Friday, December 19, 2008

cookie exchange party

Well actually it was a Entercambio por la Galletas. I have joined in on a cookie exchange in my church for the last three Christmas years. I love it because I like to bake and I love cookies. Hey who doesn't? Also you get cute little boxes or tins and lots of cookies you can give out as gifts. No I don't keep and eat them all as tempting as it is. Anyway this year I thought well crap might as well through our own party. I made up inventations in spanish (which Issac had to correct a lot on). And have translated all of me and Issacs reciepes (again with lots of corrections from Issac, so I can make a cookie recipe book for those who participated.
There were tons of ideas online for the party and I had some fun with it. Now mind you I am in Mexico so of course everyone showed up late and out of the 5 people other than Issac and I only one actually brought home made cookies. This was a whole new idea for them. No one had heard of this sort of thing. How strange to me. One person didn't bring any and the other brought store bought. But whatever we had fun that's what matters.
So at the beginning of the party we had pizza because everyone who was invited were friends from Issacs work and all had just gotten off. Alana had been sick for a few days throwing up and with diarrhea. But that day she had been keeping everything down so we decided to keep the party on track. Alana joined in on the pizza and seemed to be doing ok with it. Right as I was about to announce that we should start the taste testing Alana threw up all over my left side then turned her head and covered my right side. And yes I was sitting in the kitchen where the cookies where. So Issac cleaned the floor while I cleaned me and Alana and got changed. Issac is so funny hes such a mess when stuff like this happens. Im curious to see how much hes gonna fall apart when Im in labor. lol. Seriously he was of no use I had to tell him every little thing to do and he looked like a deer in headlights. Man good thing Im a nurse and use to blood and guts or Im not sure what would happen when our kids get older and start falling of bikes and stuff.
Anyway sorry I got off track. So we did eventually do the taste testing and we voted for best looking and tasting. Issac got best tasting for his ginger almond cookies and our friend Cintia got best looking. The winners got home made Christmas decorations. Yeah Im cheep but whatever at least they got something. Issac and I had made two different types. His are the plate with the biscotti and almond cookies, mine are the pepermint snow balls and chocolate cookies. Ill put some pics on here. And I was gonna try to show off my invitaion it was cute, but I cant figure out how to attach it. The back had a recipie card for the guests to put their recipies on so I can complie them for the book. Oh also I made my own boxes for our cookies. Man Im loving this stay at home mom stuff.
Hope you all have fun this Christmas and remember that Christ loves you. Im thankful for you all.



  1. You are so creative, I used be able to do stuff like this. I just don't have the enthusiasm this year. And it is so great that your honey does it with you. Every year I usually make or do something for everyone at work, even if it is a little ornament or something but it just totally slipped past me this year. But now I feel bad because everyone else is doing it now. My desk is covered in cocoa, candies, chocolates and nuts. I now have to think of something to make or give for New Years to make up for Christmas. LOL

  2. Hey the 2 years that Issac was gone I didnt do anything like this either. I can only do it because hes with me. I have a tradition of giving home made presents but for that 2 years no one got anything. I got to go see him in Mexico. That was my gift to everyone (my sanity).

  3. All the cookies look great. Did you use peppermint extract in the snowballs? If you did, where did you find it at here in Mex?
    I wanted to make some candy cane cookies with my daughter but was unable to find the extract. :o(

  4. No peppermint extract. I actually crushed up peppermints with the back of a hammer (way messy) and used red food coloring.