Monday, October 20, 2008

Communicationg across the border

While we waited for Issacs Visa appointment we did all we could to stay united as a family. We used the web cam every night and more often on the weekends. As Alana got older she would interact with the computer screen. Now that Im finally here with him its hard for me to remember those times. The first time she pointed at the computer screen and said Papi Issac and I felt a bit of remorse in this time that should have been happy. After her first birthday she even started doing things like trying to feed him and give him drinks thought the screen. They would play patty cake and do copy cat. We visited him as often as my work would let me. We know that we were blessed beyond most families in our situation when it comes to this. Due to my profession I was paid well enough to afford the trips and we would buy only what was necessary. We visited him 5 times in the 2 years we were in different countries. Each visit was always stressed because we wanted to spend as much time together as possible but yet his family was all excited to see me and Alana. The first trip was for 3 weeks but after that the rest were only for a week at a time. This was such a hard time for Issac and I but Alana seemed to do ok with it. It was all she knew. Here are some entries from some of my previous blogs during this time.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I continue to love my husband more and more each day as impossible as that sounds. I still falling head over heals for him. Issac reminded me the other day that what God unites let no man seperate. Nothing in this world can truely seperate me from my one and only love. Alana has gotten to where when she hears the IM bell she looks at the comp screan to see Issac. She laughs and goos at him when hes on. Babys are amazing at how much they know. Im confadent that she knows thats her daddy. Im excited to see her in his arms once again. We are going there Dec5hth to the 15th please pray for a safe trip for us both.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

So I havent blogged in awhile because I was going through some inner termoil. Im doing better now thanks to our God. I dont want to go into all that becasue most of you know whats up anyway. If not no need to worry like I said Im doing better. So we are now looking at June or July for Issacs retun. Im praying for him to be here for Alanas first birthday. Please keep that date in mind (July 15th) and pray specificaly for it. God does want us to be specific sometimes. If it doesnt happen Im sure he has his reasons but it will be a bitter sweat day for us if he is not here. Thats how I can discribe Christmas, New Years, Our birhtdays. All bitter sweet this year. Anyway God is realy providing daily for me and Alana. Its alittle stressful some days but we will make it. God has provided me with a strong sense of survial. Alana is my reason for keepen on keepen on. As one of the gospels states "To live is Christ to die is gain." So I live today for Christ. So Alana is more and more like Issac every day. I told him she shares his need for attention. She will litteraly act like she can breath if I dont sit and stare at her while she is eatting her bottle.

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