Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scared about Immigration issues

As easy as it has come lately to pray for everyone I love I am struggling to pray for this immigration issue. Every time I kneel to pray with a sincere heart about it, my self starts to tell me that I have done this before and it didn't help at all. Which is so true I cant tell you how many time I was on my knees or face pleading with God to touch the lives of those we would come across in the immigration office. And not only did we not get what we were wanting but those people practically spit in our faces. They were all so mean to me and Issac even in their treatment. From what I have read we shouldn't come across that with the Immigration here but after the lawyer fiasco here we are so nervous. So I have been halfheartedly praying and really the whole time thinking its not gonna help anyway. Gods gonna do what hes gonna do and pouring out my heart only makes me crazy. So please pray for this issue for me. Today I did come across some verses that remind me I should also keep up the effort regardless of what the sinful self tells me. Also yesterday God reassured to me that right now I am where he wants me and of course didn't reveal anything about future.

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