Sunday, December 28, 2008

My first Mexican Christmas

Even more significant than this year being my first Christmas in Mexico it was Alanas first Christmas with Issac. Issac and I shared one Christmas as a dating couple and one after we were married before he was deported. So this was also our first Christmas together as parents (or Santa). Issac works at a store so his hours were nutzzo. He was doing shifts like 7am-11pm then home until 5 or 6 and back to work until 130am. Or if he didnt have to open he would go in from 11-6pm then back in from 9pm to 130am. December was rough for us because of that. This is his first week back to a normal schedule and we are so happy. Well he also worked everyday the week of Christmas (his day off was the 26th.
So our Christmas celebrating began on the 23rd, this was our Christmas Eve.The Advent Calender had us baking cookies that day so thats what we did while Papi was at work That after noon when Issac came home from his first shift of the day we let Alana open her present from her Abuela Tina. She had sent her a teddy bear and cooking set. Which was awesome because Alana has been loving helping me cook. Shes so into everything. I also cooked ham, sweet potatoes, and corn bread for dinner and we had Issacs friend Diago over and our friends from the states online with us for dinner. That was nice. Then we let Alana decorate some cookies for Santa, I know she has no idea but we got cute pictures. I made home made icing and she kept eating it strait up instead of putting it on her cookies. We then got to open our Christmas PJ's. Issac and I were so excited about hers, She loves lazy town so we got her slippers and an outfit. She was totally not excited and wouldn't even put the slippers on. She didnt even what the PJ's on because she knew that meant she would be going to bed soon. I got comfy flannel PJ's and Issac got a nice pair of running pants. Issac did his normal bedtime routine with Alana (he puts her to bed when hes home, hey I did it alone of 2 years, I also dont change diapers when hes home). We were both so excited about playing Santa and filling the stockings. He put her to bed at usual time 9pm. We then got all the presents down and under the tree then put all the candy and stocking stuffers in the stocking. He had to be at work at 10 and we were finishing up just in time. He headed off to work about 10 till and I was put together a breakfast casserole for the next day. At this point I realize its like 1020 and Alana is still talking to her baby. She does sing herself to sleep a lot but never that late. How wierd I thought does she understand what tomorrow is and cant sleep? I go to turn down the lights in the house and realize that there is light coming from her room. Gaaassspp. Her light is still on. I go in and she looks so sleeping and is trying to put her face in her pillow. lol Issac was so excited about playing Santa his first time he forgot to turn her light off. He felt so bad after I told him.
So Issac got home around 2am and I was having trouble sleeping all night due to being pregnant, need I say more.
I was out of bed around 6 putting the casserole in the oven and about 730 Issac crawls out. Alana is usually up and calling for me around 7 or 730. By 8 Issac and I are getting restless and decide to open her door so she will get up. She was awake and just laying there with her baby. We went and sang a few songs with her and told her it was time to get up. She looked at me and said, "Presents." Oh she remembered. She actually wanted her normal yogart and cereal instead of my casserole, whatever more for me. :) But hey she ate breakfast knowing presents were waiting for her.
We opened stockings first, and because of all the candy she wanted nothing to do with the presents. She said "Its like Robbie Rotten." Hes the bad guy on Lazy Town who eats nothing but junk food. :)
After a lot of coercion and us opening the boring presents like cloths we got through all the toys. Her favorites where the princess jukebox with microphone so she could sing her songs, her computer, and the playdough. We played with her new toys until Papi went to work at 1pm.
On Christmas day Issac had to work from 9-6 so I got to get online and watch my nieces and nephew open all their presents at my sisters house. That was so great to be a part of that. Also my mom showed up there later in the day and Alana got to show off her new toys from Christmas. After Issac got off work we went out to his Abuelas house and hung out with family. It was nice and we got some yummmy food. His aunts know how to cook. We brought them the cookies we had made and they liked them.

Well thats it for us. Look forward to hearing of others Christmas not just those in Mexico.


  1. Glad I stumbled upon your blog. I love Mexican culture. It must be awesome (and challenging!) living there.

    My husband is from El Salvador so I'm sure we have quite a bit in common as far as the joys and struggles we face in marriage and raising children to appreciate both cultures.

    Best wishes to you and your family for 2009! :)

  2. Yes Im sure your right Tee. A fellow blogger and I have vented some frustrations that seem similar. Although they also tend to have the same enduring aspects also. :) Thanks for reading I look forward to this year with a great out look.