Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trying to get info for Immigrating to Mexico Sept

Well here is a little update. Issac had two days off this week instead of one because we were planning to go get my immigration stuff sorted out. Well things didn't actually work out as planned. The piece of junk car one of his aunts sold us started to show us that it would never make the trip so we called to see if they could fix it before we went. (His uncle is a mechanic.They offered to let us borrow their truck for the trip and they would keep the car for two days to fix it. On the way home the truck wouldn't go a more than a few miles without dying, and the lights didn't work at all. We were driving on a country road with no lights and our baby in the car. AHHHHHHHHHHHH
Any way sorry for that rant. Obviously we couldn't go out of town to the immigration office so Issac searched online to be sure we had all our facts strait. For the most part we did but we found that Mexico like the U.S. and Canada, requires you to show a proof of sufficient income for the family. We don't have this. Issac is literally making 2/3s of what we are spending each month and we are doing our best to cut things short. The other 1/3 is coming from my savings from the states. We have enough to make it for about 6 months but a savings isn't considered and income to a country.

So were in a bit of a spot. Issac is searching for a better job. He needs to make almost double what he has now to be considered a sufficient amount by the gov for our family. He will basically be sponsoring us and they want to be sure Im not gonna need gov support. He has to find it in the next couple months or I will have to go back to the states with Alana and 6mo preg. Im kinda freaking out about that thought.

We did end up finding a reliable car from a nice couple. Its a 95 jimmy and we plan to sell the piece of junk for some cash to add to the savings.

I cant bear the thought of us living apart again even for a few weeks. I know God listens he has always come through for me especially when money was involved.

If he is unable to find a job that will work for us, then I will look into cleaning houses or something where I don't have to talk to much to people. Then when I learn the language I will work as a nurse. I actually miss nursing so much I cant even tell you. But I still have a lot to learn around here. Issac drooped off like 6 resumes the other day and he has an interview at a tile comp today after work. Sounds like they would be able to start him at what we need. He told his work that he needed more money and they said they would give him a raise but I don't think that will be enough. We decided if he cant find something in the next month or so then I will look also. Day care here is really cheep so I wouldn't have to make or work to much to make up a difference. I actually wouldn't mind working part time or something as long as I get 3 mo off with the baby when it comes. I was really upset and freaking about all this for a few days. But God is giving me peace and I think he will work this out that I don't have to leave.

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