Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A notary is a notary right?

Ok so one of the last pieces of paper we need for the immigration office here in Mexico is called an Apostille. After all weve been through I had never heard this term until a few weeks ago. Apparently a few countries decided that this piece of paper would be used to confirm the signatures on birth cirts and marriage lic. Ok what eve we will get one. I go on the web site for MO Apostilles and it says all I need to do is mail in a request for them along with the original documents and a source of payment. The marriage lic had to be notarized it said. Also it says they only use regular mail unless you send a prepaid airmail envelope. So I find our lic and Yahooo it is already notarized. We put the packet together and are going to mail it from here in Mexico. Issac goes to three different places and everyone says they do prepaid for Mexico only and do not do prepaid for international. Well crap. So we call on Shawndra to do some more leg work for us. We send her the package and a self addressed large envelope for her to use to send everything back. Shawndra gets the package in three days (we used UPS) and puts it in the mail the next day. Yesterday was one week from that day. We are on the phone and she exclaims, "I got you letter, well wait let me make sure, yes its from the Secretary of State." We are both excited as she opens the letter and she says, "Is this all that's suppose to be here, Alanas birth cirt and your marriage lic." I say no there should be a separate letter attached to both. "Oh Amanda, hang on let me read this letter,"Shawndra says to me. Well SH##***, Im thinking what now. So apparently when the website said that the marriage lic had to be notarized it meant notarized by a MO notary or elected official and it was the Recorder of Deeds who notarized my lic. He is apparently appointed his seat and doesn't count. Sigh no double sigh. Why the heck did this dude even notarize it if his name doesn't count for crap. So I look up online how to get a different cirt copy and again Shawndra has to do the leg work. I sent her the form to fill out and mail. We are being extremely specific about the notary needed. Please pray that they get it right. Then once she gets that she has to resend the original packet back to the Secretary of State. So needless to say I freaked out a little yesterday. From what Issac and I understand we have no more than 4 weeks to get all this turned in or Alana and I will be making an unnecessary and expensive flight to the States in early Dec. My 180th day here is Christmas eve and I refuse to miss even part of that week being here with my family. We have missed 2 Christmases together thanks to the U.S. BS. Sorry didnt mean to be so harsh just still a little frustrated about the whole thing. So also please pray that the Recorder of Deeds gets this lic. back to Shawndra with in a week. Issac is going to call today to find out if after I have applied for my FM2 if I can stay until they make their decision regardless of my 180days. Ill keep you updated. Thanks for reading.

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