Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More odd things about Mexico Aug

So a few oddities that I havens mentioned before. I realized the other day that I was growing accustomed to them so I thought Id better share before they seem no big deal to me.

Advertising. So most places around here wont spend the money on getting commercials on TV. So what they do is have someone drive around with a sign on their truck or car for their company and yell through a bull horn their deals. This made me quite angry when I first got here. The gas companies all have their own song and diddy. I catch myself singing along as they drive by now. These are gas co that fill your house gas for you or sell by the tank.
Beggars or whatever you want to call them. Sure they say they are asking for a case, but who really knows. Like in St. Louis the dudes on the street in t-shirts selling candy saying its for starving kids. Anyway they walk right up into a store when your shopping and ask you for money. Also the workers. Can you imagine someone not getting arrested for that.
Street vendors. Man the street food is to dye for here. :) But seriously its so good a I cant even tell you all of it but a few are: the mixed fresh fruit bags with fresh squeezed lime and salt (chili powder if you want). Yummy, Also boiled corn with crumbling cheese, lime and chili. (If you'v seen Nacho Librea they eat it on there), Of course the Tacos. You'll crave them forever once you'v had a taste just ask Shawndra. There are a lot of others but those are my favorites.

I am in love with this place. Im so glad Iv gotten to see the brighter side of Mexico. Monclova is where his mom is working at the childrens home. That town is so ugly and dirt and dust are everywhere and it gets cold in the winter and super hot in the summer. The weather here has been great. Hardly ever over 75 and usually a nice breeze. I have no AC and haven t even missed it not one time.

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  1. Where's the "like" button?! I love all those things as well!! What part of Mexico?