Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not getting remarried in Mexico

In one of my previous blogs I talked about how we were thinking that getting remarried here may help us to skip dealing with the U.S. system and the long way of getting our appostille for our Marriage lic. Also we thought it would help with all the name confusion. Well this proved to be a bad idea. We went to ask what we have to do to get married. In Jalisco (the state we live in)if you are to marry a NonMexican Citizen you have to get permission from the secretary of state. That's not what they call it but I think its an equivalent. This person is in Guadalajara and who knows what we would have to say to them to get approval. Also you have to have a birth certificate with an appostille. Well I have my birth cirt here in Mexico and it was not one of the documents we sent to my sister in the States. So we are back to trying to get our Authenticated marriage lic and then the appostille. My sister had already mailed off the request for my daughters birth cirt so now that will happen in two different times. We are just praying that all this takes place before I have to book a last min flight to the states so I dont extend my 180 days. Time is ticking away. Also we are waiting on his uncle to send Issac our bank statements from our account in Mexico City. We havent moved it to here yet because we want my name on the new account and cant do that without our FM3. We need the bank statements for the FM3 application. His uncle works a lot and well hes Mexican and although most days I love the culture sometimes its to lax for me. One min Im ok with all this and I remember who is really in control of my life (God). And the next moment Im in agony dreading the idea of leaving Issac even for a couple weeks right before Christmas, and being 6months preg. Also the idea of spending the money on a last min plan ticket. If we could wait for our visit to the states we could get cheaper tickets. But again (breath Amanda) God is in control and he knows where that money should go and if you need to make a visit in December. So for now my documents are all over the place and we are waiting on all of it. Im trying to be patient. Its funny because after all we have been through and all the waiting from the last 4 years you would think I had gained the patience of Job but no. Im still very much Amanda and wish this was done yesterday.


  1. I'm just going to tell you a story the flight attendant told me last time I flew back to the US. If you have only been in the country less than 6 months on a temporary visa (wink), but you lost your paper that you entered with, all you have to do is pay a small fine like $10 (or nothing in my case) at the airport and tell them that you lost your fmt paper.

    Also (not 100 % sure but I think )it is easier if you say you drove in, and they ask you what entry you came in. We came in through Ciudad Juarez. They do ask a specific date that you entered.

    In other words, it is very un likely that someone will come round you up and deport you. and Leaving for me, after 10 months was only a 5 minute delay. Fill out a form and they stamp it.

  2. :) Thanks this is a nice "story" my husband will be pleased to hear it because he kept saying there was maybe just a fee. And because Im us to dealing with the US and not Mexico I said now way they will put me in jail or something. lol. Cant wait to tell him about this one.