Monday, October 20, 2008

I-130 experience

Due to our upcoming legal battle, we had to get an I-130 to confirm the legitimacy of our marriage.We began to compile our evidence to show that we were indeed married. We are married in the eyes of God, the state, and in our hearts. How you might ask do you prove that you married someone because you love them. Well according to the U.S. government you love someone if you live with them and share a bank account. I put Issac’s name on my bank account. We also went to one of those shows where they con you into buying their overpriced dishes (like every other naive couple) and of course we did, and established credit in order to do so.These acts are some of the things that were needed to show that we are a couple, having joint money as well as joint debt.It seemed so silly that these were the things that they wanted to see in order to show that we loved each other.So I added some wedding pictures to our collection because you could just look in our eyes from the wedding photos, or spend an afternoon or two with both of us and see that we love each other. I think this process irritated me the most because I knew it wouldn't keep him from having to leave and I also know this process is abused by so many who want to stay in the U.S.
Katie (our lawyer) helped us to build a nice portfolio that "showed we loved each other". Issac and I then had to go to an interview with this folder in had and be asked questions about each other. Oh and I was at least 5 or 6 months pregnant at this time. Needless to say it was obvious that I was pregnant when we went for our interview. Oh our portfolio also had a note from my Doctor to confirm that yes I was pregnant and not just fat. :) We were nervous and with good reason. When we went into the stale little room barely big enough for the ladies desk and our seats she didn't look to happy. She had piles of papers and files at least 1/2 foot high all over her desk. She made it obvious that we were not her only appointment and that she didn't plan on wasting much time on us. I honestly cant even remember what all she asked us. All I remember is hanging on tight to Issac's hand and trying to look at him more than her because he gave me more hope. When we left she gave no indication at all what she would decide. She told us someone would contact our lawyer. Katie reassured us on our way to our car that no one could look at that file and at us and not know why we got married. We were thankful for her words. We did get our I-130 so the U.S. government agreed that Issac and I married for the correct reasons and not because of immigration.

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  1. I also hated this process... So frustrating, but necessary I guess. I'm so glad I found your blog, and know I'm not the only one who loves a man who has to leave the country. I would follow him to the ends of the earth, but for now, I guess we'll go to Mexico! Sorry, I know I am commenting on ages old posts, but I have to start from the beginning so I can see how you acclimated! :)