Tuesday, October 28, 2008

privat vs clinic Aug

So as I said before we found a great Dr. We then went to see the hospital he delivers at. They gave a a tour and a price list. The rooms are so much nicer than the ones at MOBAP. And Shawndra Issac will get his own twin bed (pillow and all). The price for the entire visit is $1,000. (that's food, anesthesia, meds delivery, dr. all) Now they also have clinics here where the service is practically free. Im just worried we wont get the same personal treatment. See in Mexico if you are working your (Issacs) social number gets activated and you and your family (me) can get free health care. This prvt dr. we saw actually gives his pts his pager number. If I have problems I page him personally. But Issacs fam and some friends are acting like were crazy. So I may check into the clinic thing. We shall see. I think to use the clinic I have to have a more permanent status first anyway. Our next apt with the pvt dr. isnt for another month. What do you all think. Man that hospital was so nice and for $1,000. That's nothing compared to what you pay in the states. I know it would be money we could save. But having a baby is no joke and Id like it to be as comfy as possible. Anyway Im open to opinions as always.

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  1. Wow!! $1000?? What about a midwife? Do you know at all?