Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pregnant in Mexico Aug.

So as some of you all know a few months ago when I met Issac in Canada for a few weeks we tried to get pregnant. It was perfect timing according to my cycle, but God wasn't ready and we were a little bummed but knew he would do things in his time. Im amazed at how he proves this to you. So today we went to the Dr. and saw our little pea on the screen with a beautiful beating heart. I was way nervous about the Dr. appointment. IM pretty picky about Doctors due to my nursing career. This dude was great. He knows a little English and I a little Spanish. Issac was a smooth and gracious interpreter, and Alana listened and played well during the appointment. God is so good. So Im about 7 weeks pregnant. And yes that's how long Iv been here. We must have conceived like my first or second day here. I already asked and yes, they do have epidural. He says I get it when Im ready. Whoot Whoot. We will of course wait until we have to get it like we did with Alana. I think that's why she came so fast. So there it is we have number two on the way. Man Alanas gonna be a great big sister.

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