Monday, November 24, 2008

The Joy of Worship

I hadnt yet made a blog about finding a church here in Mexico. It wasnt easy I can tell you that. My husband and I were both raised baptist and were going to a nondenominational slightly charismatic church when we met. We decided when were still dating that both of us agreed on how to raise our kids. We wanted them to grow up in a church that had plenty of opportunities for them to be involved but not to force them into them. With this in mind one of our first tasks when I got to Mexico was to check out some churches. He had been going to one with his aunt that he liked a lot for him but he hadn't checked out the kids stuff yet. So we tried this church first. We got there a little early to find out if they would have someone for the kids that eve. Yes they assured us there would be a kids leader. So we went in to join in on the worship. I loved it right away. I could tell the spirit was there, people were all praising in their own ways, some dancing and yelling and some sitting with bowed heads. Although I couldn't join in to much due to no knowing the language of the songs and the distraction of Alana I could tell I liked their view of worship. But when I went to the bathroom it was dark and seemed dirty, no soap or towels to wash with. (Ok remember IM a nurse this is difficult for me.) So then after worship I figured it was time for the kids to go up. Issac and I brought Alana up to the nursery and we were told someone would be up shortly. Ok here where I freaked. The nursery had aunts all over, dirt on all the toys, dirty diapers on the changing tables, and the only couch in there looked like it had been run over with a dirty truck. Issac said this might be the best we can find so I said ok and waited. Soon the pastors youngest who is Alanas age came up with his older brother who is only about 8 or 9. No one else showed up. We waited about 45 min and when I couldn't stand it anymore we left. I was heart broken and bound to find a different church.
I went online and searched until I found an in home church that was just getting started. We tried it the next week. There were only about 8 people there but there where other kids Alanas age. Worship was with no music and when Issac later offered to bring his guitar and play they told us they didn't believe in instruments for worship. Ok we thought we can maybe deal with that. We don't agree but from experience we know as long as the church preaches Christ and doesn't stray from the gospel sometimes its ok not to agree with all the doctoral stuff. They had a nice lady who took all the kids to another room to do a lesson during the service and after only a few Sundays Alana was content to go with them. We liked what the pastor had to say and he seemed to stick to the Bible and what it says. This church only meet every other week though because the pastor also preached in a city about 2 hours from here. So on the odd Sundays we were checking out other churches. We went to a "Pentecostal" church one Sunday night. I have that in quotes because any Pentecostal I know from the states would pass out if they went in there. Seriously it was the driest worship service Iv ever been to (and I was raised baptist)!!! First off the pastor said "Ok now lets sing the normal." (so they sing the same thing every Sunday) And the poor young boy (looked about 12) who was playing the guitar looked absolutely mortified to be there. Also at this time I'm about 2mo preg and there is an extremely stinky lady sitting next to us. Sorry to add that in but I couldn't stay there. Oh and the church was only one room and there were no other kids. Everyone other than us and the sad boy in front were at least over 50.
In the mean time we had visited his Aunts house. This is the aunt I love to go see she lives here in the same town. Anyway she tells us we should give it another try and that they are doing more with the kids. That she is even taking over a class. Well I'm stubborn and didn't want to but we prayed about it and we decided to go.

This time we went to an am service. I swear to you that the devil had clouded my eyes the first time we went. The bathroom was clean and had soap and a towel (cloth but that's cool)!!!!!!!!!!!! Again I enjoyed the worship service and this time we waited around to see when the kids where to go. Oh they don't go yet. First the pastor takes any written prayer requests and prays publicly over them. Oh I like this a lot and I like the idea that the kids are kept in to see it. Then we did offering and another song. Ok now they are telling the kids they can go. I personally want to take Alana to be sure that there is going to be an adult in the room. I had already guarded myself again what the room would look like when we got there. But wait I round the corner and the carpet is vacuumed, only a few random ants, the couch looks like it has been vacuumed, The toys don't have dirt on them they all look like they were just disinfected and no dirty diapers laying around. Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok Satan back off because God has shown us our new home. The lady who was to care for the toddlers did take a bit to get to the room but when she did she was warm and nice. We loved the sermon and as God does it hit home right to what we were needing to hear. We have been regulars every since. Only on one other occasion in and eve service have they not had a person for the toddlers and Alana was the only one there that night anyway. So she hung with us and no one seemed to care when she laughed out loud or said something louder than she should.

Ok after that forever long story here is the real reason for this post. Last night for the first time I was able to translate (for the most part with out Issacs help) the worship songs. Once I translate them I try to sing a long. (My tong is always so tired after church) Last night I was able to truly worship God and not in my native tong. I sang two different songs with not only the understanding of the meaning but the swelling in my heart to know that I meant every word I sang. I cant in a blog or really in anyway of words describe the feeling of worshiping our maker. But recently I have only been able to do it alone and at home with Issac playing or a CD. It is so much better when you are surrounded by other Christians who are praising God and showing him how much they care and love him. My heart is swelling even now as I write this just to know the peace and surrender I felt during those songs. After I just thanked God for showing himself to me and to Issac and for bringing us to this church.
This also means that my Spanish is improving more than what I thought it was. See I study and study but with out real world practice I don't know that Im progressing. So that is that God has given me his Amazing Grace and allowed me to worship him through song with fellow Christians. Just wanted to share my joy.


  1. Maybe that is what I need to do is look for a church. We are faced with ahuge decision right now and maybe finding a church would help me make my decision. But usually I am not comfortable inchurches...Well,I am glad you found somewhere you like.

  2. Yes I wasnt comfortable in churches for awhile until I found the one in St. Louis that fit my style so well. Then I grew more in Christ and have decided as long as its good for Alana its good for me. Also that Im there for my relationship with God and no one else. So what others say, do, or how they may look at me doesn't matter. When I dropped the worry of what others thought it helped me a lot.