Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I recently found out that I have an inflamed gallbladder and it is directly related to being pregnant. A few interesting things we found out from the specialist is that its common in women here in Mexico who have had a lot of babies. This is only my second but I also found online that its common in women who have a history of breast feeding. Most likely I will have this issue with every pregnancy but it will only last during the pregnancy a lot like gestational diabetes. Something else that we found out that is funny is that the area we live in (this part of Jalisco) has a high rate of pregnancy and babies. This is funny because when I first got here after about the first month or so (before I knew I was pregnant) I told Issac every women seemed to have a baby or be pregnant. We both decided I was imagining it because we were so ready to be started with having our next child.
So about the gallbladder stuff. For now its just trial and error. I have a list of foods that are potential bad for it and ones that are good. The last couple days no matter what I ate it hurt pretty bad and I would be in the bathroom later. We (I say we because Issac and I are in this together) figured out that Dairy is bad. The list says in order don't eat eggs, pork, onion, fowl, milk, coffee.
Honestly the dairy is going to be the hardest. I eat dairy with every meal and love it. The power of Cheese.
Also I had a head ache all day and it just dawned on me that its prob because I didn't have any coffee. Although I plan to try it again after I start feeling better.
Apparently when the episode is better you can have more and it wont make you sick. The biggest thing is low cholesterol. So maybe its better it happened this way. Pork is so big down here and maybe this way I can keep my husband around longer. I plan for my whole family to have a healthy diet. Sure they can splurg when needed even though I cant. I could never deny them tacos. Man Im gonna miss those.

I'm blessed that it was just an episode of pain and no infection. I wont need surgery just to eat better.

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