Friday, November 7, 2008

Comming soon (hopefully)

I originally started this blog to see how much interest I could get for an online support group. I have gotten more people to tell me they would be interested than I thought I would. Most of them have only contacted me via-email but are asking for the site. I think I am up to the task and Issac has agreed that it would be worth the money. I'm thinking once I get it going it will pretty much run its self. (we shall see.) So I'm seeking opinions and ideas about the website and how to get it going. I have a sister that will be helping me a lot but I also would like others ideas. So please comment away.I know I do want it to be interactive and allow people to express their feelings openly, although I will also moderate it because we all know their are those idiots who will take any chance to tear someone down and that is not at all what we are looking for. But for the most part I hope to be able to leave opinions open.

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