Monday, October 20, 2008

The wedding

I was in my last few months of nursing school to get my RN and we still decided to plan the wedding for April. We had no idea what was to lay ahead of us with the court proceedings and I wanted to marry him before he left for Mexico. I was at this time prepared to leave with him when he went. So I had less than three months to plan and was also in nursing school. Man was I nuts or what? I had never been the type of girl to dream about her wedding except to say that I would marry bare footed. Our wedding ended up being one of the most beautiful weddings Iv ever seen. Because we had almost no money it quickly became a community affair with my church. Everyone pitched in, I bought almost everything on sale and got my dress at a thrift store (it was new with tags on it). We did the whole shebang, cake, dancing, everything. The Lord truly blessed that day and provided everything a girl could want at her wedding day. I loved showing the pictures to the Lady to get our I-130 (proof your legitimately married) because I knew our love for each other shown through.

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