Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things I didnt expect in Mexico July 12

Ok so instead of going into a whole narrative about my first few weeks here Ill tell you of a few funny oddities Iv found. Trash. This seems so simple. Cut and dry. Well the first week Issac tells Shawndra to listen for a cow bell. Yes you read it a cow bell. The next day Shawndra and I see a boy walking up my street ringing a cow bell around 8am or so......... Nothing else happens. Hummmm. Then randomly you start seeing my neighbors bringing there trash out to the corner. Ok so the trash dudes come and get it ,right..... Wrong. Soon the kid comes back around with the cow bell. (Soon being with in an hour, nothing is soon around here.) Then more people are bringing there trash out and standing by it in on the sidewalk. What the..... Ok so basically the trash truck comes then and everyone pics up there own bags, buckets, ect. and brings it to the truck. The guys help of course but you basically throw it in yourself. WEIRD. Couches. What could throw me off about couches. Well they are all small. Mind you the set Issac got for $200 is a little smaller than the others. But even the rest that I have seen in the stores are all tiny. Even the big ones. Whats up with that. And I know what your thinking but really they are not short people. :) Alto. This means stop. Apparently stop signs really mean, "slow down and see if anyone is coming, if not go, if there is see who waves to who first to go ahead." Also the signs are not always standing right on the corner like we are use to. They are posted to the closest electrical pole or wall to the intersection. Well I think that's enough for now. All in all I love this place and its oddities. I do believe I will fit in quite well in a few months.

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