Thursday, November 27, 2008

Home made Christmas decorations

Im just gonna put the pics up if you have questions on any of them just ask.

This next one I want to explain. I started a tradition when Issac and I got married that we would get a special ornament to represent our year. Although I dont have the last couple years ones here (they are stored at my sisters) Iknow we will have them at sometime. So this one I made you can see that the one strand says papi. The other three are me and Alanas name and some hearts for the new baby thats on the way.

I also have to comment on this next one. I have to say these are my least fav but are a good idea The wholes let the light from the candle come out and it looks nice at night.

This next one is of the prizes Im giving away at our cookie exchange party. I hope they like homemade decorations.

This next one is one of my fav. Its so we can hear Santa when he comes in.

These are the three garlands on my tree. Ribon, popcorn, and peppermint garland.

I think the rest of these needed to be rotated sorry Im getting lazy just turn you head. Actually my hubby and daughter are hungry so I gotta hurry now.

These last two are also some of my fav.


  1. Those are really cute and adorable and gorgeous. You must have been working on those for a long time. Wow. Cool!

  2. I like the homemade nativity scene!

    I always think it's funny how they have snow-related decorations in Mexico :) I remember being in Monclova and seeing a "Let it snow!" in somebody's yard.

  3. Yeah its funny because I wasnt going to make any snowmen or the snow scean. Just the candy canes and stuff. But Issac was upset and said he liked snowmen. I was like it never snows here most people here have never even seen a snow mand and Issac looked at me like I that was completely irrelevent. So we did it anyway. Thanks for reading. :)