Sunday, December 14, 2008

FM2 vs FM3 our trip to turn in our application

Once again we wanted to get out of our house before 7am in order to beat the crowd at the immigration office in Guadalajara. But we didn't actually get on the road out of town until almost 8 so we got there around 10am. Which is an hour earlier than last time and it was a little less packed.
First off when we found our little parking garage that we are now familiar with as soon as I got out of the truck I realized that when switched purses that morning I didn't move my original passport from one purse to the next. Im thinking, "Oh my gosh what kind of idiot am I." A million thoughts rush through me; can we go get it (no to far), will they just take the copy, Damn I wish Issac would have helped me prepare a little so my pregnant unfocused mind didn't have to remember all this very important stuff. As Im berating myself I think of how to tell Issac who is still in the bathroom at in the parking lot. Im almost in tears and when he comes out I tell him. Ever so calm Issac says, "Well lets just go see if they will be ok with just the copy, this is as much my fault as yours because I wasn't much help getting ready." Then Im ok. Wow didn't expect that answer, not that Issacs not great but a lot of times he just thinks things happen and doesn't realize I could use some help. This is something he is getting so much better at. Anyway sorry that had nothing to do with immigration. :)
So we have everything they have put on the list, which asks mostly for originals.
We get in the information line because no one will give you any idea of what to do except the person behind that desk. We were pretty sure we needed to get a number and wait for desk number 2 but we wanted to be sure. This line wasn't as long as last time so it wasn't to bad. We at this time are deciding when to mention the passport failure of mine (that's what Im calling it), and the name issue that I have talked of in previous posts. Long story short my legal name is Hernandez-Franco which is Issacs last name the lady at the office made me take his whole name. But here in Mexico a wife doesn't take her husbands names at all and keep their mother and fathers name. Also I wasn't sure what to sign because my passport was issued under Seyer my maiden name but I signed it after I got married and signed it Hernandez. This has proven to be a problem her at some of the banks and stuff.
Soon it is our turn and the dude behind the counter who is very nice asked us to show him our filled out application then instructs us to get a number and wait for desk 2 or 3. So we do that and Issac asked nothing about our questions. This is what we had decided. We wouldn't ask if they didn't.
I seemed it was taking forever. When your waiting this is a pain but when your the one at the desk your thankful for their one on one devoted attention. At this point Alanas sick of being their and throwing her 2yr old fit. Its great everyone is looking at us like do something and Im just letting her sit on the floor and cry it out. When she was ready she stopped and got up and sat on my lap and played and sang songs with us. Our wait wasn't as long as it seemed and when we got to the counter we were greeted by a smile.
Yes you read it right the government worker was smiling at me. Then Im telling myself your in Mexico honey not the U.S. these people don't hate you and their job apparently. So Issac gives her the application and tells her we are there to file for an FM3. She says the application we have is for an FM2 and asks my intentions. When we tell her Im looking towards perm res she says we have the correct thing and if we would have had the FM3 it wouldn't have kept track of my time like the FM2. Sigh and Whohhhh.. Then comes the question, "Original passport please." I cringe and I swear at that moment Alana is fussing for me to pick her up so I do. Issac starts to explain that I switched purses and that its at home. She asks where home is and we say 2 hours. I prob looked like I was gonna cry and the lady gave me a sympathetic look and said, (in Spanish of course)"Its ok as long as its here in Mexico, you have a copy with you, and you bring the original when you come to see if we have your answer." AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and double SIGH. Then she started the official stamping of the copy to make it legal. Wow she even said it with a smile and didn't look at me mean for being so stupid. Then she started asking us for documents one by one, all of which were on the list that we had so we were good to go. The only change was that the list asked for all originals and when she saw that she sent me out to make copies so we could keep our originals. They have a copier right outside the room and its $1peso a copy. So not to bad. When shes done with this she puts it all together and types a few things in the computer. Out prints a form and she shows it to Issac and I. It says that we are to come back on the 19th to find out if they have an answer yet. This is also the last day they are open for the holidays and will not open again until the Jan 7th.
At that time if they do have our answer and it is a yes they will give us a list of things we need for my ID. Which should include pictures and fees. So even if they have the answer on the 19th we leave without my ID and go back for that on the 7th.
The 19th is this Friday already so we look forward to finding out if they will give us an answer and what it will be. I can imagine that they would say no unless its on the basis of Issacs income being to low. That would really suck but we have to not thing that way at this time.
After all we've been through we have found that speculation doesn't help but just causes worry. One of my favorite verses is in Mathew and talks of not worrying. I say favorite only because God has so often had to remind me of it, not because it give me warm fuzzy feelings. But really it is so true. There is no reason to worry for tomorrow for tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. That is totally something I would have done, but I'm really forgetful like that! You don't even know how many times Jose has taken me out and we can't get into the club or casino because I forgot my ID. Or how many trips we made to the lawyer's office and we had to turn around and go home because I forgot something.

    :) Good luck!!