Thursday, November 27, 2008


So yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving. One of my favorite traditions is to decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving. And of course there is always the food. The best thing about Thanksgiving is family. That is what I missed out on this year. Issac was great and tried to make it a normal Thanksgiving for me. Although it couldn't be to normal when no one here has any idea why I want to cook a big feast and invite family over. Lots of people here have already put up lights and trees and stuff so the decorations were not out of place at least. We did cook starting the night before I broke up the bread for the stuffing and left it out to get stale, we also made a new recipe from a friend of the families called penutbutter crunch cake. OMG that cake made my night. So waking up on Wed I was thinking "this is my Thanksgiving here we go." Then I rolled over and saw Issac looking at me. "Ok Im not sad anymore." Gosh how great to wake up to him. "Happy Thanksgiving honey." He said with a smile. "Happy Thanksgiving." Iv waited 2 years for that conversation. He said Im so glad we get to celebrate Thanksgiving today and we both thanked God for giving us to each other.
Ok mushy crap is over you can keep reading and not throw up. :) So we waited until Alana got up to get out of bed and we made our coffee. We had to clean up a bit that morning but only after breakfast of cake. Yummmy. Alana loved that, you should have seen her go. Then we started to get out the decorations. Im a faster cleaner than Issac so he was still doing the dishes as I spread the blanket on the Table and started to look at our inventory of decorations. I made almost everything we were to decorate with and I was afraid it just wouldn't be enough to bring the spirit of Christmas around. I love Christmas decorations and part of only having a couple months to plan a move out of the country is leaving behind things like decorations. I did recieve in the mail from Shawndra our stockings and my favorite blanket that has the true meaning of the candy cane on it.
All I needed was to hear Alana exclaim, "Wow, Balla." (Not sure I spelt Balla correct but its said like baya. Its Spanish for wow or cool.) Her excitement over the decorations got me even more in the spirit and we put on the Christmas tracts I had up loaded a week before. She was having so much fun moving the decorations from room to room and just looking at them.
Im gonna put some pics on here of them because I made them so I thought Id share.
So we started cooking around 12 and didn't finish until around 5. Issac helped fully and he loved it. He likes to help in the kitchen and is a good cook. We made green been casserole, candied sweet potatoes, dressing, and Turkey ham. And for desert we made a dump cake and Apple krugle aside from the other cake that by the end of the day was almost gone. We invited his family to come over at 6 and in true Mexican style half showed up at 7 and the others around 730. We sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner at 8. In broken Spanish I enjoyed our conversation. This part of his family is extremely gentle with me about my Spanish and corrects me when I need it. They are so great about it all and we end up laughing at each other a lot because they will try to speak in English because they know it will make me laugh. It was great though. We also got to see our good friends Samantha and Brian online for a bit but due to the distraction of his family that conversation was cut way to short. Then we got on the web cam with some of his family from Mexico city who are very much like the ones who were over to visit. We played a game of rummy cube and aside from trying to explain why we celebrate Thanksgiving and how we do it felt like Thanks giving.
Today I woke up a little home sick but am feeling better now. Ill put the pics of my decorations on a different post.

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