Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boy or Girl

We went to our OB today, the appointment went well, I and the baby are healthy. And so far I have only gained what I should be weight wise. My labs did show that Im slightly anemic but I am that way all the time it has nothing to do with being pregnant. And considering I can only eat read meat once a week its gonna be low. So during the ultrasound the baby was sure to show off its pretty face but not the other end. Baby Hernandez is a modest one apparently and kept its legs lightly together and wouldn't flip to show us the rump. The Dr. did a good job trying though.So we still don't know what we are having elephant or lion, I mean boy or girl. :) But we do have many speculations. You think you get it a lot in the states try having a watermelon stomach in Mexico. You cant go into a store without some stranger trying to guess what your having and talking to you about your hips. Its cool though Im an open person so talk all you want about my birthing hips I know that's what they were made for. lol. Well that same night two of Issacs aunts and his grandma stopped by. Im so excited because the one aunt use to stay in Monclova (Which is a long way from here) but now will be rotating months with Issac mom to stay around here to open a store. Her name is Tia Irma, she is so kind and open and a lot like Issacs mom, so we get a long great. Anyway the other aunt wanted to speculate what the baby would be and shes a little more rash and not open to how often I misunderstand. So she says something to me in Spanish and I look to Issac to translate. And Issac is looking at me dumbly, as his aunt starts to pull a piece of my hair out. For those of you who know me, my hair is thick so it took a couple tries. As Im rubbing my head and still looking to Issac for translation she begins to take off my wedding rings. (Issac still has not intervened and later said it didn't quiet go this way.) Ok now I understand what shes doing, we had a pharmacist who would do this at my old Job in St. Louis. Just would have been nice to know what she was up to before she pulled out my hair.
So she hangs the ring over my belly and calls out "Nina." Thats girl. This is what the stranger at the store also predicted but because of the fact that my hips were as wide as my belly. :) Then later as we are all talking at the table. I say talking lightly because its more like me trying to keep track of the conversation and an occasional comment towards me in which I do my best to mumble out some incoherency that Issac quickly tires to fix. The same aunt asks for a needle and thread. Again I have no idea this has to do with me I think she must have a hole in her shirt or something so I ask her what color thread she wants. With a look of annoyance she says it doesn't matter. Anyway she takes the needle hanging on a piece of thread (which was red by the way) and has me lay my hand on the table with my palm up and she says for me to be still. After resting the point of the needle on the center of my palm she slowly raises the needle. Behind her both her girls are calling out nina or nino. She finely says nina, and looks satisfied as if this confirmed her first prediction. She then tells me to continue to stay still and she does it again. And says nina. Im thinking ok lady we know you said that already. She must have read my expression because she looks at me and says "trec ninas", then begins again. Oh I get it now shes trying to tell us what all our children will be. This time she calls out "quatro es nino." And goes to start again. I think at this point Alana figured out what was going on because she ran over to shove the pin from my hand. I told his Aunt this must mean Alana doesn't want more than 2 sisters and one brother.
They then went on to tell me how they did this for Issacs Aunt who has 6 kids and got them all right.
Interesting as it is seems, its odd to me that they would believe it so surely. I don't even completely believe and ultrasound until I change the diaper myself the first time. Well that's it for that.
For now the baby is strong and healthy and enjoys kicking the crap out of me. :) Have a lovely day.


  1. did you get my comment on this.. my computer never gave me the confirmationpage?

  2. ok, here goes again:

    when I was at enriques during the funeral process of his father, which you unfortunately heard all the glory details of. Anyway, while there the baby (my neice about 7 months old at the time) had been being really cranky and they said it was because there were people people around that didn't like her. I said it was probably teething, the doctor even confirmed that her gums were swollen. But my sister in law and my mother in law continued to insist that she was cranky because some of the people that came around didn't like her and she could sense it. So the cure is to crack an egg into a glass of water and it absorbs all the bad energy and you can tell if it is true or if it worked by the fact that a little thing forms on the egg, which they call an eye. It looks like an indention into the egg. They swore that the eye doesn't always show up. but I think I should do that, I should crack an egg into water and see if an eye forms.

    Also i was saying other things they believe like... no sweeping at night, no working on sunday, there are tons of weird superstitions that are supposed to mean bad luck.