Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sept 16th

This is great. I love festivities. When in St. Louis their was always something going on we could go to. This weekend they are celebrating Independence day. They have stuff all the way until the 19th. We are going to most of the cool stuff this weekend then of course on Tue which is the actual holiday. Ill post pics at the end of the week. Also they are having this ball that Issac and I might try to go to. Oh I hope we can. We really need a nice night out. The great thing is it doesn't start till 9 so we can put Alana to bed and make it there on time. All the queens from their Independence day from 1930somethingn are invited. How fun. They will have a live orchestra, dinner, and dancing (which means I even get to make a fool of me and my husband. lol). It only costs 220 pesos. Which is roughly $22 a person. It will be great to get dressed up and look pretty before I get all fat. ha ha. Anyway Im excited so I thought Id let you all know. OH and one night they are gonna have men downtown serenading on horses. Ohh I cant wait. Alanas gonna love it, well me to. :)

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