Monday, October 20, 2008

Big family

Issac and I had agreed even before we got married that we would not let our legal situation get in the way of our dreams of a big family. We were very excited, because we really wanted to have children, but we were also anxious, because Issac was in voluntary departure proceedings and we knew he would need to leave the U.S. We were hoping that we would have a baby before Issac had to leave. I got pregnant shortly after we got married and we were on our way. Issacs departure hearings took well over a year. Issac was supportive throughout my entire pregnancy. He was at every doctor’s appointment and was reading all the pregnancy/baby magazines and books right along with me. This was a happy time for us despite the impending situation. We were able to enjoy our good times, but yet there were moments of incredible sadness as we faced the next phase of our journey.

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