Monday, October 20, 2008

The departure

We received the date for Issacs departure and it was a couple weeks before our daughter was to be born. We asked if he could stay only until she was born and they refused. This is a sections from Issacs letter.
The voluntary departure process was going on during all of these events.Our lawyer did a good job of buying us some time, so that Amanda and I could stay together as long as possible during this first year of our marriage.We came to a point where we couldn’t push the court date back any further. We went to our last hearing and the received the final date for my departure to México. We were preparing for the worst. I was scared. I was sad. I was hurting. I still couldn’t believe that was happening.The date was set for July 5By that date I needed to be at the embassy in México, to turn in my paperwork.Our attorney told us that the process was to take from 6 to 8 months to get my visa appointment date, after that, Amanda could start the process to file for “hardship on an American citizen.” We prepared everything for my departure, and on July 3 2006 I left my pregnant wife in St Louis to go to a place that i didn’t know anymore.

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