Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Geeessssssss. Im so excited. Kinda feels like I have a lot to do but really I don't. So much has to wait until the last min. I cant wait for us to all be together. Issac is so good with Alana. And we are so ready for our next one. We have been discussing names and he has checked into some OB's down there. Due to living in a smaller town none of them will be English speaking. So Issac will be going to every appointment with me. How exciting Im so ready to do that all again. And to see Alana with a sibling. She is a handful right now. I cant wait to have daddy around. Although I don't think he will be much help on the discipline part. Hes a push over all you gotta do is pout. Opps he will be reading this. lol. I'm just so happy and I'm trying to figure out how to tell you all that and its just not working. Well when I get there Ill send pictures and you'll see it all over my face. I'm at peace with him. Anyway I'm obviously a little nervous. Iv always been pretty flexible and able to adjust to situations but wow a whole culture and language. This will be so cool and yet freaky at the same time. Shawndra gave me this awesome book to read about Mexico and its history. It s really a captivating country. Ok I'm gonna stop now. Sorry for blabbing I'm just getting relay excited

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