Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Preparing for the Move May 08

The house has been on the market for about 4 months doesn't look like like it will be sold before I go. I plan to call the bank for the house and car the weekend before I leave and let them know I am relinquishing them and where they can get the car. We understand this is a bad move for our credit. But I have been advised by a lawyer and a credit adviser that this is my only option and that the credit history will not follow me to Mexico nor Canada. I don't have a lot of big stuff to sale anyway. I am giving away all of my furniture to people who need it. All my furniture came to me with out me paying for it and when I needed it. I'm hoping to do the same for others. And all my kitchen stuff that I'm not going to keep I plan to give to an organization that helps battered women with children who are trying to get started on their own. So the only stuff I'm putting in the sale are blankets, some cloths, stuffed animals, nick naks and a few books. (I have a lot of that sort of junk) I have a paper on my fridge that has names on it with the furniture my friends have claimed.
My cats went to their new home tonight. It is a neighbor of my babysitte. He has a little boy. The little boy was soooooooooooo excited to get them. Which helped me a little. I already miss Zebbie. I always promised he I would take her wherever I went. But I think she will do well. Her new owner is a nice man who will love them and the little boy (Chase) is so happy. Teal just called me to let me know that Zebbie is hiding and they are letting her and Boots is checking the place out and playing with Chase.
Im getting really excited about moving.
We will have absolutely no money to spend on anything here in the States once we get to MX. If I keep the house and car and wait for them to sell then I would have to make payments on the loans and insurance. We will barely be making it as it is down there. Issac will do a great job of providing for us but it will be pretty tight. We have talked to a bankruptcy lawyer, and a credit specialist councilor and they both said our credit score will not follow us to Mexico or Canada. Also the credit counselor said that if it did happen that we could come back we could call her co. and they would help us figure something out given the situation. As an FYI the car is a Nissan Altima 2006 and I still owe 15,000. Iv only been paying on it less than a year. So the chance of selling it is slim.

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