Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Learning Spanish Oct

So yesterday when I was researching the FM3 I found a ladies personal blog about getting her own. I found that it helped me a lot to read about someone else who had been through a similar situation. That is what inspired this entire blog site. Here is my story of learning Spanish so far. This way when someone like myself is searching for help they can read my story and maybe be comforted by it.

So I started trying to learn the moment I fell in love with my now husband. At that pint I knew; mi casa su casa, vive, Adios, and caca. None of which are to helpful. When I became interested others at our church where to so Issac started a class using the Living Language books. I think we got to about the 3rd chapter before Issac got picked up for being illegal. Needless to say our life was upside down and the class fell off the radar. We soon decided to get married and at this point I was in nursing school and had more important things to rack my mind over. So Spanish was again on the shelf. After we married I decided it was time to commit again to Spanish I was now graduated from school and ready to continue learning. I ordered some CD's off line that where cheep but really good. They were called Advantage Language and are a computer program. I loved this. Tammy came over once a week and we did the lessons together. Soon Tammy was unable to come and the immigration stuff with Issac began to pick up. I also got pregnant somewhere in here and my memory was shot. But I continued to randomly do the comp program and was still trying to trudge through the book we had bought for Issacs class alone. Issac is always there to answer questions also. Ok so now I would say I have the knowledge of someone who has Spanish one in High school.
Then Issac has to go to Mexico and my life is crazy, sad, busy, just to much to worry about Spanish. The only reading I did was for stress relief and fun.
So here I am sitting in Mexico with the knowledge of High School Spanish one. I brought those comp CD's which I early didn't add that after about the Int part they had audio CD's also and I also got a digital translator with it that works pretty well even now. I also brought with me the book that started it all with Issacs class. I know I should have finished it by now but geesss didn't you read my excuses. So the comp one wont work because they can only be installed into one comp and that is at Shawndras in the States. So I hit the Living Language book (which also came with audio CD's). I got through this one I think early Aug. It is an ok book but mainly for memorization and for tourist. Im not exactly a tourist although thats what my legal status is. So now I feel Im at about Spanish one College maybe. If the people who communicate with me speak clearly and a little slower than normal I do ok. Also if they use words they know I know. :)
To continue my learning Im now working on increasing my vocabulary. I listen to the Audio CD's from Advantage Language while doing dishes, playing outside with Alana, Taking walks, during Alanas cartoons ext. Issac recently got Rosetta Stone for me and I whizzed through Unit one in like 3 weeks it had 8 lessons with about 12 sessions in each. Im pretty happy with that its mainly about listening comprehension which is what I need to master before I can dream about speaking it well myself. We will soon have the second unit up and running and Im sure it will be more of a challenge. I also recently borrowed Issacs cousins Spanish one and two books from Jr. High. So this is 7th and 8th grade Spanish here. But if you think about it this would be higher up in the States because the entire book is in Spanish. I also am reading through a book that his aunt used to lean English it has both in it and is pretty neat. Its called Expreselo todo en ingles, express everything in Spanish. The entire book has both languages like the title.
Gosh still a lot to learn but I will keep you posted on how it is going. With all these sources and being immersed in the population I hope I will be doing better soon.

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