Tuesday, October 28, 2008

clinic vs prvt part 2

So we made our decision. As I had said before Aunt Marti told me there was no difference and that we should go to the clinic because it was free and the dr. visits where cheaper. Issac and I went to find out about the Dr. visits and basically you get assigned a doctor and you keep him until delivery. Which is fine unless I didn't like him/her. I told Issac I could deal with this and that we should go ahead and check out the clinic hospital. As we are driving up to it I was trying so hard not to be critical. Its literally in the hood. There was a crowd of people waiting outside waiting to be seen or just waiting for family who knows. We went into a door that looked not as crowded and a rough looking security guard stopped us. She looked like she had just gotten out of prison and didn't act much happier. Issac told her we were their to check into the hospital, and see the rooms, to decide if we wanted to use it. She looked at us like we were funny to her and said we would have to go next door for that (the crowded one) but that their where no single rooms. Everyone shared by about 5 or 6 women. I wish I could see the shock on my face when Issac translated that on my way out the door. "What no single rooms." That makes no sense. I see a seen from a chemo room in my head with screaming babies and sick, tired moms. OMG. I think not, sorry wont see this momma sharing a room with many others. So our decision was made. When Issac told his aunt that we checked into it and their was no way she laughed, as if she figured as much. We saw another of his aunts in the store one day and told them of our decision. They kept trying to change our minds and she was telling me that she had all of her kids in the clinic. We asked about if Issac could stay in our room and they said no only one hour a day. Again I think not. He totally missed everything with Alana and refuses to miss even an hour this time. Also I don't feel like a spoiled American anymore either. One of Issacs friends helped him bring in our fridge and his wife is preg also. When we mentioned the clinic he made the same crinkled face as I did and said their was no way his wife would go their. Also our neighbors did the same thing when we mentioned it. So all of you who want public health care this may be what your looking at.


  1. Don't feel like a "spoiled gringa"!!! I think the quality of public clinics is highly variable in Mexico (i.e. some are good, some are not so good). I just had my baby at a private hospital recommended by my sister-in-law in Mexico. She has 4 children now and the first one she had in a public hospital and the next 3 at the private hospital, because, as she said, they treat you like a burro at the public hospital. I know it's hard when you're pregnant, but keep looking and try to find a place you are more comfortable with. The private hospital we went to wasn't fancy and there weren't English-speaking doctors. There were some single rooms and some double rooms. They took pity on me, a scared first-time mom (and gringa) and gave me my own room. :) Also my fiance was with me the entire time :)

  2. Laura, we have found a great private hospital and I actually look forward to the visit. Im not to worried about the treatment from the staff. I am a nurse so as long as my husband can clearly state what I want I wont be worried that they will give me the wrong thing. :) I tried to check out your site but am blocked from it. How did you come to be in Mexico?