Monday, October 20, 2008

Currently October 2008

At this point we have decided to stay in Mexico. We gave up on the Canada plan for a couple reasons. First off it is a lot of money. We have poored a lot of money into the States and are not ready to do that again. Also the move alone would cost to much for us to afford. Once we got there we realize that we wouldnt have the family around that we do here. Family is so important to Issac and I both which was what attracted us to each other in the first place. So as it stands Im planning to stay here in Mexico with Alana and Issac.

As for now I am still here on a visitor status. My next blog will be regarding the FM3 versus the FM2 for extended stay.

So my Spanish still kinda sucks but is getting better. I seem to be retaining more vocabulary and am understanding more of the conversations around me. I still cant strike up a normal conversation with people and that is kinda getting old. But all in good time I suppose. Im now 13 weeks pregnant, may be a little early to spill the beans to the world but I cant keep my mouth shut about it anymore. Those of you who know when I came here know that I must have gotten pregnant as soon as Issac looked at me. lol Seriously though we are supper excited. Alana is going to be a wounderfull big sisiter.

Issac is doing well at work and we are just praying that he is making enough for the gov here to agree to let him sponser us. We are still adjusting to a major decrese in income and are still dipping into our savings quite a bit. But we are trying to get better.
We have a private OB and plan to have the baby in a private hospital. Some of his family keeps trying to convince us to go to the free clinic but they have no idea what Im coming from. In the clinic you share a room with 4 or 5 other women and their babies and are only allowed to have the dad there like an hour a day. Issac missed everything with Alana and refuses to miss a min this time around. The hospital is actually really nice and its so cheep compared to the states. We have put back the money for all of that and are good to go for a bit. I cant express to you how excited about this we are. As most of you know Issac and I want a big family and were so ready to get started on that.


  1. I know this is an old post but I wanted to tell you that I am SO glad to have found your blog as my husbands immigration status is the same as yours and we are planning our move to a small town in Mexico about 30 minutes from tepatitlan! I have had so much anxiety and stress from just thinking about it but like you, I feel like this is something that God wants for us and who am I to challenge that?

  2. Arcy its times like these that I couldn't be more happy for this blog. I hope that through your reading some of your anxiety will be removed. You are the reason I post my blogs. How cool that you will be so close we will def have to meet after you get settled. It really isn't as bad as it may feel to you at times. Im very happy here and know Im where Im suppose to be. How are your move preparations going? There is a great book you should look into its an e-book I have a post on it and the link is under my helpful links on my home page of my blog.

  3. Hey I have so much to tell you and talk to you about but I cant find how to put comments on your blog nor a place that says I can e-mail you. Let me know how.

  4. I would love to read the ebook!!!