Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A message from my mom in Jan 2008

This was a message my mom sent out. I put it on here because it shows how our struggle affected those who love us. She doesnt always get the story right but her heart is in the right place. :) I love you mom.

I know a lot of you know my daughter Amanda, She meet Issac while living in St Louis. She went there for more Schooling in the nursing field, I'm very proud of her getting her degree. She is a very hard worker and a fine Christian girl, God shared her with me, I am proud.... She meet a wonderful young man at her church in St Louis, they married , and they later had Alana. They may have lived happily ever after right there in the big city of St Louis, but , and there's always a but, right, well, Issac is from Mexico and they decided they wanted to make it right, so Issac turned himself in in prayer and hope to be able to become a US citizen, that's the way you should do it... He came here by crossing the boarder in Brownsville, he put a back pack on his back at 19 years old and walked across with collage students..... He later meet Amanda. Now all this young couple wanted was to do it all right. as Christians they were deeply in love and know they should marry, the wedding was Blessed by God, I know, I was there, of course, but I felt the power of God's presence there along with all there Church family and friends, it was beautiful. While waiting on all the paper work to be done, the church paid and become responsible for Issac and all seemed to be going well. Amanda became pregnant with Alana. They were in hopes that Issac would be there for the birth and not deported, but they picked him up on July 3, and he went willingly. Alana was born on the July 15Th, now I share this with you and others for prayer.. prayer is what God wants us to do, "talk to him" I know I do that, but not enough, I feel lead to ask others to pray. Truly pray. My daughter Amanda and her husband Issac have been apart now for 1 year 6 months. They paid an attorney, they have went through all the paper work. Because of the problems America is bringing up now days about illegal citizens, has cause them to not let Issac come here...the US has had this problem for a long time, it is just that now people are yelling about sharing our Country with others. People are people I understand that. My son in law Misses his wife and baby, Amanda and Issac have been able to get enough money for Alana and Amanda to go to Mexico several times, it is very expensive. Alana sees her daddy on the Internet most of the time, she Kisses and feeds her daddy now on a TV screen, I don't tell you this to feel sorry for her, I tell you this to explain that this is really happening, they live it, each and everyday... I'm asking for prayer, asking for you to share this with others for prayer. I have wrote our President, Joanne Emerson and even the Oprah show, only because It hurts to see such a fine young Christian family trying so hard to do all they can to be together. When you love someone and you can't be with them, we all have been separated from someone at some time, you actually can feel sick, very sick.... well this young family has decided that maybe if Issac can go to Canada, then Amanda and Alana can come there. Issac wants a better life and he desperately wants one for my daughter and grand daughter, so they will do this, go to Canada... I hurt to think my children have to go and live somewhere else, but I want what they want and that is to be together...... please pray with me about this, I am still trying to get to Joanne Emerson or someone who can keep my children, Issac, Amanda and Alana home in the USA.... they belong here now, Issac like many of us only wanted a better life for himself, young and desperate he made a decision to cross over, scared, you bet he was, we all our when we finally step out, and life has now happened, now he is trying to make it work. Please pray for this young man to be able to get a job in Canada and be able to reunite his family, he is trying so hard. My prayer here is not that you come up to me or write me and say your sorry my request if that you pray, that when you see me, say nothing, but think of this young family and say a pray each and every time you see me or any thing that will make you think of this Real Life Story, of this Real Life Family, and pray for them, they are not alone in having problems in this world, we all have problems, we all have lost in many ways, and we endure, but they are asking for prayer. Prayer in asking God "What now Lord", pray for strength and understanding in all this for them, they love the Lord Our God and want to be where He wants them, maybe there wave to ride for a while is in Canada, I don't know, but as I have said before God made the waves and we do have to step out and get on and ride them while here on earth, till the wave flattens. Amanda, Issac and Alana are in a crossroad right now, I know we will all pray for them, Thank you Church family and family for hearing me out, I love you all, but I know that God loves us MORE.... God Bless this sweet family and all the young family's that are trying to raise their baby's in the best way they know how. Kay

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