Monday, October 20, 2008

When Issac met me

Again this is a section from Issacs letter in his words instead of mine.

I contacted Tim Cobillas pastor of Joshua House to connect with him again and a few months later, we went to a youth event that they were hosting at a building downtown. They invited me to their service, which was held at their house. I went the following Friday and got hooked. I was very welcomed by everybody there. Their church has grown and is called The Joshua House. I started going to their services and hanging out with the rest of the group. Eventually, they invited me to play with the worship band and I became more involved as time went on. I not only had friends; I belonged to a fellowship of believers that accepted me where I was at the time. This is my church family.

By this time, Lauren’s life was going in one direction and mine, another. We decided to part ways. I kept going to the Joshua House and she continued in her fellowship at the Assembly of God church.

In the summer of 2004 I met Amanda. Tim’s parents held a BBQ at their house. Apparently she and I had both been going to The Joshua House, but had never met since she went Sunday night and I went on Friday night. I still remember what she was wearing that night. We became friends and eventually started dating. Meeting her family went better than I ever thought it could. They really liked me and I liked them as well. It was perfect. This was the beginning of our life together.

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