Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacunes TB/BCG

A newborn in Mexico is suppose to get this vaccine in the hospital when they are born. Apparently the private hospitals are bad about not doing this. So our baby got hers on June 23rd when she was 3 months old. I was very interested in this vaccine because its not one that we get anymore in the states. I asked if we had to get it and the answer was yes it is one of the required vaccines for a child to go to school. So we went to get it. My husbands mom showed up that morning and said shed like to go with me to help translate. I said ok and we headed to the Segudo around 12pm. We were told the shots don't begin till one but its a first come first serve type of thing so they told us to show up at noon. When you get there you hand over your babies vaccine card and it is put in a stack with everyone else who is there for vaccines. We waited a little under an hour which is about how long I always had to wait at the Dr. in the states. So this wasn't to bad. What blew me away was as we were walking in for our turn the nurse said only one adult could go in with the baby. My husbands mom explained that my Spanish was limited and that she needed to translate. They said no and that if we wanted she could go in with the baby. Well that got whopping no from me and I said I would be ok. Which I was, thankfully most Medical words are conjugates in Spanish. So I understood when they told me that we needed to come back for more vaccines AUG 3rd. They also explained that the TB shot should not cause any fever, pain or diarrhea. But that in a few weeks it would swell up. The injection is intradermal, which means right under the top layers of skin. If you have ever had a PPD test which tests for TB then you know what it is. They make a bleb or small bump under your skin with the medicine. After a few days the bleb turned into a knot and then disappeared and her arm looked normal. Then about a week ago it started with a small red bump that looked almost like a mosquito bite. Then it got larger and was a knot again. Because I never studied this vaccine in school nor have I ever seen one except the scar left behind I was constantly asking neighbors and family if it was looking like its suppose to. A few days ago we were at my husbands grandmas house and I asked again. The knot was about the size of a garbanzo bean and there was redness surrounding it. They said it was fine and to stop worrying. Yesterday I had her in the bath and the knot began to pus and lot of exudate came out. It was thick and yellow and there was quite a bit. I kinda freaked out and grabbed my husband to come look. He said yes this was normal. I pushed gently on the knot until it was done. We saw one of his aunts later in the evening and I confirmed with her that it was ok. She said yes also. Today the knot is smaller but still there and it has a white head where the puss came out. I'm assuming it will happen again when shes in the tub and the skin gets wet. I'm trying not to mess with it to much to minimize the scaring. I hope this ends up being helpful to any moms who will be having newborns here and getting there shots.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well today my husband went back to work after his almost week and a half off. At his work you don't really add up hours for vacation time. You get one week a year for the first few years then after that they slowly add more time. You also don't get to pick when you go. As a matter of fact they changed our week on us twice, once a month before the dates and the second time a week before. So now we know not to buy any tickets ahead of time next year. He got more than a week because of some recent overtime he had done. The don't pay you for overtime here they just give you time off which is fine with us also. We were not planning on going to far but we did want to visit some friends (Leslie) and head down to Lake Chapala and see some of Issacs old friends down there. Well the first day of his vacation we headed to Guadalajara to hang out with Melissa (Refried Dreamer). As always it took us as long to find where we were going as it took to get to Guad. As we were searching for the right street our truck started acting crazy. We did make it though and because of the truck situation we decided not to do much but to hang out with them at their shop. Melissa did take us to Costco which is a treat for people who don't have any stores that big in town. We got quite a few things that wont run out for a long time. ;) We brought the truck in to get looked at and over the next few days got several different opinions on it. No matter where we went it all came down to the fact that our Vacation money was going into the truck. So for my husbands first time off in over a year we got to stay home. I suppose it worked out for the best at least we didn't spend all the money then find out the truck was broke. Since we weren't going anywhere we decided to have some people over for cake and icecream for our now 3yr old. We celebrated early which was a good thing because by the time the birthday came she had a stomach flu. Poor baby thank goodness shes feeling better now. The good thing about Mexico with sick kids is that there is always a tienda very close, for us its downstairs. I remember in the states having to call someone to either bring me the pedialite and soup or to sit with her while I went to get it. Well on Fri night one of Issacs cousins stopped through on his way down to the lake and he stayed here with the girls so we could go out on a date. So at least we got to go out. We went bowling and I kicked his butt. hee hee. Then we played pool and he kicked mine. Funny how a date turns in to who kicks whos butt. lol But it was so good to get out and knowing we may not get to again for a bit made it so much nicer. We then went our for tacos. Yummmm. Well I seriously thought he was going to be sick of us after all that time at home with us but he wasn't. And I miss him already. Its nice to know that after 4 yrs of marriage and a year of living together that we could spend every waking hour together and still miss each other. I love that I still miss him when hes at work everyday. And he feels the same way. Once again just more reassurance that this is where Im suppose to be.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


These are things that look like chips kinda and are usually orange or white. They are kind of like corn puffs but with little or no taste. Until now I didnt know what they were called. The other day a friend of mine (ok the only friend I have in town) held up a bag of what looked like little candies in the shape of S. She asked if I liked them. I said Im not sure what is is made of, thinking it was candy. They looked like little caramels to me. She then said they were Duritos which I still had no idea what she was saying so I went to try one. She then of course laughed at me and explained that you have to cook them. OH Whoops I said. She then reminded me of a time when our daughters had shared some and then I laughed at me for trying to eat one. We never got around to making them that day and she left some for me with instructions on how to make them. Basicaly you use a lot of really hot oil and throw them in. I just got done making (and eating) them and it was sooooooooooooooooo fun. I loved watching them come to life in the pan. Yes I was one of those kids that would sit and watch those black snake things grow at the 4th of July. I should have taken before and after pictures but after the first batch I just kept throwing them in and now we are all out. lol
I cant wait to go buy more. Oh and another super plus is that they are way cheep.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is a virtue Iv always struggled with, I like immediate gratification. Also I feel punctuality is an even more important virtue. Or I did at least. The verse that God has frequently in my life had to bring back to me is in Mathew and it talks about not worrying about anything including the future. This is the real reason I want things now is so that I don't have to worry about if I will get them or not. I like to go back and read old journal entries to see if I have learned anything from myself, and if I haven't, if I can. I do it a lot during the first of the year but randomly Ill flip back a few months and take a look. Today was one of those days. Here is a blip of the entry I read. The parenthesis is just a little explanation.
(this was at the bottom of a bible study entry)
*Side note, since I've been here (Mexico) I felt as though I had not learned the patience or goodness or what ever it was that I was suppose to learn through the last 2 years of trial(meaning the years I lived in the states raising my daughter without my husband). But I realize what I did learn is that when I lose my grip on that patience and goodness I just have to honestly pray and ask for God to help me to do, say, and feel what is right for the situation. (end of quote)
The reason this entry struck me so this morning is because over the last week I have noticed my change in reaction to things like waiting, and not getting answers when I want them, which is always now. Like I said this is something that has been a part of me since I can remember. I have always, even before following Christ, analyzed myself and tried to find ways to better my faults. And this patience issue has always been one that I have struggled with since I was young. If when I was 12 and first discovered this in my self you would have told me, "Just move to Mexico and that will help you." I would have been like, "ok, I love the world and I want to go." If you had told me at 16 when I was trying to look inside myself, I would have been like, "Hell no, Id be lost without my friends. But then again isn't there good drugs in Mexico?" lol
Then if you would have asked me at 20 I would have said, "No way I'm trying to get my life on track here, I'm in school again and want to be a nurse finally." Then at 25 when I married and illegal alien I still refused that Mexico was the place I needed to be. Then almost 4 years later and a lot of court dates and legal mumbo jumbo I accepted the call to move to Mexico. After all did I really have a choice, well of course I did, you always have a choice. I chose to live with my family together and in no way expect it to help me become a better person. Well look what happens when you finally listen to Gods call of his will for you life. You become more of the person you and He have always wanted you to be.