Monday, October 20, 2008

What to do now (visa denied)

This is from a letter I wrote shortly after finding out about his permanent bar.
I didn’t tell a lot of people right away because I was so upset that I was considering asking Issac to come back the way he came the first time. I found out after bringing it up to Issac that others had suggested the same. It was tempting at the time because we felt so let down by the legal system. When Issac and I decided to seriously consider this option, we both knew it would not be the right thing to do. We knew that God would not be honored by such an act. We quickly backed away from this thought and will never return to it. Many of my friends and family have cried and are devastated with the outcome of this case.
I’m certain that in Mexico or Canada I would have to start over and become a staff nurse for a few years in a hospital to acquire the position I’m in now.

Here is a section from a letter Issac wrote:
I prayed to God, I shouted to God, I cried to God and asked Him for strength and peace. We had to pull ourselves together, and start planning on what was next. Then, it came to me. I went back to Monclova since there was nothing else for me in Cd Juarez.Once there started to do some research on and how to get there. Everything I found was pleasing. It was like an answer, like an open door. We both started doing research about it, and that’s when I decided to come to to be able to go to the Canadian embassy and figure out more about it. At this point, we are ready to move on; we are ready to go were we can be a visitor. Once there, I would Find a job and a place to stay, then apply for a residency and request toHave my family come live with me. We chose Windsor because is right at the border with Detroit where Amanda can work at a hospital while i work in Canada. What we are looking for is a church that can help us settle there, as well as a body of believers that loves God and pursues Him. We want to find a place for us to have fellowship and worship our God.
The old saying goes that home is where the heat is. Issac, Alana, and I have only been home about 2months out of the last 21months. We are really our happiest when together and I see the truth in this saying frequently. I have recently heard a christian song (that I wish I knew the artist and title to) where she speaks of leaving and not being afraid for the first time. How she knows God will be waiting on her. Not afraid and Not alone. All this to say that Alana and I are going to be with Issac for good in July. As of right now its kinda up in the air about where we will actually be joining him. The permanent visa process in takes around a year and a half. They also have providence work permits that you can go there on while you wait. If Issac and/or I can get one of those we plan to and Alana and I will join him in If we are unable to get that we will join Issac in and live there until we can get the permanent visa to go through. I have never been more sure of anything (other than to marry the man of my dreams). This has been a true test of our love and devotion over this last year and a half and we know for sure all we want in life is to live for God with each other and alot of kids. Issac will be meeting Alana and I in Canada on April 5th until April19th for a sort of work vacation. We will be spending time together and relaxing (we got a hotel with a pool. ) and we will also both be applying for jobs and I will be visiting the consulate that is in Detroit, MI to apply for our paper work. There is a nice lady there that we met through a Hispanic church who knows and understands the laws. She is going to the consulate with me and to some job sites with Issac. Please pray for us that this trip is fruitful. The work permit rests upon us finding a job that the government dreams important enough to allow us to stay. After this trip I will come home and train someone to take my place at work, get my financial issues straitened out (yikes this will be rough) and pack my junk. Anyway if any of you have questions please fill free to ask. We don't have anything to hide and always enjoy educating people on how messed up our legal immigration system is. We are not accepting any negative remarks at this time.

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