Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Specifics about paperwork needed for FM3

So they day went well all together in Guadalajara. We got the information we needed and it doesn't seem as scary now. We do have a lot of paperwork to get together. I have to get what they call an Apostile for my Marriage license and for Alanas birth cirt. They only cost $10 each so that's not bad. But we have to ship the originals to the MO Sec of State and then they have to ship it all back. We pay for shipping both ways unless we want them to use reg mail. Which you all prob know by now is not a good idea. So total this will prob cost us about $80. Not to bad. The big thing is time. We have until around Nov 20th to get this so hopefully it doesn't sit on a desk in the states very long. I plan to stress in my letter how important the timing is. We then have to get those Apostles and documents translated into Spanish this may be about another $40 We also have to get a copy of our apt lease and get a letter from the owner verifying that I am actually living with Issac. This should be free. :) We then just need three months of our bank statements and his income. There is no specified amount on the income. Yeahaaa. Also he has to get a letter from his work saying that yes he is working. And last but not least my favorite is that Issac has to write a letter saying he is responsible for my moral, and economical well being. OH and we have to make copies of all our other doc such as passports an stuff. Then when we get all this turned in then we just pay a few fees which add up to about $300us or so. This may all seem like a lot but if any of you have any idea what we gathered for the States and how much money we pored into fees this is nothing. We decided to apply for an FM2 which is a forever instead of the FM3 which has to be redone every year. I think there will be an amount of time like in the States where Im actually not allowed to leave but it is less than a year and we didn't plan on me making the trip to the States until about then anyway. So now we are praying for Gods speed on these documents so we can get them all in as soon as possible.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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  1. I need to add here that when we went to turn all this in the lady said it was an application for an FM2 and that this is what I needed because its the one that tracts your time so you can eventually become a perm res.