Thursday, October 23, 2008

First solid infor on extended stay in Mexico

We originally were asking around and had spoke with a lawyer here in our town regarding getting more permanent permission for Alana and I to stay in Mexico. We were lead in many directions and even after looking at the Mexican Immigration website were still confused. I read someones blog that suggested we just go to the office and ask for help. I had also read that we shouldn't need legal assistance, and that the office would be help enough. Due to our experience with the Immigration offices in the States we were nervous of just walking in and expecting help. Had we not had Katie by our side we would have been brushed aside so often. Regardless we knew at this point this was our only answer. We heard that most areas have their own little quirks to what they want you to turn in with your applications. At this point we were planning on applying for an FM2 for Alana and I both. We packed a bag for the day and headed off to Guadalajara. This was exciting for me because I had not been to this city in Mexico. Our first stop was the Immigration office,we left our back pack in the truck and just grabbed a couple diapers and a snack for Alana. The offices in the States are weird about bringing in bags. The building itself was pretty big and slightly intimidating. The first person we experienced was the officer who had to be sure everyone signed in and out. Issac asked her what level we should go to and she was helpful and had a smile on her face. As we waited for the elevators we noticed others who had bags similar to our back pack and we realized we could have brought it in. This was something to keep in mind for the next trip. When we got to the fourth floor there where tons of people from all different ethnic back grounds. This was familiar to us from being in the offices at the states. Although these people didn't look stressed or disturbed and instead just intent on why they were there. We saw a long line behind a desk labeled information. well there we go. We got in line and noticed its slow progress. Although this gave us heart because we also noticed how much time each person was given and they all seemed to come away with paperwork and looking like they had gotten what they wanted. There were people all over filling out forms with stacks of paper. When we got to the window the lady there was very helpful and answered most of Issac's questions. When she found out our situation she suggested we get an FM3 instead this is for anyone who will eventually want to become a legal resident. She also called over someone who looked like her supervisor to be sure she was suggesting the correct thing. The FM3 has to be renewed every year, like the FM2, but after 4 times you can then apply for the resident. You also can not be out of the country for more than 18 months in the 4 years before applying. This was ok with us because I only plan to make a one month visit in a year or more to the States. And after that we have no idea when we will have enough money for another visit. With and FM2 it cannot be converted into legal residency and when you decide to go that rout you would have to start at the beginning of the 4 years with the FM3. But with the FM2 you can come and go as you please and there is no time limit on how much you have to be in Mexico. We agreed that we needed and FM3 and began to ask more questions. She gave us a list of necessary items and two applications. Then she asked if we could read it and come back if we still had questions because most of what we were asking was on the information sheet. She told us we would not have to wait in line again but to just come up and ask. Issac and I went over the list in a little tea shop next to the office. We were relieved to see that we had most of the items needed and the ones we didn't have wouldn't be to hard to get a hold of. He went back in while I waited outside with Alana to clarify a few things and he said they were very helpful once again. On our way out Issac remembered that the phone number on the website wasn't correct and asked a security officer about it. The officer brought Issac into another area where he gave him a print out of the correct numbers, he told Issac to call if he had any questions about the application. We were blown away by the nice treatment from the officer. So although we didn't have all our ducks in a row at least now we knew clearly how to get them their. I will explain in another blog what we found we needed and how we are getting it.

We then felt free to explore the city a bit. We found some book stores and thankfully bought me some reading material in English. We also found a Starbucks and got some yummy coffee for the way home. The trip was good and we now had a trail to take.


  1. HI , Unfortunately it looks like you got the advantages and disadvantages of the FM3 and FM2 a little mixed up.
    It's the FM2 that goes to permenant residency and you will have to start over with it if you only take the makes sense doesn't it? who would go for the FM2 as you describe it? there would be zero advantage and only dis advantage. please, post more on this topic or any others that you have..I just got my FM2

  2. Mario, thanks for the info, a little late though :).
    Under my December posts is about us brining that application back to Immigration. Luckily although what we thought we heard the lady say she gave us the App. for the FM2. Thank God because you are right thats what we wanted. Its the post in December titled FM2 vs FM3 and about our daughter we found out some better info also and its the post before that one that says children/immigration/abogada.
    Thanks keep reading and give me any info you may have that I get wrong. Its been a little confusing but going well so far.

  3. Mario, do you have a blog, why are you in Mexico, and getting an FM2? Just curious. I cant see your blog.

  4. One more thing. I added a label list to the home page so it would be easier to find the specific posts on immigration. That way I dont bore you with my crafts. :)

  5. Oh thank you so very much for elaborating all this!! Especially for people like me who are still on US soil, awaiting my husband's deportation... :( Do you know if this is still accurate? Is it still an FM2 I would need to apply for? Still reading, so if it is in a later post, don't bother answering! I will get to it!! ;)