Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scorpions in my house Sept

Yikes!!!!!, So last night after we put Alana to bed Issac and I are sitting on the futon watching TV. Out of the corner of my eye I see a "ball of loose string on the carpet." I look closer, gasp, and cling to Issac. OMG its a freaking scorpion. It was only a little over an inch long when its tail is stretched out but my gosh those things are creepy looking. This is only the second one Id ever seen and the only one in my house. It was kinda pale. I think it was trying to match the tile. Issac took care of it and said we need to be better about spraying with the bug spray every other day. "What" I though, "bug spray, that's a scorpion. But apparently that's what they eat is bugs. So if there's no bugs then there should be no scorpions. Now we don't have a lot of bugs but the random beetle or ant. But right outside our door we keep our trash and I never sweep and mop out there. I figure the bugs can live outside right. Well not anymore. No more bugs shall live with in 20feet of my door. Today I cleaned for about 2 hours and sprayed every orifice of my house. And the stairs outside. Yes I'm stinky. As I suspected when I moved the big trash can from outside the front door there was another one. It was darker brown but it was on the door. So again I assume they can change color a bit to blend. He was a little smaller than the other. Yikes I had to kill this one myself. They are much harder to kill than a spider. Yuck Yuck Yuck. I feel so gross. I'm gonna go shower now.

Last night I was having flash backs of being a kid and checking under my sheets for brown recluses. And of laying in bed all night watching the ceiling just sure one would come through from the attic, slowly creep down to our bed and eat me alive. I don't even remember seeing any back then. I just remember mom telling us to check under our covers before going to bed and as usual my imagination didn't need much more spark than that.

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