Monday, October 20, 2008

The phone call about Immigration

I was working nights at the hospital and on my way home at 8am I recieved a call from our pastors wife. She informed me that Issac had been taken to Hazelwood police department and that they had called INS. I was mortified and cried the intire way home. I obviously didnt sleep that day and had to call off work that next night. Issac was in Hazelwood’s custody for three days. He was then turned over to the INS. I was not allowed to see him the entire time while he was in their custody. After some time, we were informed that his bond would be $3,000 and that because it was an immigration case we were not allowed to use a bondsman. Because of the love of our church family, we were able to raise the money.
I then scheduled with the Immigration office downtown, to pick Issac up. When I got to the office I was treated like dirt. Everyone was sharp with me and acted like I was doing something horrible. My gosh I was bailing a 22yr old guy our of federal prison where he was sitting next to real criminals. All he had done was walk across a border that was not being taken care of the way it should have been. Twice I was “forgotten about," during my wait to bail him out. Issac was waiting, and ready for me when I got there, but the process took over three hours.

Journal entry from 11/18/2004: In a few days I will have been dating Issac for only three months. So weird, because I’m ready to spend my life with him. Other guys I have dated in the last year I would periodically look at them and get this weird feeling of, “what am I doing with this person.” or “who are they?” Not once have I looked at Issac and felt that way. That’s strange especially after what we’ve been through (Him getting picked up by INS.)

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  1. This post is so mind-numbingly familiar to me!! :(