Monday, October 20, 2008

How we got the facts

After much prayer, many phone calls and office visits with different lawyers we finally found Katie. Katie is a lawyer in St. Louis,and works for Interfaith Legal Services, she was a Godsend. I have their website listed under helpful Immigration sites. I suggest you visit them if you have legal questions regarding your case. Katie explained to us the ins-and-outs of the immigration laws. We explained our situation and she gave us our options. We knew at this point that even if we got married, Issac would have to go back to Mexico for a time. Here Im going to paste a portion of Issacs letter to give you more information about this time.

It was so hard to find a lawyer that really wanted to help us. The lord was gracious once again, and blessed us with Katie, our lawyer and friend. When she started reviewing our case, she noticed that I had been charged with what is called a “false claim” which means that I was accused of claiming to be a us citizen. We appealed this charge. The judge removed this particular charge on the basis that the accusations against me were assumptions and there was no evidence to support it. Because this charge was dropped, I was no longer in removal procedures, but i was still to leave the country on a “voluntary departure” basis. This means that i was to go back to México on my own; something that would make my return to the states much easier. Also, this was able to buy us some time to be together by pushing my court date back.

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