a letter from the owner verifying that I am actually living with Issac. This should be free. :) We then just need three months of our bank statements and his income. There is no specified amount on the income. Yeahaaa. Also he has to get a letter from his work saying that yes he is working. And last but not least my favorite is that Issac has to write a letter saying he is responsible for my moral, and economical well being. OH and we have to make copies of all our other doc such as passports an stuff. Then when we get all this turned in then we just pay a few fees which add up to about $300us or so. This may all seem like a lot but if any of you have any idea what we gathered for the States and how much money we pored into fees this is nothing. We decided to apply for an FM2 which is a forever instead of the FM3 which has to be redone every year. I think there will be an amount of time like in the States where Im actually not allowed to leave but it is less than a year and we didn't plan on me making the trip to the States until about then anyway. So now we are praying for Gods speed on these documents so we can get them all in as soon as possible.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Scared about Immigration issues

As easy as it has come lately to pray for everyone I love I am struggling to pray for this immigration issue. Every time I kneel to pray with a sincere heart about it, my self starts to tell me that I have done this before and it didn't help at all. Which is so true I cant tell you how many time I was on my knees or face pleading with God to touch the lives of those we would come across in the immigration office. And not only did we not get what we were wanting but those people practically spit in our faces. They were all so mean to me and Issac even in their treatment. From what I have read we shouldn't come across that with the Immigration here but after the lawyer fiasco here we are so nervous. So I have been halfheartedly praying and really the whole time thinking its not gonna help anyway. Gods gonna do what hes gonna do and pouring out my heart only makes me crazy. So please pray for this issue for me. Today I did come across some verses that remind me I should also keep up the effort regardless of what the sinful self tells me. Also yesterday God reassured to me that right now I am where he wants me and of course didn't reveal anything about future.

Learning Spanish Oct

So yesterday when I was researching the FM3 I found a ladies personal blog about getting her own. I found that it helped me a lot to read about someone else who had been through a similar situation. That is what inspired this entire blog site. Here is my story of learning Spanish so far. This way when someone like myself is searching for help they can read my story and maybe be comforted by it.

So I started trying to learn the moment I fell in love with my now husband. At that pint I knew; mi casa su casa, vive, Adios, and caca. None of which are to helpful. When I became interested others at our church where to so Issac started a class using the Living Language books. I think we got to about the 3rd chapter before Issac got picked up for being illegal. Needless to say our life was upside down and the class fell off the radar. We soon decided to get married and at this point I was in nursing school and had more important things to rack my mind over. So Spanish was again on the shelf. After we married I decided it was time to commit again to Spanish I was now graduated from school and ready to continue learning. I ordered some CD's off line that where cheep but really good. They were called Advantage Language and are a computer program. I loved this. Tammy came over once a week and we did the lessons together. Soon Tammy was unable to come and the immigration stuff with Issac began to pick up. I also got pregnant somewhere in here and my memory was shot. But I continued to randomly do the comp program and was still trying to trudge through the book we had bought for Issacs class alone. Issac is always there to answer questions also. Ok so now I would say I have the knowledge of someone who has Spanish one in High school.
Then Issac has to go to Mexico and my life is crazy, sad, busy, just to much to worry about Spanish. The only reading I did was for stress relief and fun.
So here I am sitting in Mexico with the knowledge of High School Spanish one. I brought those comp CD's which I early didn't add that after about the Int part they had audio CD's also and I also got a digital translator with it that works pretty well even now. I also brought with me the book that started it all with Issacs class. I know I should have finished it by now but geesss didn't you read my excuses. So the comp one wont work because they can only be installed into one comp and that is at Shawndras in the States. So I hit the Living Language book (which also came with audio CD's). I got through this one I think early Aug. It is an ok book but mainly for memorization and for tourist. Im not exactly a tourist although thats what my legal status is. So now I feel Im at about Spanish one College maybe. If the people who communicate with me speak clearly and a little slower than normal I do ok. Also if they use words they know I know. :)
To continue my learning Im now working on increasing my vocabulary. I listen to the Audio CD's from Advantage Language while doing dishes, playing outside with Alana, Taking walks, during Alanas cartoons ext. Issac recently got Rosetta Stone for me and I whizzed through Unit one in like 3 weeks it had 8 lessons with about 12 sessions in each. Im pretty happy with that its mainly about listening comprehension which is what I need to master before I can dream about speaking it well myself. We will soon have the second unit up and running and Im sure it will be more of a challenge. I also recently borrowed Issacs cousins Spanish one and two books from Jr. High. So this is 7th and 8th grade Spanish here. But if you think about it this would be higher up in the States because the entire book is in Spanish. I also am reading through a book that his aunt used to lean English it has both in it and is pretty neat. Its called Expreselo todo en ingles, express everything in Spanish. The entire book has both languages like the title.
Gosh still a lot to learn but I will keep you posted on how it is going. With all these sources and being immersed in the population I hope I will be doing better soon.


So I recently found out that I have an inflamed gallbladder and it is directly related to being pregnant. A few interesting things we found out from the specialist is that its common in women here in Mexico who have had a lot of babies. This is only my second but I also found online that its common in women who have a history of breast feeding. Most likely I will have this issue with every pregnancy but it will only last during the pregnancy a lot like gestational diabetes. Something else that we found out that is funny is that the area we live in (this part of Jalisco) has a high rate of pregnancy and babies. This is funny because when I first got here after about the first month or so (before I knew I was pregnant) I told Issac every women seemed to have a baby or be pregnant. We both decided I was imagining it because we were so ready to be started with having our next child.
So about the gallbladder stuff. For now its just trial and error. I have a list of foods that are potential bad for it and ones that are good. The last couple days no matter what I ate it hurt pretty bad and I would be in the bathroom later. We (I say we because Issac and I are in this together) figured out that Dairy is bad. The list says in order don't eat eggs, pork, onion, fowl, milk, coffee.
Honestly the dairy is going to be the hardest. I eat dairy with every meal and love it. The power of Cheese.
Also I had a head ache all day and it just dawned on me that its prob because I didn't have any coffee. Although I plan to try it again after I start feeling better.
Apparently when the episode is better you can have more and it wont make you sick. The biggest thing is low cholesterol. So maybe its better it happened this way. Pork is so big down here and maybe this way I can keep my husband around longer. I plan for my whole family to have a healthy diet. Sure they can splurg when needed even though I cant. I could never deny them tacos. Man Im gonna miss those.

I'm blessed that it was just an episode of pain and no infection. I wont need surgery just to eat better.

Sept 16th

This is great. I love festivities. When in St. Louis their was always something going on we could go to. This weekend they are celebrating Independence day. They have stuff all the way until the 19th. We are going to most of the cool stuff this weekend then of course on Tue which is the actual holiday. Ill post pics at the end of the week. Also they are having this ball that Issac and I might try to go to. Oh I hope we can. We really need a nice night out. The great thing is it doesn't start till 9 so we can put Alana to bed and make it there on time. All the queens from their Independence day from 1930somethingn are invited. How fun. They will have a live orchestra, dinner, and dancing (which means I even get to make a fool of me and my husband. lol). It only costs 220 pesos. Which is roughly $22 a person. It will be great to get dressed up and look pretty before I get all fat. ha ha. Anyway Im excited so I thought Id let you all know. OH and one night they are gonna have men downtown serenading on horses. Ohh I cant wait. Alanas gonna love it, well me to. :)

clinic vs prvt part 2

So we made our decision. As I had said before Aunt Marti told me there was no difference and that we should go to the clinic because it was free and the dr. visits where cheaper. Issac and I went to find out about the Dr. visits and basically you get assigned a doctor and you keep him until delivery. Which is fine unless I didn't like him/her. I told Issac I could deal with this and that we should go ahead and check out the clinic hospital. As we are driving up to it I was trying so hard not to be critical. Its literally in the hood. There was a crowd of people waiting outside waiting to be seen or just waiting for family who knows. We went into a door that looked not as crowded and a rough looking security guard stopped us. She looked like she had just gotten out of prison and didn't act much happier. Issac told her we were their to check into the hospital, and see the rooms, to decide if we wanted to use it. She looked at us like we were funny to her and said we would have to go next door for that (the crowded one) but that their where no single rooms. Everyone shared by about 5 or 6 women. I wish I could see the shock on my face when Issac translated that on my way out the door. "What no single rooms." That makes no sense. I see a seen from a chemo room in my head with screaming babies and sick, tired moms. OMG. I think not, sorry wont see this momma sharing a room with many others. So our decision was made. When Issac told his aunt that we checked into it and their was no way she laughed, as if she figured as much. We saw another of his aunts in the store one day and told them of our decision. They kept trying to change our minds and she was telling me that she had all of her kids in the clinic. We asked about if Issac could stay in our room and they said no only one hour a day. Again I think not. He totally missed everything with Alana and refuses to miss even an hour this time. Also I don't feel like a spoiled American anymore either. One of Issacs friends helped him bring in our fridge and his wife is preg also. When we mentioned the clinic he made the same crinkled face as I did and said their was no way his wife would go their. Also our neighbors did the same thing when we mentioned it. So all of you who want public health care this may be what your looking at.

Scorpions in my house Sept

Yikes!!!!!, So last night after we put Alana to bed Issac and I are sitting on the futon watching TV. Out of the corner of my eye I see a "ball of loose string on the carpet." I look closer, gasp, and cling to Issac. OMG its a freaking scorpion. It was only a little over an inch long when its tail is stretched out but my gosh those things are creepy looking. This is only the second one Id ever seen and the only one in my house. It was kinda pale. I think it was trying to match the tile. Issac took care of it and said we need to be better about spraying with the bug spray every other day. "What" I though, "bug spray, that's a scorpion. But apparently that's what they eat is bugs. So if there's no bugs then there should be no scorpions. Now we don't have a lot of bugs but the random beetle or ant. But right outside our door we keep our trash and I never sweep and mop out there. I figure the bugs can live outside right. Well not anymore. No more bugs shall live with in 20feet of my door. Today I cleaned for about 2 hours and sprayed every orifice of my house. And the stairs outside. Yes I'm stinky. As I suspected when I moved the big trash can from outside the front door there was another one. It was darker brown but it was on the door. So again I assume they can change color a bit to blend. He was a little smaller than the other. Yikes I had to kill this one myself. They are much harder to kill than a spider. Yuck Yuck Yuck. I feel so gross. I'm gonna go shower now.

Last night I was having flash backs of being a kid and checking under my sheets for brown recluses. And of laying in bed all night watching the ceiling just sure one would come through from the attic, slowly creep down to our bed and eat me alive. I don't even remember seeing any back then. I just remember mom telling us to check under our covers before going to bed and as usual my imagination didn't need much more spark than that.

Trying to get info for Immigrating to Mexico Sept

Well here is a little update. Issac had two days off this week instead of one because we were planning to go get my immigration stuff sorted out. Well things didn't actually work out as planned. The piece of junk car one of his aunts sold us started to show us that it would never make the trip so we called to see if they could fix it before we went. (His uncle is a mechanic.They offered to let us borrow their truck for the trip and they would keep the car for two days to fix it. On the way home the truck wouldn't go a more than a few miles without dying, and the lights didn't work at all. We were driving on a country road with no lights and our baby in the car. AHHHHHHHHHHHH
Any way sorry for that rant. Obviously we couldn't go out of town to the immigration office so Issac searched online to be sure we had all our facts strait. For the most part we did but we found that Mexico like the U.S. and Canada, requires you to show a proof of sufficient income for the family. We don't have this. Issac is literally making 2/3s of what we are spending each month and we are doing our best to cut things short. The other 1/3 is coming from my savings from the states. We have enough to make it for about 6 months but a savings isn't considered and income to a country.

So were in a bit of a spot. Issac is searching for a better job. He needs to make almost double what he has now to be considered a sufficient amount by the gov for our family. He will basically be sponsoring us and they want to be sure Im not gonna need gov support. He has to find it in the next couple months or I will have to go back to the states with Alana and 6mo preg. Im kinda freaking out about that thought.

We did end up finding a reliable car from a nice couple. Its a 95 jimmy and we plan to sell the piece of junk for some cash to add to the savings.

I cant bear the thought of us living apart again even for a few weeks. I know God listens he has always come through for me especially when money was involved.

If he is unable to find a job that will work for us, then I will look into cleaning houses or something where I don't have to talk to much to people. Then when I learn the language I will work as a nurse. I actually miss nursing so much I cant even tell you. But I still have a lot to learn around here. Issac drooped off like 6 resumes the other day and he has an interview at a tile comp today after work. Sounds like they would be able to start him at what we need. He told his work that he needed more money and they said they would give him a raise but I don't think that will be enough. We decided if he cant find something in the next month or so then I will look also. Day care here is really cheep so I wouldn't have to make or work to much to make up a difference. I actually wouldn't mind working part time or something as long as I get 3 mo off with the baby when it comes. I was really upset and freaking about all this for a few days. But God is giving me peace and I think he will work this out that I don't have to leave.